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Gucci Beauty Powder & Lipstick Review for Brown Skin

Hello Dolls,

ucci beauty launched in 2020 and ever since then, their makeup releases has been inspired and the talk of the luxury beauty community. I finally gave in to the vintage, luxury makeup of my dreams and decided to try some Gucci's most feminine and aesthetically-pleasing beauty products.

I've featured these products in multiple Housewife Diary Vlogs and most recently, in my Daily 15-minute Feminine Beauty Routine.

I'll be reviewing the Gucci Poudre De Beaute Mat Naturel Face Powder & the Gucci Rouge à Lèvres Voile Sheer Lipstick. I have used these products for over 3+ months now and I've tried these products in multiple ways to give them a fair chance.


Poudre De Beaute Mat Naturel Face Powder

he packaging was a selling point for me. They could’ve sold actual baking flour inside of this powder compact and I would’ve been happy with it. Other than the vintage-inspired, luxurious packaging that Gucci has spoiled us with, let’s talk about the formula.

This powder feels like air on the skin. It doesn’t add much coverage and it barely tones down any shine or glow. Instead it leaves your skin with a smoother, natural finish.

- Claims -

"A buildable face powder offering a lightweight, visibly smooth texture to create a naturally perfected complexion"

Light Coverage & Natural finish

Vegan & Paraben free

shade: 09

- Highlighted Ingredients -

Micro-reflecting Lamellar Powders: Provide a smooth application for a luminous complexion.

Emollient Agents: Provide a silky, comfortable feel all day long.

This product is said to be refillable, but we have yet to see Gucci launch powder refills for this product or their bronzers.

This powder has minimal, small specs of micro-glitter, but it doesn’t appear on the skin.

gucci powder Poudre De Beauté Mat Naturel Beauty Setting Powder shade 7

Is this my most favorite powder? No.

Yet, it holds it own and fulfills it's purpose. If I would like a natural, skin-like finish then I use a powder brush to apply this product. I primarily use this powder with a brush.

It's perfect for those days to where I want my skin to have a natural finish. This is also good for that no-makeup, makeup look.

I don’t see this prolonging the wear of my make up or adding extra coverage.

When I use it with the puff that sits in the bottom of the compact, it gives me a velvet, smooth finish with light-to-medium coverage.

Out of my Dior & Pat McGrath powders, this Gucci powder compact has my favorite packaging. I will keep this as a vital part of my luxury, feminine makeup collection.

shade: 09

price: $62

score: 8.5/10



Rouge à Lèvres Voile Sheer Lipstick

he packaging is a feminine, floral dream, therefore I had to purchase this lipstick for aesthetic reasons. It is heavy, luxurious and a true modern gem to any vintage-makeup lover.

- claims -

"The creamy texture adheres to lips, leaving a soft and comfortable feel. Enriched with natural oils, lips feel smooth and moisturized."

shade: Mildred Rosewood

This is a sheer-style lipstick. It delivers a friendly, glossy effect with a lovely light-to-medium opacity.

It's the perfect medium between a lipstick and an everyday balm.

I use it as such.

This color, Mildred Rosewood, makes for a gorgeous, everyday mauvey-berry lip color.

This product leans more like a lipstick than a balm. It is NOT a tinted lip balm.

It is more of a lipstick with a smoother, moisturizing formula.

More of a balmy lipstick would be the Dior Lip Glow or the Pat Mcgrath's Lip Fetish Balm.

It lasts around the same length of time as a regular lipstick. It will slightly fade with a couple sips or a few of bites to eat.

Its nice to wear when you're having one of those dry lip days and you don't want to apply a regular lipstick to make it worse.

This is a product that brings glamour into your everyday makeup routine. It sits darling on my vanity and its reliable in my handbag when I'm on the go.

Overall, this product isn't a big necessity, but oh, it is quite lovely to have. If you're not elated about the balmy lipsticks, that act more as a tinted balm rather than a moisturizing lipstick, then this one will be a delight.

shade: 203 Mildred Rosewood, burgundy rosewood sheer

price: $42

score: 9/10



Overall, I'm impressed by the product I've tried from Gucci Beauty. From the weighty packaging, to the impressive formula to the unique design, each product is a true luxurious experience. I will most likely repurchase these items again. I would love to try their popular matte lipstick and their bronzer.

Have you tried any Gucci Beauty Products?

What's on your luxury beauty wishlist?

If you have any questions, ask away!

Comment below &

Let's Chat, Dolls.


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