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Feminine & Elegant Loungewear + Best Stores to Shop

TO: Dolls

FROM: Ebony Nikita Okeke

FOR: Everyday Elegant Lounging

Hello Dolls,

To be an elegant and sophisticated woman, you have to be intentional about achieving that within your everyday life. This means, you need to incorporate elegance, not only when you are socializing, but also when you are living at home. Therefore, having a feminine and elegant loungewear wardrobe is a necessity for all sophisticated ladies.

On My YouTube Channel, I shared some of my favorite feminine and elegant ensembles for lounging. You'll see my Elegant & Feminine Loungewear Lookbook and I also want to share some of my TOP PICKS for feminine and elegant loungewear.




Feminine Elegance

The first ensemble I’m presenting is a staple in every elegant lady’s wardrobe, a luxurious robe. Before I was married and lived at home, my mother draped herself with beautiful robes and I’ve always admired them. That’s why I gravitate towards robes as my everyday loungewear. Usually in my housewife vlogs you’ll see me dressed in a robe from my collection. Underneath my robe from Nordstrom, I wear a necessity not only for fellow housewives and homemakers, but for all feminine ladies, which is a housedress. Steer away from wearing pajamas, leggings & athleisure wear. Wearing a house dress gives you more of a feminine and elegant look.

Lounging Love

Usually when I long to get lost in one of my favorite romance novels, I want to feel warm, snug and still look polished. This next ensemble is the perfect loungewear for those dreamy & relaxing days. It is a flowy soft dress with a matching long sleeve button up. I harmonized this ensemble with a charming pair of knee high socks, a classic white ribbon to sit pretty on my ponytail and my adorable pair of pearl hoop earrings. It’s so important for loungewear to feel comfortable. This dress is beautifully soft and movable. I’m in love with my knee high socks that keep me warm and this button-up is perfect for those cozy and calm days.

Pillow Talk

This next ensemble, silky to the touch, is what I find myself lounging in quite often. It is a simple but classic slip dress. A silk satin dress beautifully holds the title of graceful and sophisticated loungewear. It emulates an effortless elegance for those endless lounging days. Today, I decided to only charm my cheeks with a bit of blush. As I’ve mentioned before, Makeup isn’t necessary for the feminine and elegant look. So a simple swipe of blush on the apples of my cheeks will suffice for those long-lasting lounging days. I dressed my ponytail with a lovely light pink bow and draped my neck with a precious pearl necklace. This makes for a darling and delicate ensemble.



Here are my CURRENT LOVES & FANCIES for Feminine & Elegant Loungewear!

You'll most likely see me dressed in a couple of these items in my upcoming Housewife Vlog, because these ensembles are DARLING!

Flounce Kimono


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Textured Satin Slip Midi Dress’


These clothing items, have helped me feel polished and beautiful when I’m lounging at home. That is one of the best benefits of investing in your at-home wardrobe. Everyday, I feel effortlessly polished and elegant.

What is your go-to elegant loungewear? Which one of my TOP PICKS, is your favorite? Comment below! Let’s Chat, Dolls.

Always with Love,

Ebony Nikita Okeke

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