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Fall Luxury Makeup Must-Haves

To: Dolls

From: Ebony Nikita Okeke

For: Fall Beauty Season

Hello Dolls,

A new season, a new need of makeup! In the fall season, I am more inspired to wear more makeup. There is something about the early holiday makeup releases and the beautiful fall colors that inspire me to restock my vanity with new and inspiring makeup.

Recent releases from luxury makeup brands like Dior and Pat McGrath Labs, have sparked my interest into updating my makeup wardrobe. Here are my LUXURY MAKEUP MUST-HAVES for Fall 2020:

Dior, oh Dior. The Backstage collection by Dior never seems to disappoint. I am happy to see them release new products for their newest line, designed by Dior's Creative and Image Makeup Director Peter Phillips. I still favor the first universal palette 001, but the Copper Gold 005 has captivated me.

Argued as CT's greatest value eyeshadow product, this new 12-pan palette looks easy on the eyes. I am in love with the color scheme. If you're unsure about the shades, I would recommend watching reviews. I have noticed a couple of the shades have a shift in tone once applied.

I usually only go for a liquid black liner, but this shade of eyeliner would be a great addition to any liner-lover!

This product seems perfectly posh for those quick primping days. Pigmented and silky lipstick products have been trending this year. I love the effortlessness of a comfortable lipstick product.

This is on my wish list for sure! I am in love with the face palette concept. I love the convivence of having blush, bronzer/contour and highlighter all in one palette. These formulations looks stunning and the shades are simply beautiful to say the least. Please ask for a review to give me an excuse to purchase this beauty!

This shade is absolutely stunning. It's not too bright and not too deep. It is the perfect red for the fall season and a great color for holiday season. A red lip is the easiest way to feel a bit more glamorous.


This fall season has been filled with gorgeous makeup releases for every lady who appreciates quality luxury makeup. Which makeup product is your favorite? What are you looking to purchase? Comment below! Let's Chat, Dolls.

Always with love,

Ebony Okeke

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