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Your Winter Feminine Fashion Inspo of the Week

To: Dolls

From: Ebony Nikita Okeke

Hello Dolls, it is always a happy day on Fridays. I have been enjoying the feminine winter outfits I've been seeing on social media.

Since it has gotten pretty cold here in Georgia, I have been slightly reluctant to leave home. I'm constantly layering with scarves, tall socks and sweaters. My accessories has been my best friend when it comes to feeling polished. I noticed I prefer my statement earrings over my simple ones since it's the one part of my ensemble that shows no matter what.

These outfits I found on Instagram has dazed me with feminine fashion inspiration! I've been graviatating to more colorful pieces during this winter season. Within the winter fashion wardrobe, it's so easy to fall into the newspaper state, aka all black and white. These ensembles inspire me.

Pretty in Pink


A pink sweater, silk long-length skirt + bold Chanel jewelry, what more can you ask for?

City Chic


A LOOK. A monochromatic match of trench coat & dress paired with thigh-high boots and a chic hair scarf. I am in love!

As White as Snow

This ensemble is perfect for the winter season. The white fur coat seems inspired by winter itself!

A Charming Sage


This outfit is perfect for those more casual days. I love this blogger's content & home decor style. The pairing of this sage green turtleneck sweater dress and embroidered green velvet slippers is absolute perfection.


Which ensemble is your favorite? Comment below & Let's Chat Doll!

Always with love,

Ebony Nikita Okeke

1 comment

1 Comment

Aug 13, 2021

Love the city chic😍

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