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Femininity, Elegance Beauty

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 As a feminine lady, I believe it's best to use makeup to compliment your feminine features & natural beauty.


There's something about

luxury beauty products that

I love.


From the experience of the packaging, to the formulas, to the ingredients. 

Thus, I have fallen in love with luxurious pampering, primping, & overall self-care.

Luxury beauty reminds me of vintage beauty products to where the packaging was elegant, ornate and little pieces of art.

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New Series: 'Feminine Makeup Mondays' - Reviews of Bestselling Luxury Makeup

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In Housewife Diary Vlogs, you'll see me unbox & use various luxury beauty products.

From Makeup to Skincare to Fragrance to Hair to Body Products

On the blog, I'd like to share honest reviews on the

darling luxury beauty products that sits prettily on my vanity.

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