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How to have a Feminine Glow Up

Hello Dolls!

It is a new year and it feels good. While we are writing our New Years Resolutions, let's be sure to add growth within our femininity too!

2021 is the year of DEFINING & REFINING.

In my episode "How to be More Feminine in 2021 & Glow Up", I shared tips on truly glowing up within this beautiful year. Here is my final tip to truly having a FEMININE GLOW UP!

TIP #5

Take yourself seriously and practice


When someone has truly glowed up, it is because they are taking care of themselves. Through the outside and the inside they are putting effort into caring for themselves.

When you do choose to take care of yourself, it shows.

This year, let's be 100% intentional and consistent about it. We all may have different ways of practicing self care, but either way cater to your needs.

I believe practicing self care is an individualistic way to truly putting yourself first.

My practice of self care may be a trip to the spa every month and reading my romance novel at the end of the night. Yours may be writing in your journal and going to the salon every 2 weeks. Either way, we are doing what's best for us.

Define what your definition of self care is,

then refine it,

by pinpointing the activities which lead you to feeling relaxed, cared for and loved.

If you are a bit inconsistent due to the busyness of life then consider creating a wall calendar, planner or memo for your weekly and monthly self care activities. Today take the time to plan out your self care days. It is important to take yourself seriously.


What is your strategy to growing within your femininity? What topic do you want me to discuss next? Comment below!

Let's Chat, Dolls.

Always with Love,

Ebony Nikita Okeke

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