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Best Fall Eyeshadows to fit your Autumn Aesthetic

To: Dolls

From: Ebony Nikita Okeke

For: Your Fall Makeup Collection

Hello Dolls,

One way that I like to welcome in the fall season, is by updating my beauty collection with autumnal makeup. There's something about the fall time, that inspires me to put on eyeshadow and just play in makeup.

No matter what your fall aesthetic may be, I picked out a great range of fall eyeshadow palettes that will suit your makeup wardrobe. Choose your favorite palette to update your collection!

- Fall Couture -

via @Ebony.Nikita

This eyeshadow quad is made for those of us who wants an effortless modelesque couture look. The color story emulates the best from the fall & winter runway shows.

The PML Iconic Illumination quad is my go-to for a dazzling and effortless eyeshadow look for the autumn season. It’s easy to use and blends like a dream. Sometimes I swipe a single shadow across my eyelids for an effortless look. Other times, I get creative and make an artistic and sophisticated eyeshadow look using 2-3 shades.

- Autumn Romance Rose -

via @themakeuptreasury

This color scheme is perfect for those who loves the vintage romance aesthetic for the fall season. Natasha Denona released her Retro eyeshadow palette in August 2021. It's romantic by the sultry purples and maroons, the dusty roses and mauves and sweet by the peaches and warm oranges. If this palette had an aesthetic board, it would be pictures of vintage folklore books, velvet gowns, and custom embroidery work.

- Kitschy, Fall & Cute -

If you're all about having an amazing autumn in the most adorable way, then this palette is just for you. Every fall season, Too Faced Cosmetics releases their highly-anticipated cutesy.eyeshadow palette.

Last year, the theme was *Pumpkin Spice and it had a matching pumpkin pie packaging. Two years before that, they launched a *Gingerbread Spicy theme eyeshadow which was simply adorable. Their packaging is undeniably adorable and quite irresistable.

These are limited edition, so if you're sold on the packaging, I'd say go ahead and buy it! You're able to find some of their past autumn palettes like the Gingerbread Extra Spicy eyeshadow palette on Amazon for $20 more than the original price. If you're lucky you could find one the previous year's eyeshadow palettes for a discounted price, in store, at TJ Maxx.

- Feminine, Fall & Fun -

via @withloveamina

This is perfect for year-round makeup looks. The neutrals, browns and burgundy shades makes it exceptional for the fall season.

The last four shades on the right side features her special blitz astral formula. It makes for a sophisticated, dazzling effect on the eyelids. All the shadows are smooth, easy-to-blend and beautiful for day-to-night looks. You can also be creative with the fun colors and yet still create a sophisticated look.

- The Fall Minimalist -

via @jun_cosme @mkkiiii

A simple, effortless eyeshadow look that is quick to apply and looks stunning on the eye. Single shadows happen to be underrated. Yet they're great to travel with and they're perfect when you want to add an extra little something to your everyday makeup look.

The Chanel Ombre Premiere eyeshadows are a beautiful choice for simple, yet stunning look for holiday parties and autumn date nights.

Chantecaille's single eyeshadows are raved about in the luxury beauty world. Their single shadow line also benefits the wildlife animal that is displayed on the packaging.


*Links are affiliated and I will receive a small commission if you choose to shop through the link. All proceeds are greatly appreciated and it goes back into supporting my content. Thank you for your support!

What is your favorite eyeshadow palette for the fall and holiday season?

What is your go-to makeup look for Autumn?

Comment below!

Let's Chat, Dolls.

Always with Love,

Ebony Nikita Okeke


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