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Creating an Organized & Visually Appealing Home

To: Dolls

From: Ebony Nikita Okeke

For: Housewife Wednesday

Hello Dolls,

Happy Housewife Wednesday to you. I have been in the mood to detox my home from clutter and refresh it with visually-pleasing organization.

There are certain areas in my home that are prone to disorganization. For my home, it would be the bathroom linen closet, pantry and refrigerator. These are common places that me and my husband use daily so its quite easy to get disorganized. As a homemaker, organizing these areas are apart of my cleaning routine.

Yet, I'd like to make those areas of my home more functional, more organized and overall pretty!

When you open a refrigerator, you want to have a clear view of your food. You want your food to be organized and placed in a visually pleasing way. Its apart of the experience. That is the same way you'd want to feel when you open your pantry and closet.

I am on a quest to achieve my organized home goals in those three areas. I also want to keep it under the budget of $60 per area.

I will be sharing my design and storage purchases in future blog posts! For a sneak peek on some of my purchases, watch my Housewife Diary Vlog that will premiere this Friday 3/2/21.


My Home Organization Inspiration

What improvements are you making to your home? Be sure to make time for yourself for this Housewife Wednesday.

Let's Chat Dolls,

Ebony Nikita Okeke


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