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How to Look EFFORTLESSLY Look MORE Feminine

Hello Dolls,

If you're on your femininity journey, it's important to embrace your femininity every day. Not only when you're dolling yourself up for a special outing, but also when you're getting ready for everyday activities. These are some of my favorite ways to appear more feminine without the hour-long primping routine.

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Here's my practices & habits to exude femininity every day

Let's Begin...

1. I focus on complimenting one of my facial features

(even on my no-makeup days)

It doesn't take much. I know we all love the full face of makeup routine or even the 5-minute face, but this minimal approach is still enjoyable and it gets the pretty job DONE.

A quick swipe of a tinted lip balm, or a little bit of blush can really make a BIG difference.

Makeup is already a tool to compliment your facial features, so use to to SHOWCASE at least one. Makeup has the ability to help you look a bit more polished and put together. This leads you into a more feminine look.

These are some of my favorite everyday makeup products to give me that feminine boost!

2. I practice My Feminine Walk Every Day

No matter where you go, you'll appear more feminine by praticing your feminine walk. This walk emulates femininity with every step. It's graceful, confident & eye-catching.

Walk with poise and elegance in mind.

A nice way to think of it is to walk as if you're walking next to Audrey Hepburn. Walk as if you're entering a ball.

Be intentional with your feminine walk and eventually it will become effortless.

Walking in heels, whether low or high, is great way to begin to learn how to walk like a lady.

3. I follow the tale, 'Earrings make you look 10x prettier'

Whether its a myth or not, earrings help you achieve a feminine and polished look.

It is the accessory that I never leave my house without wearing. I wear them every day and my ensemble is incomplete without them. Its the perfect facial accessory that frames your feminine facial feautures.

I highly recommend a simple pair of pearls or diamond studs as an everyday pair.


Darling Pairs

4. I smile.

This one is an underrated practice. Smiling instantly brightens your face. It results in a feminine, kind, guanine and friendly look.

This is important since these are all FEMININE TRAITS.

Do you an active membership in the RBF club?

How often do you smile?

Are you a natural smiler?

NOT SMILING is the easiest way to hinder your feminine appearance.

It's easy to do and it's free.

Avoid doing the world injustice by being stingy with your smile.


These are my everyday, EFFORTLESS feminine habits to appear MORE Feminine.

What are yours?

What tip will you start today?

Comment Below!

Let's Chat, Dolls.

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Diana Patterson
Diana Patterson
Dec 28, 2022

Lovely blog you have got here. It’s rare to find quality writing like yours. I seriously appreciate writing. Thanks and keep posting.

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