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Lisa Eldridge Velvet Beauty Lipstick

To: Dolls

From: Ebony Nikita Okeke

For: Your Luxury Lipstick Collection

Hello Dolls,

Lisa Eldridge, the renowned makeup artist, debuted her makeup line featuring the anticipated True Velvet Lip Colour Lipstick. Eldridge only features new products two times a year, its usually a spring/summer launch and a fall/winter launch. After seeing so many raving reviews on her products, I decided to finally purchase one of her products.

Since Lisa Eldridge has such a loyal fan base and great reputation for her products, her new launches usually sell out immediately. I wasn’t able to secure the color Velvet Blush that I wanted since it debuted last fall season 2020. I settled for a similar pinky mauve color, called velvet beauty, in the same velvet formula.



Retails for $36 (free USA shipping)

Only available on

Velvet formula comes in 13 shades

You can purchase 3 lipsticks in a bundle + receive a free LE velvet makeup bag for $108.

My Lipstick: Shade Velvet Beauty

You can see how the shade looks on me at the end of my 6am Housewife Morning Routine Vlog! (7:09 timestamp)


The Velvet lipstick sits pretty in a gold matte chrome capsule. The capsule has a magnetic closure which is perfect for travel. You won’t have to worry about your lipstick coming undone and messing up your purse. The magnetic closure also adds a luxurious weight to the capsule. The base is heavier than the top and it holds the most weight. The LE logo is on the top of the lipstick case. The logo is beautifully done and it gives a minimalistic, luxurious splash of class. This is my most luxe lipstick packaging which rivals Dior and Pat McGrath Labs.


I am one who enjoys a velvet, soft matte & creamy lipstick formula.

The actual lipstick has a beautiful velvet outer-layer like none I’ve seen before. It mimics actual velvet and reads luxury.

When you first apply the lipstick your lips are greeted by the creamy and velvety formula. You will have to apply a second layer for full opacity or apply enough pressure to get full opacity upon first application. I don’t mind applying a second layer since I usually go back in a second time to perfect the lines around my Cupid’s bow and the sides of my lips.

It’s a comfortable velvet, creamy matte finish. I could reapply and wear this all day and my lips would never feel dry.


The wear time is standard luxury lipstick wear time. I apply the lipstick and it lasts through a meal, a drink and a light snack. It begins to fade out in the middle of my

lips as the day progresses and I eat a second meal.

It’s definitely better than high-end and drugstore lipstick’s wear time. The LE’s lipstick’s wear time wins by a hair strand against my Dior Velvet lipstick.


Lisa Eldridge’s Velvet lipsticks take the spot in my top 3 favorite lipstick formulas. Next to Dior’s velvet formula and Pat McGrath’s matte formula, LE’s velvet sits in a tie with Dior.

This is the perfect lipstick for those who don’t like matte lipsticks. you get the creaminess and comfortability of a creme lipstick but the finish of a matte lipstick.

I would highly recommend this lipstick for all seasons and especially for the fall and winter season. It’s creamy, luxurious and an overall worth-it formula that every makeup luxe-lover needs. I’ll be picking up another color once Velvet Blush comes back into stock!


Have you tried Lisa Eldridge’s True Velvet Lip Colour Lipsticks?

What brand holds YOUR favorite lipstick formula?

Comment Below!

Let’s Chat Dolls.

Always with Love,

Ebony Nikita Okeke


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