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My 5-min Housewife Makeup Routine & How to PERFECT Yours

Hello Dolls,

I've been feeling like I've discovered a whole new world since perfecting my morning makeup routine within 5 minutes. As a housewife, I'm guilty of having my glamorous 1950s bombshell housewife days days to wear I don't lift a finger in any attempt to get ready. Those contrasting days are usually dependent on the lengthiness of my To-Do list and my unpredicatable motivation.

Gucci beauty dior makeup penhaligons equinox bloom dior 1947 eyeshadow palette Gucci bronzer shade 7 Gucci blush warm berry 8

I developed an unwelcoming tendency of not getting 'dolled up' on my content editing days and my more intensive cleaning days. Overtime, I realized I was feeling extremely sluggish on those days.

There is a spark of motivation and confidence when I get fully get ready in the morning.

I realized that my morning primping and pampering was a vital part of my everyday self-care.

Even if I lack motivation or time to do a 15-minute routine, I should try to come up with a realistic schedule for my lazy or busy days. I decided to challenge myself to create a morning makeup routine to where I could apply minimal makeup, but get an effectively stunning look. So what's stopping me from doing both?

Consistently being a jaw-dropping doll of a housewife all while completing my To-Do list with ease every single day.

everyday housewife makeup
young black feminine housewife homemaker 5 minute makeup

I share my perfected 5-minute Housewife Makeup Routine in my latest video. Watch & follow around my makeup modus operandi.


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Here are the major things I learned,

which helped me perfect my 5-minute vanity primp:

1. Choose 3 makeup steps that are vital in your final look.

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By choosing your top 3 makeup steps, you're prioritizing the ones that are most important to you. It should be the biggest necessities that conquer your main concerns or concentrates on your favorite features.

Even if you can't finish your full makeup routine, as long as you have these 3 steps completed, your end result should still look polished to your taste.

These vital 3 makeup steps should be completed first.

When I used to do my makeup, my 3 vital makeup steps would be to apply strip lashes, put on concealer & powder and lastly apply lip gloss.

Now, as I shown in my 5-minute housewife makeup video, my 3 vital steps have changed slightly overtime.

The concealer helps brighten my dark under-eye circles and blemishes, which helps me look more awake & polished.

Filling in my eyebrows helps frame my face and compliments my eyes.

Blush adds color and vibrancy to my complexion.

Now I do my lip combo lastly or on-the-go.

I have shortened my routine tremendously by getting eyelash extensions and they make a world of difference for me!

2. Group together your Everyday Makeup Staples

As you've seen countless times in my Housewife Diary vlogs, I display all of my daily makeup on my vanity. Consider doing the same or separating your daily makeup products in your makeup bag. Simplifying your routine allows you to focus on what steps are most important to get done.

Hence tip #1

3. Separate your daily makeup brushes.

black housewife homemaker makeup 5 minute

Choose your most essential makeup brushes and group them to the side for easy access.

Rummaging through your entire brush collection or searching around for the 'right one', slows down your process and overall costs you more time.

As you can tell with tip #2 and #3, simple organization makes the biggest difference. Proper placement and easy access allows for a smoother application process.

4. Minimize the One-hit wonders, Choose Multi-Use Makeup Brushes.

Primarily, I use synthetic brushes for my base makeup. I use the same synthetic brush for my concealer & under-eye powder. Also, I use the same Chikohodu goat hair brush for my blush & bronzer.

This saves time rather than looking around for different brushes & switching back and forth between makeup brushes. Simply rounding up the multi-use makeup tools & gathering your best ones, optimizes your routine.

young black feminine housewife homemaker 5 minute makeup

5. Don't strive for Hollywood Glamour every single day.

As much as I love my full-face soft glam look, its not practical for every day.

The natural look is always in and its timeless. This daily 5-min look can ALSO be impactful by blush color and/or lip color.

6. Don't strive for perfection!

Practically, we all have imperfections. And that's okay. Just focus on complimenting & enhancing the features you're able to.

Eyebrows are sisters & not twins, so don't obsess. If you have a blemish, I promise you it's not as earth-shattering as you think!

7. Some steps can be done on-the-go.

I noticed when I'm really on the go, I can choose certain makeup steps to complete later. For me, I can always toss my lip liner & lipstick in my purse. You may be able to apply your blush compact later or maybe your bronzer compact.

Prioritize your top 3 makeup steps first.

Then choose your next steps based on how much concentration or technic you need to apply it.

8. Practice makes Perfect

My makeup skills have vastly improved over the past years. One thing I know is that practice makes perfect. I've learned over the years about which makeup brushes work best for me & my favorite type of daily makeup products.

Try practicing your preferred makeup then seeing how long it takes you to finish. After a few times, compress your routine down to the vital steps and time yourself.

Getting your makeup routine down to 10 minutes is a great first goal.

young black feminine housewife homemaker 5 minute makeup

9. A Lady Plans

A routine is ideal, so it's important to be intentional and implement it into your schedule.

Start practicing your routine on the weekends and let it lead into your new week.

Creating a morning routine is essential to every feminine elegant lady.

Therefore incorporate a curated beauty routine into your morning routine for an easy transition.


Dolls, did you enjoy my 5-minute makeup routine?

What's your top 3 vital makeup steps?

What video should I do next?

Comment below!

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