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Miss Dior Millefiori Collection

Hello Dolls,

s you Dolls know, J'adore Dior. To my splendor, Dior Beauty launched the limited edition collection, Miss Dior Millefiori.

The highlight of this collection is the packaging, the millefiori motif which features a feminine floral design.

"Dior presents the Millefiori Boutique, a modern interpretation of Christian Dior’s boudoir at 30 Montaigne in Paris.

Immerse yourself in the irresistible world of Miss Dior."

- Dior Beauty

Gladly lacking control, I collected...

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I introduced the beauty items I picked up in my 'Week in my Life' Autumn Housewife Diary Vlog.

I also did a live demo swatch of the cushion powder and created a soft & dreamy eyeshadow look.


The design of this cushion powder is gorgeously adorned with the millefiori floral design.

The front design is an embroidered fabric while the sides and back are made of a hard plastic like the traditional Dior cushion powder.

This powder is more of a fine loose glitter. Its not a setting powder like the original Dior cushion powder. I wouldn't apply this as an all-over face powder nor as a face highlighter.

his is a zero pigment, all fine glitter without a base. It does have a slight white powder cast, but its not opaque as it only shows if its not evenly applied as you can see in the photo. As you see by the arm swatch, you can get an even thin layer with the included powder puff. I showed the application in my Housewife Diary Vlog.

I only bought this for collector's purposes as the packaging is my main attraction. It has a slight floral scent reminiscent of the Miss Dior perfume.

I do wish it was made to be a perfume powder with shimmer rather than a slightly scented fine glitter powder. Or it could've been filled with a transparent face setting powder similar to the original Dior cushion powder.

I've seen others replace the powder fill with the Dior cushion powder refill. I haven't tried that yet, but I definitely will in the future.

Overall the powder case is beautiful and I would recommend it if you want something pretty for your vanity.

This candle is darling and on the daintier side. It smells beautiful and it is quite smaller compared to traditional luxury candles. The millefiori design is the main design for this luxury candle.

I plan to reuse the candle after the candle wax runs out. It's a darling statement for the vanity.

he limited edition lipstick case shares the same fabric and millefiori flower design. It is another beautiful collector's piece but you can actually use it to hold your Dior Addict lipstick. I do wish it came with a lipstick proctector slip case since it is a white fabric. Overall I'd recommend.

This is my first Dior eyeshadow quint. Although I was tempted to buy other Dior eyeshadow palettes since their relaunch, I'm happy I waited for this perfect color story.

This is the perfect romantic color story filled with berry & rosy shades.

This quint is composed of dreamy, desaturated tones of cream, pink, red and purple.

It makes for a great Valentine's Day palette, but it has quickly become my perfect everyday eyeshadow palette.

It doesn't pull too warm nor too cool, so its quite easy to pair with my daily outfits.

The quality of these palettes are up to par with the rave its been receiving from the online beauty community.

The shades are pigmented, smooth and easy-to-blend. Its intuitive to create a simple, but stunning eye look.

As I mentioned in the primping portion of my Housewife Diary Vlog, Dior's eyeshadow layouts are designed to create a quick & easy eyeshadow look that you don't have to think too much about.

The top left, top right and middle shade, creates a day look. Then the bottom right, bottom left and middle shade, creates a night look. You can group the 3 eyeshadows on the left together to create a look & same for the 3 shadows on the right.

I love that about the quint's layout. It makes putting on eyeshadow beginner-friendly and a simple process.

Usually purples and reds evoke a bit of apprehension from me. I never like too bold & saturated eyeshadow looks. I think reds and purples can be a bit harder to match with day-to-day looks. Yet, both of these shades pull more neutral and not too bright nor deep.


Pale Cream, MATTE - top left

Smooth & Pigmented

Shimmery Light Pink, GLITTERY SHIMMER - top right

No fall out, doesn't have a base, primarily an easy-to-apply glitter shade that is also day-friendly

Rich Dark Red, SATIN - middle

Smooth, pigmented, soft glimmer

Rosy Pink, MATTE - bottom left

Smooth, pigmented

Berry Purple, MATTE - bottom right

Smooth, pigmented


Left to Right


Pale Cream, Shimmery Light Pink,

Rich Dark Red,

Rosy Pink,

Berry Purple

I highly recommend this eyeshadow quint. Its great quality, easy to use and these shades pair so well together.


Watch my Primp & Pamper routine in my 'Autumn Tea Housewife Diary' Vlog to see my eyeshadow look!

Dolls, leave your questions down below! I'd love to answer & help :)

Did you pick up anything from this collection?

Have you tried Dior's eyeshadows?

Comment below!

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