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Chanel Inspired Outfits

Hello Dolls,

The house of Chanel is iconic for it's tweed, quilted classic flap, and timeless elegance. Let's get the Chanel look without splurging on the actual items, which notoriously costs upwards of $2000 for a single tweed jacket.

We can achieve the Chanel look by curating a quality wardrobe filled with styles similar to the house of Chanel.

"A girl should be two things

classy and fabulous".

- Coco Chanel


In my latest feminine style video, I share 4 ensembles that emulates

the vibrant elegance that grace the CHANEL runways.

(click to watch)

Source of Inspiration

90s Chanel & Chanel runways 22'



Inspired Outfits

Ensemble One

Lightweight cardigan and skirt set.

A vibrant elegant look.

The bright pink compliments the clean, classic lines of this silhouette.

Ornate metal buttons in gold adds the perfect touch.

Fabric is stretchy, breathable & comfortable.

Of nice quality.

You can wear this set in multiple seasons.

Perfect for spring & fall.

Paired with Medium White Lady Dior & styled with a Hermes Carres Volant Twilly.


Top: Pink Cardigan

Bottoms: Pink Skirt

I'm wearing size Large in Top & Bottom. Fits comfortably. For a tighter fit for the skirt, size down.

SHOP THE SET- Top: Pink Tweed Jacket: Bottom: Pink Tweed Skirt

I'm wearing size Medium in Top & size Large in Bottom. This piece comes in & out of stock often along with its available sizes. You may be able to catch this item on sale.

My Professional Housewife Look.

The real life BARBIE in CHANEL look.

Chanel is ICONIC for its tweed.

A tweed blazer skirt set is classic 90s Chanel that we all adore.

Its light-medium weight.

Appropriate to wear in transitional seasons like Spring & Fall.

Wearable for Summer & Winter.

I love the ability to mix & match with other pieces in my wardrobe.

Double-breasted blazer & skirt with gold buttons.

The skirt is a true mini-skirt with slits on each front side.

The only downfall about this set is the plastic buttons.

Not too big of a deal, but I enjoy metal buttons for the luxurious feeling.

You can exchange the buttons of course, but I'd like to mention that fact in case you're a button snob like myself.

Blair in Chanel

SHOP THE SET- Top: White Boucle Top Bottom: White Boucle Skirt

I'm wearing size UK12 in Top & size UK14 in Bottom. Fits comfortably. Comes in and out of stock, but stays on sale, so keep your in stock alerts on!

A mixture of looks: The Blair in Chanel. The country club lady who brunch.

Lightweight boucle top and skirt with gem buttons.

The quality is B+. Some loose threads around the buttons and I'd like a thicker boucle fabric.

You can getaway without wearing a slip dress or skirt, but still be aware of subtle bra lines.

Overall, a cute summer look. Comes in white & also in a darling lavender.

I thrifted the pink tweed blazer about 5 years ago. Any tweed blazer of this set, transforms the look. Here are some gorgeous alternatives.

Black & White is Classic Chanel.

One of the simplest ways to get a timeless Chanel look.

SHOP THE SET - Top: Black Bustier Top

I'm wearing size S/M in Top & Blazer and size L in bottom.

The blazer's name on Storets website is 'Elisa Contrast Trim Collar Jacket'. Unfortunately, it's no longer in stock. I'll check back in case it comes back on the website.

The Bustier top is an all time favorite that I wear to it's demise. I willl be purchasing the same top in the color white.

The blazer is lightweight & easy to throw onto any outfit to achieve a 'classy lady look'.

The skirt is stretchy and cute. I received it as a gift so here are some great options for the blazer and skirt.


Watch all 4 ensembles in action in my Chanel Inspired Lookbook video.

Which ensemble is your favorite?

What styles do you favor in order to get that Chanel look?

Comment Below &

Let's Chat Dolls.


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