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How to Create the Perfect Homemaking Schedule + Free Template!

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Having a solid schedule as a homemaker is an essential. Whether you are a current homemaker, a newlywed homemaker or an aspiring one, having a fluent and functional homemaking schedule is an important part of your homemaking role and life.

In my latest episode in my Housewife Diary vlog series on my youtube channel, I share my best tips to curating a practical & perfected schedule to suit your homemaking needs.

WATCH: 5 STEPS to creating the perfect Homemaking Schedule.

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My first year as a newlywed homemaker, I did not plan out my weekly tasks. This eventually led to me feeling overwhelmed, scattered and incomplete within my household duties.

Once I created a homemaking schedule it was like a big weight was lifted off of my shoulders. Being organized is an essential part of the role. Life gets busy, so you need to keep up with it by creating a homemaking schedule to help.


Here is a free download so you can create

your perfect HOMEMAKING SCHEDULE with ease.

Weekly Homemaking Schedule by ENO
Download PDF • 137KB

Click to Download!

What is YOUR Homemaking Schedule?

What is your FAVORITE tip from my episode?


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