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  • Lets Review SKIMS: Shapewear, Bra & the Viral Soft Lounge Dress

    Hello Dolls, For a while I've had my eyes on SKIMS. Completely intrigued by its minimal, feminine, cool girl aesthetic created by Kim Kardashian. The SKIMS Soft Lounge dress went viral and ever since then I've been curious if SKIMS is worth the price tag. We all know Kim for her hourglass shape, but could wearing SKIMS actually mimic that look of a small waist & voluptuous hips? In my experience, shape wear is tight, uncomfortable and worn only if you absolutely need it for a special occasion. Sure, I'd consider wearing shape wear if I were to attend a special event, but not as an everyday essential as SKIMS advertise. Nonetheless, I satisfied my curiosity about 2 months ago when I purchased the SKIMS Solutionwear: Core Control Thong, Seamless Sculpt Sculpting Mid Waist Brief, along with their Seamless Sculpt Sculpting Bra and of course the Soft Lounge Dress. In my SKIMS review video, I try on each item, compare SKIMS to dupes and alternatives and try on the soft lounge dress with each shape wear. I will also share me and my mom's personal size, sizing tips and my recommendations. SKIMS Soft Lounge Dress. Wearing the SKIMS Soft Lounge dress with SKIMS Core Control High-Waisted Thong Size. Large. Color. Wine. Price. $78, Shop. Here. Shop Color Wine. Here. I purchased the long sleeve soft lounge dress in hopes of wearing it in the fall and winter season. The fabric indeed is soft with a silky touch to it. It's made of a lightweight, slightly stretchy, casual ribbed fabric that is easy to slip on and off. It's a maxi style column style dress that effortlessly drapes to the ankles. You can feel your legs move against the fabric as you walk, but its not restricting. It does not have a slit, opening or back vent, but you can still walk around in the dress with ease. Although its lightweight, it does not feel cheap. It is not comparable to your typical $20 ribbed fabric you can find at a discount clothing store. Is it slimming? No, this doesn't have any shape wear constructed into the dress. It makes sense why it doesn't since it is indeed a lounging dress. You want to feel comfortable enough to snuggle up at home and get hours of comfortable wear. With that being said, the silhouette of the dress is very flattering to the feminine body shape. It drapes itself to your body beautifully. How does it compare to dupes? If you want an affordable maxi dress, then you can buy one anywhere. In my review video, I tried on a simple, cheap maxi dress from Temu that I genuinely like. Its nice, but there's nothing special about it. It's a completely different feel of fabric than the SKIMS soft lounge dress, but it will do for casual outings. Wearing an alternative to the SKIMS Soft Lounge dress with SKIMS Core Control High-Waisted Thong Yet, the special part about the SKIMS soft lounge dress is the softness and quality of the fabric. It's soft, comfortable and doesn't feel lackluster after 3 washes. Thats what its all about in my opinion. Just like with any other brand in the world, there will always be a cheaper alternative. Yet, I believe SKIMS stands tall against it's dupes. When I do my next haul, I will compare SKIMS soft lounge dress to a favored competitor on Amazon and share my thoughts with you Dolls. I appreciate the honesty in Skims advertising. It doesn't show a plus-size model wearing this dress and suddenly her tummy disappears and she has a flat stomach. Realistically, a body con dress will not mask any natural lumps and curves, it does the opposite. I don't have a flat stomach either and I appreciate the normalization of that in Skims advertising. So if I'm not sucking in, my little tummy will show in this dress. Is it worth the price tag? Well yes, it actually is. This dress is versatile as you can wear it lounging at home or out shopping or on a casual date. The casual fabric is comfortable, of good quality, and holds up in the wash. I'm looking to purchase this dress in another style and color for the spring and summer season. The soft lounge dress comes in a variety of styles from crewneck, to tank style, to short sleeve and the list goes on and on. SKIMS Seamless Sculpt Sculpting Bralette. Size. Large/Extra Large. Color. Clay. Price. $32, now $38. Shop. Here. This bra has zero padding or wires and yet my size 34 DD chest feels supported and comfortable. It's made out of a lightweight, thin and stretchy material. This bra is not your bff in hiding your nipple print from showing through when wearing tight tops. It has a silicone band trimming. This band is what I assume to be the major support system to such a lightweight bra. Oddly enough, wearing this bra gives me a 'water balloon' effect. Have you ever held a water balloon upside down from its tail end? That suspension is similar to the way this bra holds my chest. It's not uncomfortable by any means. In fact, its one of my favorite bras to throw on in the summer and for casual days. Would I recommend? I wouldn't say this is a necessity when it comes to buying from SKIMS. It is a nice addition to my bra collection and my favorite bralette. Yet, this is not a strong, must-have recommendation. I would recommend if you're looking for a lightweight bralette. SKIMS SOLUTIONWEAR. sizing. My Typical Sizing. Bra. 34 DD Top. Medium or Large. Dress. 8. Bottoms. Size 8. Jeans. 29 or 30. I tried to use the SKIMS size chart to figure out my size. My waist measurements match a size medium, but my hips measurements match a size large. I was definitely confused on which size to order. I contemplated again and again while looking at the size chart and the online pictures showing different models wearing both sizes. As you would assume, if I'm looking to get that tiny waist effect then my best bet is to order the size medium as it would snatch my waist in more. Well in that case, I was wrong. I ordered the size medium and it was overall a hair too snug when it came to the hips and butt area. This caused panty lines, bulging and took away from the desirable smooth silhouette. Core Control High-Waisted Thong. Strong, targeted compression for shaping & sculpting. Support Level. Strong. Size. Large. Color. Sienna. Price. $34 Shop. Here. I successfully ordered the correct size with this one. Now, let me cut to the chase. I am in LOVE with this shape wear. The top of the thong has a stiff hold while the bottom area is soft and stretchy. Around the back of the waistline is a silicone band designed to keep the shape wear up. I asked earlier, We all know Kim for her hourglass shape, but could wearing SKIMS actually mimic that look of a small waist & voluptuous hips? I mentioned earlier, In my experience, shape wear is tight, uncomfortable and worn only if you absolutely need it for a special occasion. Sure, I'd consider wearing shape wear if I were to attend a special event, but not as an everyday essential as SKIMS advertise. Somehow SKIMS did it. Yes, by wearing SKIMS, you can mimic the curves of an hourglass. This solutionwear as Kim calls it, is indeed the solution, the answer and the everyday essential to achieving that look. It's not a corset, so your waist won't disappear by 4 inches, BUT it does impressively bring your waist in to mimic the hourglass effect. When I first tried this on, I started to glow and feel so beautiful and confident. My friend asked me about SKIMS a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't help but rave to her about it. It truly smooths your shape, gives you that Kim K effect to your silhuette and it is truly comfortably so you can wear it every single day. Is it worth it? Um, a thousand times YES. It's priced very well, has a variety of nude colors and it's everyday wearable. I would recommend to any lady even if you're a size zero. Seamless Sculpt Sculpting Mid Waist Briefs. Strong, targeted compression for shaping & sculpting. Support Level. Strong. Size. Medium. Color. Clay. Price. $32 Shop. Here. This shape wear has a silicone band that wraps all the way around the waistline. Although this size medium did not fit me perfectly, it was still on par and as comfortable as the core control thong. Despite the tightness around the bum and hips area, this shape wear did give my bum a nice little lift as I showed in the review video. When in doubt, size up. I would like to try out the strapless bodysuit shorts shape wear next. My Mother's Review. As I mentioned in my review video, I will share my mother's sizing and review of her SKIMS order. She ordered the core control thong in a size extra large. While I rave about this item, she feels otherwise. She mentioned her core control thong rolls down. Thats the same thing I experienced when I tried on the mid waist brief in a size medium, when my suitable size is a large. Thats her only complaint which definitely interferes with the use and purpose of purchasing shapewear. OVERVIEW. I couldn't recommend the items I purchased from SKIMS enough. More specifically, my favorites number one favorite, control control thong and my second fav, the soft lounge dress. Purchasing the correct size, makes all the difference. If you notice, I was most happiest with the shapewear in a size large, which fits me best. If I only ordered shapewear in a size medium, then I would be very disappointed. Truth be told I would most likely, not buy another shape wear item from SKIMS. With that being said, sizing truly matters. Sales & Launches. Skims is currently having a sale which I recall being ongoing since August 2023 and now its the end of September. I originally purchased my items from Net-a-porter since these staple items were on sale when it's not on sale on the SKIMS primarily has sales for their seasonal launches of swimwear and other style launches like the shimmer line, cozy line, loungewear sweats, and items in seasonal colors. As I'm creating this post, SKIMS launched a new 'Fits Everybody' line of items in 4 different seasonal colors. I notice sizes run out quickly during sales and new launches. I'd recommend purchasing your basics and staples in your desired colors first. Then for any 'maybe' styles, consider purchasing those items during sales if you're willing to risk your size running out of stock. I'm excited to style my soft lounge dress and purchase more shapewear and casual styles from SKIMS. Darling Picks. Watch the SKIMS Try-on Haul & Review video to see how SKIMS look in motion and on the body. Have you tried any items from SKIMS? What items from SKIMS should I review next? Comment below! Let's Chat Dolls.

  • The Best Hidden Gem in 'Cool Girl' Shoulder Bags | Vintage Gucci Bag Reveal

    Hello Dolls, I've been on the hunt for the perfect vintage handbag for about 2 years. After scouring the online vintage market, watching & reading an unhealthy amount of video handbag reviews and patiently waiting for the best price, I finally purchased a vintage handbag that I had no idea existed. In my First Vintage Handbag Reveal video, I share what fits inside this gem of a handbag along with mod-shots, pros & cons and a further look at the gorgeous Gucci details. I always thought my first vintage handbag would be a Chanel bag. Once I found this Gucci shoulder bag, I was more than happy since this style suited my lifestyle needs all so well. Funny thing is that I have no idea what the actual name of this handbag is. Yet, its an unsung hero, a hidden gem and a must-have luxury bag for every cool girl's wardrobe. Now I find myself more in the feminine elegant style category rather than in the 'cool girl' style clique. With its chic, minimal, yet bold style, this shoulder bag has opened up many styling possibilities. From the simple leather pipe-style strap, to the gunmetal hardware, to he subtle monochromatic Gucci logo print, this handbag is an understated, yet everyday statement. This style is very in-line with Tom Ford's creative direction for the House of Gucci in the 90s. If any luxury fashion-lovers recall, Tom Ford brought back the Gucci Jackie bag, but modernized it with more modern, streamline hardware. Of course I'm a lover of vintage things and especially time period fashion. I just have to share with you my 90s minimalist chic fashion inspiration. Simple, but bold. Let's talk about this babe's features, pros & cons along with my vintage shopping experience and the tips I have to share. FEATURES - Gucci GG Print Canvas Exterior - Detachable Leather Pipe Strap - - Metal Strap Attachments - Leather Base & Side Trim - - Leather-lined Zipper - Canvas Interior - Interior Zipper Pocket - CONDITION The condition of this bag is excellent. Not, new-in-box & unused, but excellent condition considering this handbag is nearly my age. The only wear I have on this bag are soft, hairline scratches on the hardware and light creases and scratches on the leather. Honestly, you can barely see it and no one could guess it's a 20 year old bag, instead I'd think "hmmm...maybe its about 2 years old." PURCHASING I was searching through Rebag, Ebay, Fashionphile and Vestaire Collective for the best prices. I ended up purchasing this handbag through Vestaire Collective. Some sellers on the site allow you to negotiate on the price, so I was happy to do a bit of tug-of-war to receive the best offer. VC also offers authentication services for a low fee of $15. Before the bag reaches your delivery address, it stops at the Vestaire Collective to be authenticated by experts. I scored it for such a great price that its worth celebrating. In total, I only paid $275 for this handbag. YES, this bag is more affordable than a Tory Burch, Michael Kors or Coach handbag. I love luxury and if I could have a bit of luxury at a reasonable price, then I'm completely smitten. On most pre-loved websites, vintage Gucci handbags range between $300- $800. The price that each handbag is listed and sold for is influenced by its condition, style, rarity, and popularity. There were similar options available for between $200 and $400, but unfortunately some of them had stained or slightly ripped canvas, worn edges, or other issues. I was willing to pay an extra $100 - $200 for a vintage bag in better condition. Luckily, I was able to be contain my eagerness and pounce on the right bag when opportunity presented itself. My seller was located in the USA so, I was able to receive this handbag within a week. It also came with an original dust bag, which I do appreciate. PROS / CONS pros. Detachable Straps. I style this handbag in my video and I, too, was surprised when I realized I could wear this handbag as a clutch. Also, you could attach a longer strap to make this into a crossbody bag. If I ever get bored and want to switch up the style, I have another option of purchasing different strap. Versatility. With that being said, this bag is extremely versatile. I wear this to the grocery store, shopping mall, park, airport or even date night. In the video, I share 'Whats in my Bag' right before I visit the museum. Whether I'm dolled up, sporting a casual look or anywhere in between, I'm able to pair this bag with almost every outfit. Comparable to Current Available Luxury Bags on the Market. This style is pretty timeless in my opinion. It looks very similar to handbags currently on the market from the House of Gucci. Gucci is currently selling the similar handbag styles for about 4x the price. Now is the time to purchase vintage Gucci. The Gucci craze has softly died down, but there are so many gorgeous & cool girl-approved bags from the Gucci archives. Right now is the best time to snag a deal while everyone else is busy looking at other luxury houses. The Gucci Logo Print is a Classic. One of the things I like about this subtle, yet distinctly Gucci motif is that Gucci handbags are still created in it. Gucci also has darling Ready-to-Wear pieces in this print. Cue a Gucci Girl moment! This keeps this bag style very relevant in today's fashion. It can fit A LOT & I mean A LOT of Items. In the video, you'll see I can comfortably fit more than the basic everyday necessities into this small, but mighty shoulder bag. I have a peace of mind knowing that I don't have to play a game of Tetris with my handbag before rushing out the door. cons. Well there's only one con. Due to the weight of the strap's metal attachments and the curved shape of the bag, the sides tend to cave in or fold over when the bag is sitting by itself. This isn't an issue when the bag is on your shoulder or in-hand. Nevertheless, I think the slight slouch look adds cool points to this bag. Final Thoughts Due to it's durability, versatility and chic look, I couldn't ever imagine getting rid of this handbag. It makes for the perfect roomy, keep all, everyday bag that isn't an actual bulky tote. In the future, I can see myself wearing this handbag as a mom. It's carefree enough so I wouldn't have to worry too much about sticky fingers, spilling snacks or trying to fit in extra kiddie items. Shopping Tips for Buying Vintage If You're on the Hunt for a Similar Vintage Shoulder Bag Style... Avoid purchasing a bag with heavy-wear on the corners. I purposely purchased this handbag style because it has leather trim along the base and sides. This is a great way to avoid further rips and tears on the corners of the bag. Typically, majority of bags show the most wear on the corners. Buying a vintage bag with leather corners is the best option because leather can usually be repaired. Keep in mind that most ripped nylon and canvas fabric aren't repairable by most handbag repair artisans. I say skip that bag unless you're willing to redesign it or if you have a trusted leather repair artisan who is skilled enough to hide or repair ripped fabric bags. There's always other vintage handbags in better condition that may be priced slightly higher. Or you could always find a similar handbag at a lower price. When It Comes to Buying Vintage... Take your time to find the right bag for you. Don't feel rushed to scoop up the next bag that's going for a low price. Especially if it doesn't truly suit your lifestyle or wardrobe needs. Shop through reputable sites or consignment shops. I prefer to shop from sites that guarantee authenticity or has a favorable return policy in case you choose to get your handbag authenticated by a 3rd-party service. Always shop with a purpose. Have a clear idea of what your top 3 handbag needs are. Try to avoid one-hit wonders, especially if its not functional. Keep in mind what handbag material, color, size and style would best suit your wardrobe and personal style. I've noticed my favorite and most used bags happen to be very versatile! SHOP VINTAGE GUCCI Dolls, what are your thoughts about this Vintage find? Do you own any vintage luxury handbags? Comment below! Let's Chat Dolls.

  • One-Pan Homemade Spaghetti & Meatballs under 30 minutes

    Hello Dolls, I love a large plate of homemade spaghetti and meatballs. The more meatballs the better. The anatomy of a delicious spaghetti and meatballs dish is simple. It consists of al dente noodles, a simple, yet tasty sauce and flavorful meatballs. I shared this recipe in my End of Summer: a Week of Soft Living Vlog. Click to watch to cook this delicious meal with me. This is a one-pan pasta dish. Its pretty methodical, but its an efficient sequence that saves me from washing an extra pot or two :) Plus, cooking the pasta sauce in the same pan as the meatballs adds extra flavor. My sequence is as follows: Cook pasta in a pan, Place pasta in the tupperware dish you'll use for leftovers, then Prepare meatballs in a seperate bowl, Cook meatballs in the pan, Transfer meatballs to the side (I use the my dinner plate or lid of the tupperware dish, because again I like to minimize dish washing), Add the tomato sauce ingredients into the pan, Add back in meatballs, bring to a simmer, Then add the cooked pasta back into the pan. PASTA SAUCE 28 oz of canned crushed tomatoes 2 tablespoons olive oil 4 cloves of garlic, minced 1 tablespoon fine sea salt 1/4 teaspoon dried parsley 1/2 teaspoon peppercorn medley, or freshly grounded black pepper 1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes 2 tablespoons of onion powder or 1/3 cup of finely chopped onions or 2 tablespoon of sugar, to taste (Adding onions and/or sugar are known ways of cutting acidity) MEATBALLS 1 pound ground beef 3/4 cup panko bread crumbs 4 cloves of garlic, minced 1/4 cup chopped fresh basil 1 teaspoon dried oregano 1 teaspoon onion salt 1 teaspoon fine sea salt 1/4 teaspoon dried parsley 1/2 teaspoon peppercorn medley, or freshly grounded black pepper 1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes PASTA In this recipe, I use linguine which is a personal preference. Feel free to use your favorite pasta, whether that be spaghetti, angel hair, fettuccine, linguine, etc. Just be sure to adjust the cook time. Bring a pot of water to boil, add in your choice of pasta & cook al dente. Drain then place pasta to the side. Leave a bit of the pasta water so the noodles will not dry out. MEATBALLS Add ground beef into a separate bowl. Break apart & mash with a spatula or spoon Add in panko bread crumbs & mix together until fully combined. Add in all seasonings & chopped basil. Mix until fully combined. Form the ground beef mixture into small to medium equally-sized meatballs. (The bigger the meatball, the longer it takes to cook) On medium-high heat, add in meatballs and allow each side to cook until brown. Then gently turnover meatballs to cook on the next side. Once meatballs are almost fully brown on every side, lower the stove to low heat then cover the pan for about 3-5 minutes so the meatballs can finish cooking on the inside. Once fully cooked, add the meatballs into a different dish. (As mentioned before, I place the meatballs in my dinner plate or lid of the Tupperware dish, because I like to minimize dish-washing.) PASTA SAUCE On medium heat, add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and stir in minced garlic for about 60 seconds. If you're using finely chopped onions, now is the time to add it in and cook until soft. Pour in the 280z of crushed tomatoes into the pan and bring to boil. Stir occasionally. Stir in all seasonings and chopped basil. If you're using onion powder or sugar, now is the time to do a taste-test to balance out the acidity of the tomatoes. Season to taste. Bring to simmer and cover pan & allow it to cook for about 5 minutes. Stir in cooked meatballs, cover pan & allow to simmer for about 3 minutes. Lastly add in cooked pasta & stir in until fully combined. et voila! A one-pan, homemade creation of spaghetti & meatballs. Enjoy this homemade creation with garlic bread and a light side salad topped with my homemade Italian dressing recipe! What's your favorite one-pan or one-pot dinner? Share your favorite Italian recipe with me below! Comment Below & Let's Chat Dolls

  • My Wins & Woes in Homemaking

    Hello Dolls, After realizing that I've been homemaking for just a little over three years, I decided it would be wonderful to reflect back on the lessons I've learned along the way. So far, it's been a long journey. I began as a little girl fantasizing myself as a pretty housewife and living in a lovely white picket-fence home, to learning the art of homemaking, to going through my trial-and-error stages, to where I am today, on the quest to enrich my home and way of life through homemaking. Learn about the first four biggest lessons I've learnt from being a homemaker in my most recent video. Let's continue our chit chat below, Lessons I've learnt since becoming a homemaker... Finding Joy in the Little Things & basking in the reward, One thing I've come to appreciate is that little things around the home can make me happy in life. Eating a homemade dinner with a glass of wine, creating fresh flower arrangements, snuggling up with a new blanket in a living that's slowly coming together, and opening a closet that is finally organized. Being in those small moments evokes pure bliss. Knowing that I contributed to those happy moments is incredibly fulfilling and encouraging. So it's not just about having a beautiful home, but also recognizing what comes with it. Yes, a well-organized and color-coded linen closet is Pinterest-worthy, but the ultimate benefit is that it is more functional and transforms that small section of your home into a luxury boutique hotel or a quaint bed & breakfast. Pivot When Needed, When I first started homemaking, I had this image of how I would spend my days and what I would do. This involved waking up with the morning birds, followed by daily baking and effortlessly creating gourmet dinners... And then reality set in. 'Oh, maybe I don't know how to cook this recipe as well as I thought.' 'Washing off my makeup every single night isn't as fun as putting it on every day.' This is my 3rd time trying to make this sauce & its still not right.' 'I dread cleaning this area every week.' Oh...this is actually a lot of work... Setting goals are wonderful, but your expectations must be adapted with reality. Our desires, aspirations, and mindsets can evolve and change throughout time. Although you may have been enamored with the idea of something in the beginning, it does not mean it is the end of the world if you are unable to accomplish it. With time and maturity, I've realized that not every goal I envisioned reaching is realistic or achievable in this moment in time. Perhaps I was naive, misinformed, or my life has evolved to the point where that goal is no longer a reasonable one. This is for both minor and major tasks in my house and in life. It is sometimes beneficial to put a goal on hold until the proper time comes. Why stress about baking the perfect homemade cake when you should be proud that you can bake delicious cookies? Your reputation and underlying goal to be the world's the best  homemaker should take a break. Allow yourself to pivot to something else instead of putting pressure on yourself to get something right immediately. Learning new things usually involves a period of trial and error. If you've never cleaned a bathroom before, do your best, but understand that it's unlikely to be perfect the first time. The same is true when it comes to cooking your first homemade dinner. Even if it's fantastic the first time, that doesn't guarantee it'll be a 10/10 every time, and that's okay. As long as you keep trying, pivoting when necessary, and remaining open to learning, you will always be the world's best homemaker in your own home. Accepting your Lazy Day & Overcoming your Lazy Days, Some may not admit it, but I've had my fair share of lazy days. Those days when I feel lazy, uninspired, and restless. It can sometimes be triggered by the feeling that there is too much to do or waking up feeling exhausted. I've learned that not every day can be a busy bee day, and understanding and accepting this has prevented me from turning a lazy day into a lazy week. I'll elaborate on this topic in a future blog post and video. As homemakers, we should be grateful for the chance to sleep in and relax. Sometimes we're plagued by a feeling of guilt that follows us through our day of relaxing. This shouldn't be the case. If your lazy day has evolved into a 'lazy days' or a 'lazy week,' I've found that looking for the source of the lazy days is quite therapeutic. Sometimes you just want to have a relaxed weekend, but other times may be driven by a different reason. In the past, my lazy day went from a pilot episode to a full season because I felt like a hamster on a hamster wheel all week. I've found that I've felt drained if I coupled overwhelming homemaking tasks into one day, or if I don't include enough of my personal hobbies in my schedule. Let's not forget about everyday life stressors coupled with everything else. An escape from reality and weekly obligations were comforting to me. Eventually I discovered, going outside, taking a stroll, grabbing coffee, accepting a lazy day or talking to a trusted loved one can provide the mental break I need. Making an action plan to tackle the problem can then put my mind and body at ease, allowing me to continue in a more healthy manner. This is relevant to homemaking as well as ordinary life challenges. My plan is to recognize the issue, uncover the cause, analyze the situation, and go from there. I'm still learning as I'm continuing to homemake. I've learned to lean into those learning moments instead of hating when I made a mistake. Learning these lessons have made me a better homemaker and a better person. What have you learned along your homemaking journey? Comment below, Let's Chat Dolls.

  • My Feminine Fragrance Collection

    Hello Dolls, I've been excited to share some of my favorite perfumes with you. As darling doll myself, I'm in love with feminine scents. So of course my collection of perfumes are very feminine, but its a diverse selection of feminine scents. I have fragrances that range from being floral fresh, to sexy sophisticated, to everyday wearable to girly & fun. A darling array that could pique any feminine woman's interest. Watch My Complete Feminine Perfume Collection Showcase Let's view this lovely collection... Dior Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Preferred Time of Wear: Evening & Night Season: Year-Round Average Wear Time: 6 hours - Notes - Top: Raspberry, Black Currant, Pomegranate, Pink Pepper Middle: May Rose, Peony Base: White Musk - SHOP - Dior Ulta Nordstrom Sephora Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Preferred Time of Wear: Day or Night Season: Year-round Average Wear Time: 4 hours - Notes - Top: Red Apple Middle: Peony, Rose, Carnation, Jasmine Base: Suede - SHOP - Nordstrom Sephora Penhaligon's Equinox Bloom When I first purchased this perfume, which was a blind buy, I posted a full review including my final thoughts. Read the full dedicated review HERE. Other feminine fragrances from Penhaligon's: The Favorite Artemisia Vintage Perfume Bottle filled with my daily body spray To beautify your vanity, fill this lovely vintage-style perfume bottle with your favorite body spray or eau de toilette fragrance. SHOP Dior Vanilla Diorama Preferred Time to Wear: Day or Night Season: Year-Round Perfect for Summer & Exceptional for Fall/Winter Average Wear Time: 5 hours - Notes - Top: Orange, Pink Pepper, Lemon Middle: Rum, Cacao, Cardamom Base: Bourbon Vanilla, Sandalwood, Patchouli - SHOP - Dior Shop the Discovery Set Prada Candy Gloss Preferred Time to Wear: Day Season: Summer Average Wear Time: 4 hours - Notes - Top: Sour Cherry, Cassis Middle: Peach, Rose, Orange Blossom Base: Vanilla, Almond, Benzoin, Heliotrope, Musk - SHOP - Amazon HSN Original Prada Candy Perfume Dossier Caramelized Lavender & Hazelnut Preferred wear: Night Season: Spring/Summer + year round for nighttime Average Wear Time: 3 hours - Notes - Top: Salted Caramelized Hazelnut Accord Middle: Lavender, Violet, Orange Flower Base: Patchoulo, Vetiver, Suede, Ambroxan Described as gourmand scent on woody vanillic & white flowers bases. - SHOP - Discount Code: EbonyNikita5 Maison Francis Kurkdjian Gentle Fluidity Gold Preferred Time of Wear: Evening & Night Season: Year-round Average Wear Time: 6 hours - Notes - Vanilla, Amber, Musk, Woodsy Notes, Juniper Berries, Nutmeg, Coriander - SHOP - Nordstrom Saks Fifth Avenue Bloomingdales What is your signature scent? Share your favorite perfumes with me! What feminine fragrance should I try out next? Comment below & Let's Chat Dolls

  • Looking Feminine & Classy this Summer | Clothing Haul from Express, Mango, Lulus & Jing

    Hello Dolls, Summer has arrived. My closet, as well as my Pinterest board, were craving for a good outfit haul. I try on some of the latest pieces I purchased form Express, Jing, Lulus and Mango. I knew I needed to get some dependable basics that accentuate and compliment my feminine physique after my somewhat disappointing Zara purchases. *Express enters the chat*. I truly needed a wardrobe refresh filled with new casual styles along with darling date night looks. I'm thrilled to show you my haul and give you Dolls my honest opinion of each brand, as well as my recommendations for the products I bought. Watch my Try-On Haul to see my first (and second) impressions as well as my honest remarks on the quality, fit, and sizing of each item. Express is my longtime BFF. I haven't bought anything from Express for the past year for no particular reason. My curious eyes were drawn to other labels like Zara, but after that slightly underwhelming haul, I remembered how much I cherished Express' excellent quality of clothing at reasonable prices. Cable Knit V-Neck Sweater Set Top - Medium Bottom - Medium The matching set is perfection. The sweetheart neckline top paired with the elastic waistband skirt is undeniably a recipe for feminine perfection. This is a lightweight, opaque, close-knit sweater fabric. Stunning for spring, early summer and fall. The skirt has a fold-over waistband that cinches your waist quite comfortably. This is fantastic because some sweater skirts have thick waistbands that enlarge a woman's frame or make the clothing appear a little heavy. There is also the option to purchase this set with a matching cardigan. Yes, I will also purchase the cardigan. I would love to style the cardigan & top with a cute pair of trousers or jeans. You know, when I finally buy a pair ;) I recommend sizing down for a close-to-body fit. Originally in the video I was wearing a medium top. To minimize the fabric bunching on the sides of the top, I exchanged the medium top for the small size top. Doing so gives me a more flattering silhouette. Body Contour High Compression Scoop Neck Cap Sleeve Bodysuit Sky Blue - Medium White - Medium "This is what Zara was supposed to do!" exclaimed Ebony, excitedly modeling the Express bodysuit. This bodysuit is gorgeously made. The fabric is thick enough to avoid bra lines from peeking through. The buttons for the bodysuit are standard size and easy to pull apart & button together. Need I remind you that is quite essential for ladies with longer nails and pitstops in public restrooms. The last thing I want to do is struggle in a tiny bathroom stall trying to fasten my bodysuit. Anywho! The contour fabric really flattered my torso and silhouette so everything looked smooth and even. So basically this Express bodysuit did everything Zara couldn't do. This is my second purchase from the body contour line and needless to say, I would recommend these bodysuits. I suggest sizing down for all items from the Express body contour line for a form-fitting look. Body Contour High Compression Corset Cropped Tank Lavender - Medium Since this is made from the contour fabric, this corset style is very breathable & soft. Perfectly suitable for the summer. Considering that I downsized to a medium, the fit is excellent. This corset contains real boning, which enhances the desired sculpted look. I'd even argue that you don't really need to wear a bra with this top on. I'm considering getting another one in a different shade. Yes, of course I recommend. Brand Review Their basics are pretty reliable and if you haven't guessed by now, the contour line is my favorite. This range includes skirts, dresses, tops, pants and more. I also enjoy most of Express's blouses and tweed sets. Additionally, I like most of Express' blouses and tweed items. When purchasing jackets, coats, blazers, and other goods, always check the buttons. It's a real shame that they frequently pair gorgeous fabrics with plastic buttons. Sales Every week, Express holds sales. If there are new items, they are likely to be included in the sale with a 40% discount or, if you're lucky, in the clearance sale. Every month, Express has a 60% off sale on clearance, which is more than their typical 50% off sale. I highly recommend eyeing your items & purchasing during the 60% off clearance sale. Mango is my next best go-to. When it comes to their timeless statement pieces, Mango has my heart. I've previously purchased a pink tweed blazer and dress set from Mango last year, which I showcased in my Chanel inspired lookbook. The quality from the fabric to the buttons to the lining to the package was pristine. I prefer Mango over Zara any day. Clementine Cotton Suit Blazer Blazer - Large REF. 27077889-BEVERLY Skirt - XL REF. 27037890-BEVERLY Story Time It was a real treasure hunt to find this tangerine blazer and skirt set. I wanted to purchase this set last year for my Chanel Inspired lookbook, but I was afraid of looking like a pumpkin in the color orange. A few months later, my mother sent me an orange summer dress as a gift, which caused me to reconsider my rigid views on the color orange. Nevertheless, when browsing online, I came across the orange blazer and skirt again. I immediately felt the MO part of FOMO. I regret not giving in to FOMO then. Since this set was initially released months ago and Mango has limited time for preserving styles, this set was nowhere to be found. Alas, I found this set on the Mango Outlet website! I was ecstatic, but of course my size was sold out. In order to find out if they actually restock the Mango outlet, I subscribed for notifications and even sent customer service an email. A few days after receiving an ambiguous response from them, I received a notification that my size was once again in stock. Immediately, I placed my order. And here we are today. Review Fabric is superb, the buttons are large pearls and there is interior lining. I'm truly obsessed. Im happy I purchased this set at a great discount, despite the rigorous online treasure hunt. I hope you Dolls will have an easier time accessing these items than I did. I would exclusively shop at Mango for their boucle & tweed sets over Zara, Express & Lulus. A thousand times, yes, I recommend. I'll do a complete brand review once I purchase more basics and other wardrobe staples from Mango. LuLus & shoes... let's chat, Dolls Adelaide White Pearl High Heel Slide Sandals - true to size Jillia White Square Toe Lace-Up High Heel Sandals - true to size I have previously bought summer shoes from Lulus. My previous pair of white platform sandals lasted for around two years. Not at all terrible considering the low cost. Sincerly, I don't think these sandals will last me more than five years. The prices are very cost effective and for such a great price, I don't expect a super long shelf life. As time goes on, I'll provide updates to my Feminine Favorites. I expect to style these sandals with my dressy casual summer outfits. These sandals are low-heel and moderately comfortable to walk in. The pearl sandals makes a flip flop when you walk which expected since they have that flip flop style. The tie-up sandals are gorgeous and such a comfortable heel height. I recommend for daily outings and for all nighttime rendezvous. Yes, I recommend! Jing...well, let's Chat about it. Jing is one of those social media brands that piqued my interest with their feminine & classy styles. I believe Jing sources or creates their clothing in Asia and primarily sticks to the Asian body proportions when it comes to sizing. I wouldn't dare purchase anything under a size Large from Jing. I've learnt from past purchases to order one or two sizes larger. Always, and I mean always, check the size chart before purchasing anything because it may vary depending on the item. Date Night Dresses Pink Stain Cowl Neck Draped Midi Dress - XL Black Faux-Pearl Trim Sweetheart Neck Knit Bodycon Midi Dress - M/L PINK DRESS REVIEW My pink satin dress was supposed to make me look stunning, but I felt frumpy & undone in the attire. I hadn't worn it out yet and one of the straps popped off. I promise you I'm not a she-hulk, but Jing could convince me otherwise. This dress fit like a medium even though I bought it in an XL size. It didn't look nice with my full chest size. The draping on the side had construction issues. The draperies didn't lay flat, which widened my figure and prevented it from giving me a polished, effortless look. I could stitch the strap back on, but given the drapery error, I'm not sure if it would be worthwhile. BLACK DRESS REVIEW This is my only satisfactory purchase from Jing, a sweetheart, pearl-trim, ribbed dress. It is extremely comfortable and versatile for date nights. Again, Jing could convince me that I am the next she-hulk, because some of the pearl beading popping off. I will sew the pearl beading back on because I love this dress. I can't 100% recommend this dress. Just be aware of what could possibly happen if you do decide to buy. MY THOUGHTS ABOUT JING Based on my shopping experience, I wouldn't say Jing is a reliable store when it comes to quality clothing. Whether its the sizing issue or the construction issues, its truly hit or miss. Although I wouldn't absolutely rule Jing out, I would wait to buy until I had seen more try-on hauls and reviews. What are your thoughts on each item & brand? Dolls, we have an upcoming ShopCider haul! What brand should I review next? Comment below! Let's Chat Dolls.

  • Is Zara worth the Hype? Try-On Haul & Brand Review

    Hello Dolls, Let’s talk about Zara. Yes, the store with long lineups, a cult-like social media following, and at least one trending outfit on social media every season. I never truly understood the obsession with Zara’s clothing. I would get mixed feedback, but every other influencer would do these massive try-on hauls amongst the other ‘Keep or Return’ TikToks & reels. So, I decided to have a little Zara haul of my own and give an overall review of the brand’s clothing. Is it really worth the hype? Is Zara good for basics, special occasions, cute going-out outfits, outerwear? Well, in my try-on haul I test-out pieces from each category. Previous Purchases In the past I’ve purchased from Zara on 3 different occasions. My first purchase was pretty much a bummer. I placed an online order & I was disappointed with what I actually received. The dress's fabric wasn’t the best and the sizing was way off. My second order was a gold-button, pink cardigan with a matching skirt and I was smitten! After a few washing, three of the cardigan's buttons popped off. I was completely devastated. Was the pricing of the set too high? Yes, but it was worth it to me because I loved the style. Unfortunately, I'm still looking for replacement buttons. Now let’s see if Zara is doll-approved! Watch my Zara Haul to see me try on each piece, show further details and give my initial thoughts. Square-neck bodysuit – The Claude Monet SQUARE NECK BODYSUIT WHITE - REF. 3905/008 25.90 USD Size: L, true to size I was completely in love with this silhouette. I was looking for this to be a casual basic that I could pair with my multiple skirts. I could throw on this bodysuit when I’m casually running errands or going out for fun. Yet, the quality of this bodysuit was such a turn off. Zara is truly ‘Instagram vs Reality’. On Zara’s website, this item on the model looks incredibly chic but simple.This top is a true Claude Monet painting in person. From a distance, it appears to be a lovely basic, but upon closer inspection, you can see its just a mess of a disappointment, in terms of quality. The neckline is permantely wrinkled due to it's construction and it will never be straight. I show these imperfections in the video. This bodysuit is only partially double-lined. It has this strange, short panel at the bust area that you have to move around to keep it in place. That means that if you're in a rush or moving your arms around too much, the front of your bodysuit will look sloppy. The fabric is stretchy and comfortable, but it seems cheap. Also, there are micro-fuzzies in several places. I predict, after three washes, the bodysuit is finished. Although I love the chic, understated style, the poor-quality shouts louder. Needless to say, I do not recommend. Ruched-front Crepe Midi Skirt with a split – Everyday Elegant Staple RUCHED MIDI SKIRT BLACK - REF. 7901/631 27.90 USD Size: L, true to size Prior to this haul, this was my last Zara buy. This skirt's fabric is gorgeous. When it comes to high-quality fashion pieces, crepe fabrics typically dependable. My only complaint is the frayed thread along the split. This isn’t too uncommon when it comes to this design. I have to take a need & thread to that small problem area. I would recommend all to go for dependable, thicker fabrics when it comes to shopping for basics from Zara. Lightweight Pink Pocket Jacket – The Casual Pink Dazzle CROPPED GOLD BUTTON JACKET BEIGE-PINK - REF. 3046/054 49.90 USD Size: M Sizing tip: Runs big. I sized down & Medium fits me perfectly. I saw this jacket on social media a few months ago and thought it was quite darling. Surprisingly, it was still available on the website. It's quite soft...on the outside. In the try-on video, you can see my reaction to this discovery. It is not lined, and the softness of the outside of the jacket is not parallel to the softness of the inside. There are seams on the inside of the jacket's sleeves, which  compromises comfortability. That’s my overall disappointment with this piece. The issue with the sleeves aren't crucial, but it would've been great to have the same fabric or, at the very least, lining on the inside to solve that problem. It shouldn't bother you as much if you're wearing long sleeves or a sweater. Since this is a transitional piece, I wanted to pair it with some of my summer pieces for the fall season. Nonetheless, I still recommend this jacket. It’s the perfect casual, but stunningly elegant jacket at a reasonable price. Double-breasted button Midi Skirt with front split - The Lost Nautical Dream BUTTONED OTTOMAN KNIT SKIRT BLACK - REF. 0085/166 35.90 USD Size: L, true to size I really wanted to love this style. It does come with a matching top (more like a bra) and I was tempted to purchase the full set but with my full DDs, I had to be realistic. The limited sizing for these garments, which only went from small to large, impacted that vote. So, I opted for only buying the skirt. Initially I was disappointed by the skirt’s fabric, but once its on its quite nice. When I put on this skirt while wearing the bodysuit, the panty lines of the bodysuit showed through the skirt. I will add that the lining of the bodysuit was a little thick and not really flat. As of course, the buttons must be tightened or else we’ll end up with another pink cardigan situation. This skirt also had a loose thread issue with the front split. Overall, I was underwhelmed with the quality. It was okay. I adore matching sets, and the limited sizing was a snub that added insult to injury. This was a sadly lost nautical dream. I would recommend this skirt since it's pretty decent quality. I highly recommend if you are genuinely in love with the aesthetic of this set and your proportions can fit into the matching top and bottom. Coral Red Linen Blazer & Pleated Skirt – The Preppy Tempt LINEN BLEND CROPPED BLAZER CORAL - REF. 3006/351 59.90 USD Size: M LINEN BLEND BOX PLEAT SKORT CORAL - REF. 2078/351 45.90 USD Size: L The skirt was on the shorter side This set prompted me to purchase from Zara again. I have a thing for blazer skirt sets. This looked like the perfect preppy summer set that I could mix & match with other items in my wardrobe. The Blazer I love the fit of this blazer. The overall tailored design is flattering to the body. It has shoulder pads, but they aren’t exaggerated and obnoxiously trendy. I don't mind that there is no lining on the inside of the blazer. This is a linen-like fabric that is ideal for hot summer days. Lining would have detracted from one of linen's main selling points: its lightweight, breezy texture. These buttons, unlike the others, were not clinging on for dear life. The buttons are gorgeous and made of metal. The Skirt I showed in the video, there were loose threads that were popping up and bothersome. Yet, that was nothing  compared to the awkward extra-long zipper that was used on this skirt. In the video, I give an elegant rant, but since this skirt has built-in shorts, it shouldn't be too troublesome. Unfortunately, this skirt is too short on me. It covers the cheeks and that’s about it. I have to forget about bending over, reaching over or moving too swiftly. I'm debating whether I should size up or just axe the entire set. Because the XL isn't available in-store in my area, repurchasing online in the hopes of adding 1-2 inches in length by sizing up would be a gamble. Nonetheless, I would recommend this set in general. It's darling and of decent quality. Could it be a lower price? Yes, but again I have a thing for blazer skirt sets. Overall, Zara is a hit-or-miss. Avoid being tempted by all the trendy styles flaunted on social media, because the quality of those items is your true reality. At the end of the day, this is a fast fashion brand. It's not exceptional quality, but decent quality. I believe Zara should have every time about $10-$15 cheaper than it's actual list price. For future shopping purposes, go in-store and watch real review videos of the items you're truly captivated by. That can help you avoid the checkout and return lines and save you a significant amount of money. I would recommend Zara for the statement outfits & unique key pieces for your wardrobe. Whats your experience Zara's clothing? Share your recommendations! Comment Below & Let's Chat Dolls

  • Quiet Luxury Handbags for Elegant Women

    Hello Dolls, Have you heard of this trend called quiet luxury? Although this trend is not new, it has been gaining popularity for a while and has now completely taken over the luxury niche on social media. What is quiet luxury? We may call it a trend, movement, a style, or a perspective. The best umbrella definition, however, is that quiet luxury is a purchasing style and outlook for viewing and purchasing luxury goods. These are preferred goods that don't have logos or have minimal logos that don't make them the design's primary focal point. This differs from the conventional notion of what luxury looks like. This is an excellent opportunity for everyone to gain a new perspective on what luxury is and what it may entail. As a luxury lover, I wanted to showcase the most timeless handbag styles that would compliment a lady's sophisticated wardrobe. I discuss the top 10 handbags I would suggest in this video, "Quiet Luxury Handbags for Elegant Women." Watch to learn the benefits, drawbacks, and styling advice for each of these purses. For those handbags mentioned, I'll share my recommendations for purchasing these handbags. 1. The Birkin & Kelly Generally, going for neutrals is the best way to go. Neutrals offer versatility with your wardrobe. Luckily Hermes Kellys & Birkins still retain their value if you decide to choose a fun pop of color. I'd go for an everyday-friendly size. A Kelly 28 or 32 is optimal and a Birkin 30 is the perfect medium. 2. Gucci Horesbit Shoulder Bag Equestrian roots at it's best. These retail for a reasonable price as they are classic and timeless styles. You may find a slightly lower price from the preloved market, but I think you aren't missing out on saving much if you buy new. 3. The Row Sofia The Row is completely mainstream so its a bit more difficult (like finding a needle in a haystack) to find the Sofia handbag on the resale market. I'd rather buy this gem new from a trusted retailer. 4. Chanel Reissue 2.55 This handbag is typically in high demand compared to the Chanel classic flap or the mini flaps, so you may be able to acquire this bag a bit more easily in store. The preloved market does have some great deals on these mini 2.55. I'd take a look on preloved market before going to purchase this handbag from the Chanel boutique. 5. Fendi Peekaboo I would 100% recommend a Doll to purchase the Fendi Peekaboo on the preloved market. These handbags look to age beautifully and there's a good variety of different sizes on the preloved market. You can save thousands by not purchasing this handbag from the Fendi store. 6. Celine 16 This bag hasn't received mainstream popularity and there aren't too many styles on the preloved market. Yet, this handbag is still classic and timeless. I'd look for a good deal on the preloved market prior to purchasing in-store. 7. Saint Laurent Sac de Jour This bag is a cult classic and for some reason it doesn't retain it's resale value. Which is a good thing for anyone who doesn't want to pay full price. Just like the Fendi Peekaboo, you can find the Sac De Jour in multiple variations and sizes all while saving thousands. 8. Bottega Veneta Cassette This handbag doesn't typically dip too low when its sold on the secondhand market. Which is a good thing if you'd like to purchase in-store. Yet you may be able to save a good amount by purchasing this handbag on the preloved market. I would recommend especially if you're looking for a seasonal color that Bottega no longer produces. 9. Ferragamo Iconic Top Handle The savings by purchasing on the preloved market for this handbag style is nearly as tearjerking as with the Sac de Jour. I would urge you to look at the vintage editions that has the same classic styles. I've seen some of them go as low as $500. 10. LV Capucines I would highly recommend purchasing this handbag on the preloved market. You can save around $2000 by doing! Of course that depends on the size, condition and site you purchase it from, but overall you can save at least $1000 by purchasing secondhand. Dolls Share your favorite Quiet Luxury handbag! Comment below & Let's Chat Dolls.

  • Easy Stuffed Pepper Casserole

    Hello Dolls, Here's one of my favorite casserole dishes to make! You can use shredded chicken or cooked ground beef. I shared this recipe in my 2023 Spring Homemaking Vlog. Click to watch me make this delicious meal. 1 Chicken Breast, shredded 2 Large Bell Peppers, chopped 1 1/2 Chicken Stock 15 ounces crushed tomatoes 2 cups White Rice, cooked 2 cups of shredded cheese 1 can of black beans 1/4 pickled jalapeños, (optional) Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Spray nonstick cooking spray on casserole dish. Add cooked rice into casserole dish. Season & cook chicken in a pan. Then shred chicken in a small bowl. In same pan as you cooked the chicken, add in chopped bell peppers. Cook until soft. Add crushed tomatoes & chicken broth in the same pan & allow to mixture to simmer. Drain black beans and pickled jalapeños, lightly season with garlic salt, then add into casserole dish. Add bell pepper & tomato sauce mixture into casserole dish. Add 1/2 cup of shredded cheese. Then mix together. Top casserole dish with the remainder of shredded cheese. Bake in oven for 45 mins. Optional: broil on low for the last 5 minutes. Let cool then serve. I like to top mine with sliced avocado or enjoy with tortilla chips! et voila! Stuffed Peppers without assembly! The perfect meal prep casserole dish! What's your go-to dish for meal prep? Share your favorite casserole recipe with me below! Comment Below & Let's Chat Dolls

  • Learn to Bloom Where You Are - Femininity Journey

    -Diary Entry- 4.25.23 As the flowers bloom, so will we. Nurture your femininity, Your serenity, Your contentment, Your confidence, Allow it to bloom. Consider the challenges you face as an opportunity to learn, develop, and flourish. I recall being excited to move on and begin the next chapter of my life 5 years ago. I was eager to learn and experience new things. Little did I realize that where I was, I was blossoming. Yes, I was prepared and knew that embarking on a new adventure was going to be a great thing for me. Nonetheless, I wish I had been more grateful for where I was and how I was doing. Maybe if I had been more appreciative of the circumstances I was in—it wasn't ideal, but I was still blossoming there—I would have matured and made wiser decisions, leading me to become the person I want to be today. So, 5 years later, here I am. Nothing is perfect, yet I realize this is my opportunity to bloom. I'm learning to be patient with myself and the circumstances at hand. I'm discovering how to flourish in my current situation. I can't alter the past, but through reflection and correction I can improve today. She will flourish, she will bloom. Share your thoughts if you had a similar experience as me or if this message resonates with you. Comment below & Let's Chat Dolls.

  • Honest Review of Adore Me Lingerie, Sleep & Loungewear

    Hello Dolls, This week's haul includes my favorite sleep and loungewear brands, as well as a review of the brand Adore Me. Watch my first Sleep, Lounge & Lingerie Try-On Haul & Adore Me Review video to see these lovely pieces. Before we get into their product reviews, I'd like to focus on their customer service & ordering experience first! Ordering Experience & Customer Service I purchased from Adore Me last November, then again in December (after my shipment was lost), then again when my order was...lost! When my item arrived a week late, I emailed customer care and received no answer within a week. It wasn't until I called their customer service number that I received a response, and they informed me that my item had been deemed lost. I requested that they reorder the same products and mail them to me again, but they said I had to use vouchers for EACH ITEM and reorder my items myself. This was frustrating because I ordered roughly ten products and had to replace each one individually because the code only covered one item rather than my complete order. Also, some of the original items I ordered were now out of stock. That was to be expected given that it was now Black Friday week. However, the reordering process was taxing and time-consuming. Weeks past and once again, nothing. Some items from the new order arrived, while others had no update on when they would arrive, regardless of whether I checked Adore Me's website or UPS. By the second week of December, I had received the majority of my items. I then had to contact Adore Me's customer support again to ask about my other orders. They sent me new voucher codes to reorder the products that had gone missing. Guess what showed up on my porch one January day? My first order! I suppose having to place a second order with different products was a blessing in disguise. Here's my final thoughts on this experience... Overall, I was dissatisfied with my email customer support experience. Adore Me has cable TV advertisements, therefore I expected a quick or at least normal time response to their customers. Also, the process of reordering twice is extremely inconvenient. It is inconvenient to manually use a voucher code for each item that was missing from my large order. UPS also holds blame, and the holiday season may have played a role. I should point out that I placed my order a week before Black Friday, therefore we can't blame everything on the holidays. Surprisingly, I still have around three items missing. I'll have to call customer support again to get those lovely little voucher codes. Let's hope those items will arrive on time. I'll be sure to give an update in a future vlog or blog post! Now... here's what I received from Adore Me! Do I adore Adore Me? REVIEW I'll share what I do recommend and do not recommend. The DollSTAPLE Jeannette Push Up Demi This is my go-to everyday bra. I highly recommend this one over every other item. Every woman needs a comfortable bra that is sexy, complimentary & extremely comfortable. It's wire-free and works with many blouses & t-shirts. Emanuelly Push Up Balconette I have this set in 2 colors, black and pink. I love each one. The panty is comfortable with the soft lace and mesh fabric. I'm definitely happy with both of these sets, but the black is the winner. The black and blush beige color combination satisfies my vintage French boudoir dreams. Enny Contour Balconette I really love the style of this one. It has a sexy corset design and comes in very beautiful colors. I purchased mine in red and pink. The pink has yet to arrive. The red is a showstopper indeed. Dolle Contour Balconette This style is more on the sweet side. I enjoy the soft delicate lace detail. The bow details are simply adorable and the red color gives this design a more sultry look. Ira Balconette This color was a pleasant surprise, but the crochet lace isn't as soft and I can tell it will show it's wear overtime. The bra has detachable straps which is nice and the panties are super cute. The mesh sides of the panties are actually softer and has more stretch than the lace. Its acute buy, but not the best quality. Sleep & LOUNGE Zandy Slip Dress Completely in love with this slip dress. The bust part is see-through which makes for a sexy surprise as an everyday nightgown. I plan on buying another one in black. The lace and fabric are both soft & to my delight the fabric is not easily wrinkled. Romina Kimono Robe I love this color, but the fabric of the robe gets very wrinkly even after steaming or ironing. From tiny wrinkles to big wrinkles, it's almost as if they multiply. It's a shame really. I cannot recommend this robe with its current price tag. Desirae Robe I both this style in 2 different colors, black and red. I was immediately in love with the lace detail on the sleeves. Yet, these robes were the biggest disappointments. The design of these robes are so darling, but the quality is sub-par. They come in a very thin, lightweight cotton that wrinkles as soon as you touch it. The price of these robes are terrible when compared with the quality. I do not recommend. Final Thoughts Overall, I enjoyed majority of my bra sets from Adore Me. The key tempting thing about Adore Me is their designs. I love the variety of styles and...the DEALS! During Black Friday, I was able to get the buy-two-get-one-free deal. Currently as I'm writing this post in late April, they have a BOGO deal going on. It's a cost-effective brand and its perfect if you just want something new in your lingerie collection at a good price. I'll be giving a final review on the bra sets, panties & slip nightgowns once I finally receive them. What styles are you eyeing Adore Me? Have you shopped from them before? If so, did you have a similar experience or the complete opposite? What brand should I review next? Comment below & Let's Chat Dolls

  • Spring Summer Feminine Dress Haul

    Hello Dolls, As spring is ‘blooming’ or spring is ‘springing’, I decided to update my wardrobe with new darling dresses for this spring/summer season. My main inspiration, the cottagecore aesthetic + the feminine allure. You will see me try on these dear picks in my ‘Spring Summer Dress Haul’ video, which I do urge you to watch if you would like more close-up detail of my dresses along with my colorful commentary of course ;) Here are all the doll-approved dresses I’ve tried on, along with more feminine picks. DRESS 1 & 2 Feminine Romantic This green and yellow dresses really exceeded my expectations. These dresses look AMAZING on. In terms of pricing, they are more cost-effective. Which I believe is fantastic, especially if you're newly interested in feminine, romantic dress styles. It's lightweight, yet it's still good enough to wear more than once, if you know what I mean. The green dress appears to be more opaque than the yellow. If this is a concern for you, I would suggest wearing a slip dress or special undergarments just in case. Because neither of these dresses is see-through, I won't need to wear any special undergarments. Just something to think about. I usually wear a size 8 in dresses, so I purchased the green dress in a large. As I mentioned in the video, the dress's silhouette is perfect for me. The only complaint I have is the amount of coverage for the bust. I wear a 34DD, and the bust coverage is comparable to that of a bikini. I went with the yellow dress in a size XL and the bust coverage is a little greater. Overall, I had to restrain myself from purchasing a pink version of this style. I can only resist for so long, so let's see if I can resist that impulse. SHOP Dress: Amazon DRESS 3 Romance Novel Dreams I know some of you Dolls may have come to the realization that my obsession with this ‘romance novel’ dress is real. SHOP Pink Midi Dress: Amazon Saks Fifth Avenue These En Saison dresses hold the title for the best quality out of this bunch. I remember first buying the long pink dress on sale at Saks. After realizing it was fate for me to wear this dress, I went ahead and purchased the shorter white version on sale. I purchased both outfits in a medium size. Because they have elastic waistbands, I recommend ordering one size lower. SHOP White Mini Dress: Saks Fifth Avenue VeriShop PremiumOutlet DRESS 5 This last yellow dress is the ideal throw-on-and-go, feminine maxi dress. You can wear it anyplace and be perfectly fine. I "borrowed" this from my mother's wardrobe about a year ago and I'm so glad I have it. Here are other styles that are comparable to the one I have: click to shop More darling choices Which dress is your favorite? Should I do more fashion hauls? Comment below! Let’s Chat Dolls