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Reviewing PAT McGRATH's Best-Sellers + SWATCHES

To: Dolls

From: Ebony Nikita Okeke

Hello Dolls,

If you've watched makeup videos on YouTube then you've most likely seen influencers rave about MAJOR & MESMERIZING makeup products from the one and only Pat McGrath. The brand Pat McGrath Labs and Pat McGrath herself are intriguing. She has been the mastermind behind numerous ICONIC makeup looks for an endless amount of magazine covers, runways and more. Her artistry has elevated her to the title as the 'Mother of Makeup' and according to VOGUE, the 'MOST INFLUENTIAL MAKEUP ARTIST in the WORLD'. If her story doesn't intrigue you, her makeup products will. Of course I'm happy to celebrate and support a fellow black woman, yet I will give an unbiased review of her most raved about products.

• Everyday Makeup using Pat McGrath Labs



Buying a Pat McGrath product isn't just about purchasing makeup, it's about being apart of an experience. If you haven't seen her Instagram, you're missing out on the perfectly curated social media experience, but her website is a great way to dip your feet into the aesthetic.

The packaging is mesmerizing itself. It fully adds to the luxurious experience of purchasing from Pat McGrath. Each and every product has unique, detailed and opulent packaging. When you receive your parcel, you instantly feel like am eager child unwrapping a present on Christmas morning. The packaging overall adds to the lavish experience of Pat McGrath Labs.



This is PML's most-talked about and most-loved products. Her unique eyeshadow formula known as 'Blitz Astral' is iconic and known as a MUST-HAVE in any makeup-lover's collection. After watching numerous makeup videos featuring the Pat McGrath's Mothership Palette, which holds the unique eyeshadow formula, I was lured into experiencing PML's eyeshadows.

Her Mothership Palette retails for the luxurious price of $125 for a 10-pan eyeshadow palette. I decided to purchase the Blitz Astral Quads, which holds the iconic eyeshadow formula.The formula is a mixture of powder, cream and fluid textures that makes the formula so mesmerizing. Typically, you wouldn't be able to experience the Blitz Astral formula, unless you purchase the 10-pan Mothership Palette. Yet, PML decided to share the experience in a more compact format, by featuring the formula in a 4-pan quad for $65.

This Blitz Astral quad is perfect for me, a lady who enjoys applying makeup, but applying eyeshadow isn't apart of my everyday makeup routine. This is a great option for anyone who wants to try the ICONIC formula, but doesn't want to commit to a large palette.


Upon initial use, as seen in my 'Day in the Life of a Young Housewife Vlog', I was captivated by the unique packaging. The product sat in the beautiful tri-fold red patterned box. In order to open your Blitz Astral Quad, you must unravel the string which connects the box. This is a wonderful detail that adds to the exciting experience of opening a luxury product. The Blitz Astral Quad has the same luxurious packaging as the large Mothership Palette. The logo glimmers in the light as you pick up the weighty black quad.


Immediately, I was in awe by the colors. The top left corner's lightest shade, Astral Gold Allure, is my favorite shade of the bunch. It is a micro-glittery shimmer without an opaque base. The texture of the shadow is like one I've never encountered before. The feeling of the shadow is silky and weightless to the touch. One swatch of this eyeshadow is all that you truly need. The shimmery and micro-glitter formula is a perfect topper over any eyeshadow color you have or you can wear it alone. I've worn it both ways and either way it truly is a showstopper.

The other shades in the palette is just as beautiful. They are smooth, pigmented and simply an effortless joy to work with. You won't have to worry about these shades blending in a patchy way. This formula is truly a mysterious and fascinating love that I cannot live without. The Blitz Astral Quads comes in 3 different color stories: Iconic Illumination, Ritualistic Rose, and Nocturnal Nirvana. If you're interested in purchasing the Mothership palette, you have many color stories to you from.

Overall, the Pat McGrath's eyeshadow palette is truly an ICONIC & OPULENT makeup experience. I am more than satisfied with my purchase and I look forward to purchase another PML eyeshadow palette.




PML launched a foundation line and later she launched a concealer and powder face set called "Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Blurring Under-eye Duo". This is apart of the PML Face Kit which features a concealer and under-eye setting powder.

The $32 full-coverage, natural finish concealer comes in 36 shades and claims to offer a long-wearing, weightless effect. It also claims to mimic its natural stretch without creasing or caking. The claims set high expectations to any concealer-lover. I favor concealer to handle my everyday makeup look and not foundation, therefore I do have high expectations.

The concealer is held in a luxurious weighty glass bottle, engraved with the title "Pat McGrath Labs". It is presented in a luxe top fold packaging with beautiful gold lettering. The applicator is thicker than a traditional concealer wand and its very flexible and soft upon application. The consistency of the concealer is a creamy, light-medium consistency.

Upon application, the application was smooth and creamy. I did not feel the need to swipe a full triangle underneath my eye to receive a desired medium coverage. I find myself using a quick swipe of concealer and nothing more. I feel as if the concealer is working for me, I don't have to put in effort to make the concealer work. Depending on how much concealer you use, that determines your amount of coverage. The concealer is creamy and blend-able to say the least. A quick swipe will spread and blend effortlessly under the eye and offers a great coverage.

With this product, I don't have to pile on concealer to cover up dark circles or spots. On certain days that I am on the go, I simply apply 2 dots on each side of my eye and I'm set for the day. This concealer is not one you necessarily NEED to set. That is RARE. This concealer claims that it will not crease, but I do experience very minor creasing. My under-eyes naturally crease and with other concealers, it showed badly. With the PML concealer, I barely notice it and no one else can. The finish of the concealer is natural and very skin-like. It is truly worth the price and the packaging makes application feel like an occasion. This is my very favorite concealer that I have ever tried.




The Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Under Eye Blurring Powder is the perfect partner to the Skin Fetish concealer. It is a lightweight powder and it claims that it will be blend-able and build-able. It also claims to brighten dark circles and diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Honestly, the packaging of this $30 powder is disappointing. This is a smaller package than a regular pressed powder. Granted, this is technically an "under-eye" powder, made to use only underneath the eye area. I do not mind the size of the packaging, but the packaging itself is not the best quality. You do get a quarter-size mirror, which isn't the most helpful thing. The packaging is plastic. It does not feel like it's a high-quality plastic. To be blunt, compared to her other products, it does feel cheap. The concealer comes in a high-quality glass bottle, while this under-eye powder comes in a light-weight plastic packaging, fit to sell at the Family Dollar. I do wish she would've invested more into the packaging to continue the luxury experience of her products.

Upon use, the under-eye powder is silky to the touch and very soft. I purchased the powder in the shade 'dark', which is a great all over face powder for my skin complexion. I would recommend you to go into the powder with a light hand. Even with a light-hand application, there is a bit of kick back of excess powder. You can easily use that excess powder in other parts of your face. Hence, less is more. This isn't a powder that you would want to apply layers and layers of, due to its flawless and pore-less finish.

The result of using this powder is impressive to say the least. This is TRULY a lightweight and flawless finish powder. It gives the under-eye a smooth effect, almost as if it's a filter. The under-eye powder does leave the skin with a natural finish. This also makes for a great setting powder all over the face. Personally, I use the PML concealer and this powder all over my face for a no-makeup makeup look. I would rate this powder 9/10. The overall performance of the product makes up for it's less than impressive packaging. I wouldn't mind spending an extra $2-$5 for better packaging because this product is truly a new favorite and staple in my makeup wardrobe.



Many times on YouTube, this lipstick was the blueprint for all matte lipsticks. It was constantly announced as the World's Best Matte Lipstick. Now, I have it at my vanity to test.

The $38 PML lipsticks comes in two different formulas: matte and crème. I've tried out these praised formulas. The packaging is the perfect stage for these luxurious lipsticks. These weighty lipsticks sit in a black and gold-trim lipstick case, adorned with the admirable gold lips.


I purchased, the coral rose shade, "BEAUTIFUL STRANGER" in the Mattetrance Matte formula. When applying this lipstick, it almost makes you feel like you are applying an alluring velvet to your lips. The formula is absolutely addictive and makes for an exciting application every single time. The wear time of this lipstick was up to an hour before I seen any fading. This was confusing and disappointing to me since I've seen multiple people claiming that this lipstick lasts from dusk to dawn. I am unsure whether my lipstick was a dud, or formulated incorrectly. I was so disappointed to see this lipstick fade drastically after an hour of use. It seems as if I'm the only who has experienced this outcome when dealing with the Pat McGrath Mattetrance lipsticks. I will be purchasing a new one in the near future to compare.


I purchased, the mauve rose shade, "LAVISH" in the Luxetrance Creme formula. This formula claims to gift the lips with hydration and protect it against free radicals. Upon application, this lipstick is smooth, creamy, but stiff enough to ease your worries of your lipstick moving around. It is a pigmented formula. Due to its satisfying creamy texture, I find myself wanting to apply more and more. This formula does a great job lasting throughout the day. It is not life-proof, it will fade in the center of your lips with every meal. Yet, the formula and wide variety of colors, makes this lipstick impressive and addictive.




Overall, Pat McGrath Labs is a noteworthy makeup brand that every lady, who appreciates makeup and art, should experience. Applying her products makes you feel like putting makeup is a glamorous and momentous occasion. Majority of her best-sellers, I would highly recommend to anyone who hasn't experienced the luxurious art of Pat McGrath's makeup. I will say that this is one of my favorite brands, not only because of the intricate opulence that PML radiates, but also because of the mesmerizing and addictive formulas, color stories and finishes that Pat McGrath constantly delivers with every product.


What is your favorite product from Pat McGrath Labs? What products are you most interested in? Comment below. Let's Chat, Dolls.

Always with Love,

Ebony Nikita Okeke

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