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Feminine Beauty Favorites of the Month

Hello Dolls,

In this past month I have added new products to my beauty favorites! It’s so important that we are taking care of ourselves. Primping and pampering is a must. These products have become apart of my everyday pampering routine. On my channel, I’ve already uploaded my said review on each product! {We’re almost to 300 subscribers! YAYYY}





1. Estée Lauder Double Wear Mineral Rich Powder 3.0

If I could describe this product with 2 phrases it would be:


Use with a makeup brush for a lighter coverage or use with the compact sponge for a full coverage effect.

I love the pigmentation of this powder. I use this as a brightening powder under my eyes.

Like any finishing powder, you should find a compatible concealer with this powder.

The first concealer I used with this product was the Fenty Beauty Pro Filter concealer. I loved that concealer until I realized how easily it broke up by the end of the day. This powder was not very forgiving when I paired it with the Fenty concealer. Yet, with my other concealers it worked out beautifully.

I think they're sold out of this exact powder! I’m sad because I am in love with this one, but luckily I have a lot left. Nonetheless, here is a similar Estée Lauder pigmented powder that may still get the job done. Click the pic down below!

Estée Lauder Perfecting Loose Powder

2. Growth Nail Polish

It’s those small details that matter. One of those details are NAILS!

Although I featured a different brand in my episode, this is my beloved and favorite nail growth polish! This line has multiple polishes for your nail needs. They have a solution for weak nails, soft and peeling, hard and brittle and more. I personally used this one, which I bought from Sally Beauty. I was AMAZED because my nails grew within a week.

This can be applied under OR over your nail polish! I personally love to use it as a top coat.

3. Peach and Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum

The one and the only! Glass skin serum. I’ve used this product for over a year now and I still love it. The amount of product given in the bottle is plenty to last you over a year, like me.

I adore the results you get from using this your first week and every day.

It smooths your skin’s texture beautifully and it calms and diminishes any blemish of mine. I favor using this before makeup. This is my daily skincare MUST-HAVE.

BONUS: Peach & Lily is CLEAN BEAUTY!

4. Silky Skin Custard

For your body, I love using this product on my face and hair as a moisturizer and on my body. The texture is similar to raw African Shea butter once you rub it in. I love the versatility of this product and all of the great benefits.

Simple, clean, organic and vegan ingredients make this product one of my favorites.

It is important that we know what we are putting on our body. I can trust this product to work. I personally haven’t tracked my results, but I may begin to this month!


Any beauty favorites you’d like to share? Comment down below! I love trying new products. Let’s Chat, Doll.

Wishing you peace and good health,

Ebony Nikita


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