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Feminine Habits My Husband LOVES!

Hello Dolls,

These feminine habits have been complimented to me multiple times by my husband! These are great habits and qualities that masculine men LOVE!

Watch the full video & Get the first 3 feminine habits!


Its those little things that truly matter...

-bonus habit-

4. Maintaining a Polished and Neat Home Environment

Whats one of the worst things when dating?

Falling in love with someone, BUT then you realize how much of a MESS they are.


You can be as pretty as a peach, but if your home is unkept, you look unkept. A messy home reflects poorly on you. A feminine woman takes care of herself and her belongings. You can't keep your appearance to look polished, but how you live is polar opposite.

If you aren't good at cleaning or keeping a tidy surrounding, then RESEARCH! We have all of the information we can get in the palm of our hands. Utilize the phone, laptop or tablet you have and read up on home organization and simple ways to clean effectively.

Having a Clean Home in ATTRACTIVE.

Have you ever visited a guy's home and he has dirty laundry, an unclean kitchen and an unmade bed? If not, then you've probably seen it in movies or tv shows. It can be a major turn off for us women. It's even worse if you present yourself as an elegant, well-kept woman, but your home is a pig-sty.

Sometimes, its not that your home is messy, its just that you have A LOT of CLUTTER. Trust me...let it go. I am a sentimental person and I often hang onto things because I think I may need them in the future. Fortunately, I've been able to overcome that excessive rationalization to keep things I don't really need. Change your mindset & begin with baby steps. Ask yourself, have I used this all this year? How likely will I actually need this within this next year? If I didn't see this, would I remember that I even have it?


  • Create a PRACTICAL cleaning routine that suits your schedule

  • Create a Monthly Clean & Declutter routine

  • Seasonally, be sure to declutter each room, closet & area of your home

  • Read books & articles from professional home organizers (I enjoy Marie Kondo's work. She has a show that's now on Netflix! 'Tidying Up with Marie Kondo'')

Whats your favorite feminine habit that I mentioned?

Comment below! Let's Chat Dolls,

Always with Love,

Ebony Nikita Okeke

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Great content... Will for sure use this

I have some decluttering to

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