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My Favorite Red Lipstick: Rouge Dior Velvet Lipstick Review

To: Dolls

From: Ebony Nikita Okeke

For: Your New Favorite Lipstick

Hello Dolls,

If you have seen my Housewife Diary Vlogs, then you may notice I have a special place in my heart for luxury make up. I am in love with the Dior make up products that I have tried, therefore this one has high expectations.

Dior premiered their Rouge Dior lipstick with several new formulas. The new formulas are in satin, velvet, matte and metallic. I was mostly interested in the velvet formula which led to my purchase of ‘Favorite’ 760 velvet lipstick.

rouge dior velvet lipstick 760 favorite
'Rouge Dior lipstick 760 favorite'

In My Housewife Diary Vlog, you Dolls went with me to Nordstrom at the Phipps Plaza to purchase the newest Dior lipstick. At 14:30 seconds, you will see me apply my new lipstick with anticipation and give a live first impressions.


rouge dior velvet lipstick 760 favorite
'Rouge Dior lipstick 760 favorite'
rouge dior velvet lipstick 760 favorite
'Rouge Dior lipstick 760 favorite'

` The Rouge Dior lipstick is featured in brand new Dior packaging. The design showcases the Christian Dior logo, CD, on the front of the lipstick. This adds an elegant detail to the lipstick compact. Another new feature about this lipstick is that it is a refillable. Currently on the website, there are several shades you can you refill this lipstick with. This is a great way to avoid waste.

Nothing makes me happier than pulling out this lipstick for touchup while I am out and about.


As for wear time, this lipstick has the average lasting power compared to other luxury lipsticks. I will mention this lipstick lasts longer than my Pat McGrath Mattetrance and Luxetrance lipsticks. There weren't any claims for this lipstick to have a 24-hour wear time or anything of that nature. Overall it lasts pretty nicely.

While eating or drinking, this lipstick will fade in the center part of the lips. This is not anything new, especially if you are used to wearing lipsticks. The lipstick is buildable so reapplying or touching up my lipstick after dinner is not a problem for me. At least it gives me a chance to show off the beautiful CD lipstick packaging.


rouge dior lipstick velvet 760 favorite 999
'Rouge Dior lipstick 760 favorite'

This new formula is very enticing by its name. Due to it's application, it does live up to its name. Imagine applying velvet to your lips. That is the only way I could think of describing this.

It is a true velvet lipstick.

It is beautiful and luxurious to the touch. It is such a pleasure to apply. The opacity of the lipstick is nice and it doesn't take long to build up. As I mentioned before, this formula is buildable and suitable for reapplication or touchups.

I do apply a brownish-red lip liner to help the lipstick compliment my skin tone complexion.

In My Housewife Diary Vlog, you’ll hear me say mention my first choice of shade was the classic red 999. Unfortunately it was sold out at the Dior counter so I did settle for this shade '760 favorite'. The shade 760 has a visible pink undertone while comparing it side-by-side to the shade 999. The shade 999 is supposed to compliment every skin tone complexion. Overall I’m happy with my shade selection. It is truly the perfect red lipstick for me.


I would recommend this Rouge Dior Velvet lipstick for any Doll who is looking for the perfect red lipstick or looking to expand your lipstick collection. Again, every Doll should have the PERFECT red lipstick in her makeup wardrobe. I would first advise you to explore Dior's Rouge lipstick. The classic 999 shade is a universal red and it is a perfect starting point. Dior does have other variations of red lipstick in different formulas like my 760 Favorite velvet lipstick. Their various red shades carry different undertones to suit your needs. I will be purchasing more Dior lipsticks in the future.


Have you tried any of the Rouge Dior lipsticks? What is your favorite lipstick formula? Liquid, matte, satin, glossy? Comment below! Let's Chat, Dolls.

Always with Love,

Ebony Nikita Okeke


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