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5 Not-So-Ladylike Habits to End

Hello Dolls,

If someone was asked to describe you, what characteristics would they give you? Would they say you're mannerly? elegant? How about ladylike? It is very important that we uphold our ladylike persona in every environment we're in. All who encounter us, would be able to agree and say 'she's a lady'.

These 5 UNLADYLIKE & UNFEMININE HABITS would deter someone from describing you as being a true lady.

Watch my YouTube video for more on these tips:


how to be ladylike black feminine woman black homemaker



1. Unpolished Hair

- Wearing Bonnets or the 'Messy Bun'

2. Arriving Late

3. Being Disrespectful

4.Posting Thirst Traps

5. Lacking Basic Manners

- Practice everyday manners at home

for more, watch the video "5 UNLADYLIKE Habits to End"



Have you ever heard the phrase, 'She's the loudest one in the room'? Its never said in a positive connation.

This is a habit that clearly differentiates an everyday woman from a true lady.

You can be 'the loudest one in the room' in more ways than one. This could be due to the volume of your voice to the way you are dressed. There are many more that could contribute to you being 'the loudest one in the room' with realizing it.

This unladylike habit takes time to overcome if you're usually the one who fits the bill. You must train yourself to speak at an appropriate level. Keep yourself composed whether a situation or event is exciting or offensive. Use this practice in your everyday life whether you're asking for assistance in a store, to visiting family, to dining in a restaurant.

Make sure you're properly and tastefully dressed for an occasion. Dressing in a revealing way could cause unnecessary attention. Wearing distractingly bright or noncomplimentary colors may give you the title of being 'the loudest person in the room'.


What are your thoughts about the bonus tip? Have you overcame any of these unladylike habits? Which tip is your favorite? Comment below!

Let's Chat, Dolls.

Always with Love,

Ebony Nikita Okeke

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