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'OLD MONEY' Inspired Outfits - Achieving the Aesthetic

Hello Dolls,

One might ask, "What is the 'Old Money' look?"

Well its more of an aesthetic based on the lifestyle from those who come from a beautiful cushion called generational wealth. Picture classic Ralph Lauren, country clubs and Ivy League schools. Those are elements that add to the rich fabric of the 'Old Money' lifestyle which inspires the overall style.

Some of my favorite sources of 'Old Money' inspiration would be the most fashionable First Lady of America, Jackie Kennedy and the characters, Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl TV show and Dominique Deveraux from Dynasty TV Show 1980s. I also adore the Ralph Lauren 90s Ad Campaigns. I implore you to give these fashion icons a look.



In my newest fashion video, 'The Old Money Aesthetic Outfit Lookbook', I share my favorite 'Old Money' styled outfits. I have a range of ensembles that embody different variations of the 'Old Money' style, from the Ivy League look, to the feminine classic look, to the preppy feminine look.

Included & exclusive to this blog post, I share my final & favorite 'Old Money' look that is timeless & classic.

- Ensemble Composed of -

Ralph Lauren Blazer Cardigan

Black Collared Dress

Black Slingback Low Heels

Small Black Lady Dior

Pearl Earrings

Relaxed Elegance.

A blazer cardigan gives an effortless elegant look. It has the anatomy of a blazer, but is faced with a casual and comfortable sweater knit fabric.

The blazer cardigan adds a casual elegance to the more formal collared dress.

The elegance is heightened by the Ralph Lauren crest on the front chest pocket.

STYLING TIP: Go for embroidered crest cardigans, sweaters and jackets to achieve that Ivy League look.

- Ensemble Composed of -

Mango Pink Tweed Blazer

Mango Pink Tweed Dress

Black Slingback Low Heels

Small Black Lady Dior

Pearl Earrings

A polished feminine look.

Adding a pop of color in your wardrobe is a the perfect way to expand your styling possibilities. I love mixing and matching sets to come up with new ensembles.

Tweed is apart of the most valued fabrics for the 'Old Money' wardrobe.

Some other notable fabrics of quality would be cashmere, wool and cotton.

Invest in well-made tweed pieces to achieve that classic look.

STYLING TIP: Focusing on establishing a quality capsule wardrobe should be the first step in building an 'Old Money' wardrobe.

- Ensemble Composed of -

Burgundy Collared Knit Dress

Satin Headband

Cap Toe Low Heels

Medium White Lady Dior

Pearl Earrings

A preppy feminine look.

Adding darling pearl earrings and this simple satin headbands helps pull together this classic preppy look.

Adding classic accessories into your wardrobe will be essential in achieving the 'Old Money' aesthetic.

Classic & Elegant Wardrobe Accessories:

- Pearl Earrings, Bracelets & Necklaces

- Headband

- Ribbons/Bows

- Classic watch

- Diamond Earrings & Necklaces

- Elegant Handbag

- Tennis bracelet

- Brooch

- Outfit-coordinating Hats



- Ensemble Composed of -

Ralph Lauren Black Blazer

White Pussycat Bow Halter Blouse

Black Pleated Skirt

Small Black Lady Dior

Pearl Earrings

Sartorial Feminine Elegance

STYLING TIP: After building a capsule wardrobe, mix & matching your wardrobe essentials will help you style a polished look.

Classic & Elegant Wardrobe Staples:

- Blazer

- Blouse

- Sweater

- Collared Shirt

- Pleated Skirt

- Little Black Dress

- Casual Feminine Shoes:

Ballet flats, Loafers, Slingbacks


Watch the 'Old Money' Lookbook to get more tips & styling suggestions!

Dolls, what is your favorite 'Old Money' look?

What Feminine Style should I go over next?

Comment Below!

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