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Little Lovely Feminine Gift Guide

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Pretty Perfume

Penhaligons is a British perfumery that has a strong hold on heritage, elegance and for us ladies, femininity.

Their perfume is like a hidden secret to us here in the states.

If you're a stickler for unique fragrances, then you should dive into this classic brand.

For Dolls who Tea

For the tea lovers & coffee drinkers.

Who said you can't enjoy coffee or hot cocoa in a feminine little cup?

Add a bit of feminine beauty to your winter beverage.

As the daughter of an islander, tea is apart of my everyday activities. So having a casual round up of tea cups for everyday use is a must-have.

Everyday Elegance

If you've seen my Housewife Diary Vlogs, you'd know I have a deep love for robes.

One on in the morning, one on at night, a robe is apart of my every day routine.

This would be a darling addition to any lady's loungewear wardrobe.

a Dollop of Dior.

Dior's Prestige skincare line is my absolute favorite. Every product is formulated with real rose petals and it works with majority of skin types since it is appropriate for sensitive skin.

It is truly a skincare luxury experience that any feminine lady would enjoy. The packaging is luxurious and feminine, all while the ingredients are top tier.

Class in a Candle

Black-owned luxury candles. This company is known for their Harlem Renaissance-inspired candles. The brand emulates New York elegance in America's time of class, swagger and grace. This is a beautiful statement piece for anyone's vanity, coffee table or dresser.

Sleeping on Silk

Go to sleep pretty, wake up pretty. Protecting your hair at night is one of the best ways to keep a consistent and healthy haircare routine.

Lips Dressed in Dior

Okay, okay, yes I love Dior, but for good reasoning.

This lip scrub is a dry lip savior.

It is winter and our lips are bound to suffer if we don't care for it.

This makes for a perfect gift for the beauty-lover or for someone who isn't used to splurging on everyday luxuries.

That is exactly what this product is, an everyday, luxury lip scrub balm that is worth every pretty penny.

Chocolates. Need I say more?

For chocolate lovers, this is a luxury that would be much appreciated. A bit of luxury for the tastebuds. Its packaged in the perfect pink packaging and it's such a delight to indulge in.


What is on your wishlist?

What is on your gifting list?

Comment below &

Let's Chat Dolls.

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