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My 15 min Daily Beauty Routine - Luxury Makeup, Skincare & Hair

Hello Dolls,

Pamper yourself with me during my daily beauty routine. 15 minutes of pampering myself everyday leads to me feeling ready for the day, at peace and it also boosts my self-confidence. When I rush through my routine or skip my mini pampering sessions, it can cause me to feel scattered, unready, or unsuccessful with the start of my perfect mornings.

Every lady should have a realistic daily beauty routine that works for her mornings. I hope my routine inspires you Dolls to set aside time for yours.

Some mornings, I may take my time which can make my routine longer than 15 minutes. Yet, for the most part, I can get all of the main steps out of my routine completed at ease.

Watch my full Daily Beauty & Pampering Routine. Today, I'm sharing some my favorite products and how I prefer to use them on an everyday basis.


Start of my Beauty Routine, begins with

Hair Care

To avoid potential blemishes, I tend to start with hair care, then follow with skincare. This helps wash off any hair product residue that may tread on the sides of my forehead.

My weekly haircare routine involves twist outs, detail work and hours for styling. Yet, my daily haircare routine focuses on maintaining my weekly style, providing my hair with moisture and the light attention that it needs.

My Tried & True:

I started using this product about 5 years ago & I haven't found a daily moisture spray that truly softens my curls by itself, like this one.

It doesn't cause build up and it soaks into my hair very nicely. It's a perfect on-the-go hair moisturizer, especially for low-porosity hair.

Super Moisture Needs:

Every other day or so, I apply this thick cream to my ends and sometimes to my hairline for extra moisture and hydration. This styling cream is great at providing a good amount of definition to the curls. This styling cream is specifically made for curly girls with tighter curls.

In Need of Definition:

Sometimes I may need to touch up my weekly hairstyle. On those days, I usually scoop a small amount of the gel, spread it on both hands and rake it through each side of my hair. For more definition, I may fingercurl individual strands with the gel. This gel grips, holds and defines my curls oh so very nicely.


Let's continue with...


I go into skincare next, being sure to clean my face and around my hairline. I typically use black soap for my daily cleansing. I try to keep my skincare routine concise and filled with vital and necessary products. Simple, reliable and nourishing, that is what I look for when it comes to my everyday skincare routine.

CHANEL Le Gommage

Anti-Pollution Exfoliating gel

This is one of my new found favorites from this year.

This physical exfoliator is smoothening, gentle-to-the-touch, and micro-fine.

Its perfect for those mornings, where you just want to have a quick cleanse and smooth out your skin.

I lightly splash my face with water, then apply a dime-size amount into my hands.

I gently apply the micro-beads on my face in circular motions.

Chantecaille Rosewater Facial Spray

For a quick bit of hydration, I am in awe by this pure rosewater.

The glass bottle permanently sits pretty on my vanity. As I walk by during the day, I'm compelled to spritz my face with this beautiful rosewater.

This mixture includes Rose de Mai, along with the petal's extract and it's essential oils.

Dior Prestige La Creme Texture Essentielle Moisturizer

Next I apply my, all time favorite, Dior Prestige La Creme Texture Essentielle.

I only need dime-size amount, which I scoop out with the Dior spatula massager tool.

With soft, sweeping motions, I apply the rose-infused creme.

To enhance the relaxing experience, I use the Dior spatula massager tool to massage the contours of my face and around my eyes.

This 2-minute application allows me to induldge myself in spa-like experience.


Finishing off with...


This is probably my favorite part of my beauty routine. In my Daily Beauty Pampering Routine video, I did my full face of everyday makeup using some of my favorite makeup products.

This time I'll share my 5-makeup routine using more of my luxury makeup favorites.

1. I use my Merit The Minimalist Perfecting Complexion Foundation & Concealer Stick in shade Amber to spot conceal all over my face.

This is so seamless and effortless to apply and blend.

I have the option of applying powder with this cream stick 2-in-1 foundation & concealer.

2. I dot my Pat McGrath M18 concealer under my eyes and quickly blend with my fingers.

One dot under each side will give me the coverage I need.

3. Next, I swirl on my Gucci powder all over my face for a natural and radiant finish. This powder is lightweight and it doesn't look like you're actually wearing powder.

4. Lastly for the complexion, I'll apply my Dior Rouge blush in Rose Montaigne 219 for a lightweight, shimmer blush look.

This blush is just enough to show on my skin tone complexion which gives me a natural rosy finish.

This blush also has a slight gold shift, which makes this the perfect blush and highlighter in one duo.

5. I glide my Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Voile Sheer Lipstick across the curves and center of my lips to finish of my look.

My current favorite is the shade Mildred Rosewood.

Et, Voila!

With 15 minutes and intentionality, I'm able to pamper and primp myself every day. I focus on using reliable, quality beauty products that creates a beautiful, lasting result.

I hope you enjoyed! If you try any of my favorite products, comment below & share your experience!


Bye, Dolls!

*This post contains affliate links. Thank you for your support!

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