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Feminine August Favorites: Monthly Spotlights

Hello Dolls,

August has blown by and prepped me for the upcoming autumn season. As I'm getting ready to plan out my autumn home decor, I reflect on my August Favorites.



Rachel Zoe Satin Skirt

Soft and lustrous, the silk and satin clothing have dominated social media on all networks from your favorite fashion YouTuber to IG fashionistas and to the aesthetic lovers on Pinterest. At first I was not too fond of this comeback being worn on the outside of clothing contrary to its original use. Yet, time after time, I fell in love. This is one of my favorite pieces for that luxury 90s aesthetic.

The midi-length satin skirt is the perfect option for us lady-like and modest women. The longer length is a sophisticated silhouette that we needed back. The soft fabric falls effortlessly against the body. I love this look so much that I bought 2. One in powder blue and one in a vibrant hot pink. Yet, I'm still not satisfied with just that. In my search history, you'll find me scavenging for midi- length satin dresses to add in my wardrobe..



Charlotte Tilbury's 'SUPERSTAR LIPS'

Darling! Have you tried the iconic Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick in the Superstar lip formula? Ok, ok, who else LOVES Charlotte's catch phrase? The world of Pillow Talk is desirable for most of us feminine women and Pillow Talk Charlotte's most-loved product line. This was the first product I've tried from Charlotte Tilbury and I am more than satisfied. The color is near to my natural lip color and the formula is perfect for an opaque glossy lipstick. Day after day, I'm constantly reaching for this lipstick. I will be posting a full review on the most-talked about products from Charlotte Tilbury, so stay tuned!




If you seen my Housewife Diaries Vlog, then you seen me tending to my new and old floral arrangements. For my dear flowers that are aging, I decided to dry them in order to preserve their beauty. A great method is flower-drying. You can hang them, frame them or place them in a display. I chose to display them in my washroom to help brighten the space. This will be an ongoing relaxing hobby for me.


In my attempt and practice to be more active, I decided to invest in ankle weights to hold me down to that goal. Day-to-day, I put on the ankle weights and proceed with my daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning and so on. With all of the movement throughout the day, the ankle weights are a great way to get an extra workout in.




The Romantic and feminine country-inspired time-swept fashion which celebrates the traditional way of life. This aesthetic was made for the vintage romance novel-reading, traditional and feminine woman such as myself. I am in love with period dress of fashion, the traditional way of life and this style has fulfilled my vintage-soul needs. This has been flooding Instagram and thanks to my old middle school friend, Lily, she introduced this trend to me.


Although it felt like August ran past me without a greeting, it was a great month filled with new favorites and interests. What was one of your favorites in the month of August? Comment below. Let's Chat, Doll.

Always with Love,

Ebony Nikita


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