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How to Romanticize Your Life - A Lady's Guide

Hello Dolls,

If you're not romanticizing your life, then who will?

In my latest video, How to Live a SOFT LIFE & ROMANTICIZE Your LIFE because YOU DESERVE IT, I share my top tips to living a soft life and romanticizing your life for all feminine ladies.

Let's dive deeper into ROMANTICIZING YOUR LIFE:

1. Change your mindset:

'Dress for the gig you want, not for the gig you have.'

Those words have stuck with me and I try to implement this in many parts of my life.

We’re not always in the position we want to be in, but if you work with what you have, you’ll be able to find joy in today.

Hidden in undesirable positions and situations are little rays of light. It’s up to you to be to recognize that bit of sunshine.

There was a time when I didn’t leave for college when I wanted to, and I was dreading staying home. Yet within that wait, I was able to spend my nights with my younger siblings and do all the silly things I wanted to do with them. This meant late-night cartoons, competitive video games, playing tag, eating popcorn, and laughing all night. During that wait to go off to college, my siblings were keeping me grounded, and they made me feel like a carefree child again.

After my crybaby moments, I chose not to continue to sulk in that position, instead, I recognized the opportunity to create beautiful memories with my loved ones.

Carpe Diem, seize the day.

Now, I and my siblings look back on all those fun times and I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything.

2. When it comes to romanticizing your life, you’re choosing to put a spotlight on the everyday things in life.

Events and special occasions are well…special, but who says your trip to the café can’t be the same? Who says your mornings must be dreaded and weary? Who says your dinners alone in your 1-bedroom apartment must be dull?

When you’re romanticizing your life, you’re not looking for what’s next? What’s bigger? What’s better? You’re living in the moment. You’re appreciating that moment.

3. Enjoy the little things:

- Little things to enjoy -

  1. Dinners at home

  2. Walking in the park

  3. Morning routine

  4. Sunday cleaning

  5. Baking favorable treats

  6. Spending time with children

  7. Lunch breaks

  8. Relaxing Bath time

  9. Little trips driving in the car

4. All the little details

In my video, I asked this question:

What’s the difference between a regular dinner at home and date night at home?

It’s the scenery. It’s the ambiance. It’s the special attention and details that you add to make it romantic. Truly, you’re sitting in the same house, at the same dining table, sitting on the same chairs, yet it’s different due to that extra effort.

What do you do for date night at home?

  1. Cook a stunning meal, perhaps 3-courses?

  2. Dim the lights

  3. Light a candle

  4. Pour a cup of wine

  5. Spray your favorite scent

  6. Play soft, relaxing music

  7. Set the table, add fresh flowers,

  8. You dress for the occasion; red lipstick is a suitable choice.


So maybe you don’t do that every night, but you can still add in a couple of these elements into your daily dinner rotation.

  1. Buy flowers for the week

  2. Play your favorite music

  3. Change outfits; sometimes I wear my silk robe and put on a tinted lip balm and that does it for me

  4. Light your favorite candle

  5. Spray on a soft, evening fragrance

Use an extra 1-minute from your day to set the scene in those regular, yet precious moments in your life.


How will your romanticize your life this week?

Just implementing 1 of these tips into your life, can jumpstart you into fully romanticizing your life.

Comment Below & Let's Chat Dolls.


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