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Habits that an Elegant Woman Never Forgets

Hello Dolls,

As we are on our feminine elegance journey, its important that we focus on creating long-term habits which allows us to maintain our elegance in everyday life. These habits are essential in social settings and they are key social habits. All of these practices contribute to the making of an elegant woman. These are practices every lady should take a habit in doing. By practicing these tips, you'll be able to turn these elegant practices into effortless habits.

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Practice Perfect Posture

It's so easy to keep a relaxed posed when you’re home all day and in your comfort zone. Yet as an elegant lady, it’s important to practice good posture at home and when you’re out and about.

An elegant lady maintains a poised appearance. She never allows herself to be seen slouching. Slouching doesn’t compliment our feminine physique. It gives off an undesirable tired, lazy slump of a look.

Think of yourself as a ballerina.

A ballerina is poised, graceful and feminine.

Imagine an invisible string hovering above you and it is gently pulling your back straight. Whether you’re eating dinner at home or at an evening event, maintain good posture to compliment your elegant look.

This is also a good practice for professional events. Whether you're going to a job interview, you're at a work event or if you're networking, have perfect posture gives you a CONFIDENT look. You appear confident, approachable and ready for anything. Often times people are less confident in people who look meek, timid or too relaxed. You want to look CONFIDENT and COMFORTABLE.

So don't feel like you have to look stiff as a broom stick. Shoulders back, back straight and smile!

Ask a Person "How are you doing?"

Please DO NOT skip on this tip! As the world is shying more and more away from tradition, values and etiquette and us as feminine and elegant ladies must continue to uphold these important things. Its happening in small and big ways. The world is becoming more selfish and simple things like asking a person "How are you doing?" seems to be angelic. Just watch my video to hear my personal story.

Specifically, its very important to ask a person "How are you doing?" after they ask you that question. It shows that you are mutually interested in the person, just as they have shown you. Be sure to do this whether its a loved one or a stranger. No, you don't have to go deep in detail about your health, family members or current state of your home, but try to make a genuine connection.

When you choose not to ask a person "How are you doing?" after they've asked you, you may come off as being selfish, rude, or in a haste to end the conversation before it ever begins. As elegant ladies, etiquette holds a strong influence in our everyday life. Show your manners to all people and don't be oblivious to common manners.

Practice Genuine Eye Contact

Genuine Eye Contact is one of the key ways to show a person respect. Respect the person as a speaker by giving them eye contact as they tell you a story, give a lecture or hold a conversation with you.

There is nothing worse than speaking with someone who is looking around, down and avoiding eye contact. It comes off as being rude or socially awkward. Giving genuine eye contact shows that you care about what the speaker has to say. Being caring is an important characteristic of a feminine and elegant lady.

How to show genuine eye contact without being awkward?

Always make eye contact upon first greeting a person.

Nod your head to show a nonverbal response to the speaker.

Insert comments and questions into the conversation to show a verbal response of interest.

Break eye contact ever so often by looking down, smiling and nodding head, then reassume eye contact.




Have Digital Etiquette

Nowadays you don't have to leave your home to social with others. We have our phones, tablets and laptops to communicate and network with people all over the world. For this technology era, an elegant lady has social and digital etiquette. Practice your manners online just as you would in person.

Too many social media 'zombies' & 'trolls' are used to speaking their mind without remorse online. Often times they say things they wouldn't CONFIDENTLY say in person or face-to-face. This leads to cyberbullying, the feeling of invisibility, and an ongoing rage of immaturity and pettiness.

Interact with others online, just as you would do in person. Don't let social media take away your reputation of being feminine and elegant. Avoid drama online with strangers, friends, family or enemies.

Remember once you put your phone down, that's it. Social media stays right where it is. Online. Real life is far too precious to let online drama to take away your peace of mind.


What's your FAVORITE elegant habit I mentioned? Have you experienced great lesson by using these tips in your everyday life?

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Let's Chat Dolls,

Always with Love,

Ebony Nikita Okeke


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