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What to do on Slow Days & During Quarantine

Hello Dolls!

In the midst of this madness, many of us wives may be working from home or relaxing at home. My husband says the silver lining of everyone being home is the ability to spend more time with God. Amen to that. Now of course, I’ve had my leisurely days that has kinda of...just...rolled by without me doing anything productive. We all need those days. Unfortunately those days can turn into “boring“ days. To help solve that issue, I’m encouraging all of us Dolls to busy ourselves. This will help stop the days that seem to roll past us. The last thing we want is to feel like we came out of quarantine without any shown progress, accomplishment or growth.

Here are things we can all do during this quarantine:

1. Finish that Good Book

Raise your hand if you have a book that you bought, but never finished. It’s almost like it’s there, but it’s too far to reach. For some of us this could be a romance novel, a business guide or the Bible. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through our beloved phone, let’s upgrade our hobby to reading. As for the Bible, it would be a great idea to start Bible study group with you husband or you can video group call your friends for Bible study.

2. Finish that Task You’ve Avoided (or never started)

Goodness this list could go on and on for some of us. It may be deep cleaning one area of your home, decluttering that disaster of a closet, or getting to that painting you‘ve always wanted to start. Take one day and decide to finish that task. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

3. Take Care of Yourself

I know there’s moms and wives out there, who usually does not have the moment for posh time & primping. I would encourage you to plan just one hour out of your day to do one act of self-care. Whether it is doing a face mask or painting your nails, take the time to give yourself a short break by primping.

4.Try that Sweet Recipe

As many of you know, I love to bake. This is the perfect time to add some sweetness into your family’s life! Bake with your family or try that new recipe you’ve always adored. There are many baking recipes that require few ingredients and they still taste delicious! Cookies, muffins and pound cakes are great choices that only require little ingredients.

5. Plan the Romantic Stay-At-Home Date

Now is the time to add the sweet to the bitter. Its a great time to eat dinner, share a dessert and snuggle up to a good movie. Simply preparing a baked good, after dinner, can turn a regular dinner into a romantic night. Add some candles, dress your table in it’s best tablecloth, play some mood music and you have yourself a romantic date! Me and my husband personally love to play a board game after dinner. Theres always card games or movies that you and your husband can enjoy!


How are you staying productive at home? What activity is occupying your days? Mine would have to be creative cooking, FaceTiming my family & planning out my YouTube channel and blog! What’s yours? Tell me in the comment section! Let’s Chat, Doll.

Always with Love,

Ebony Nikita


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Ebony Nikita
Ebony Nikita
Mar 26, 2020

Aww thank you! Also, You’re always so sweet too love ☺️😍💗


I sure am lol and I'm returning blessings to you as well! You are always so kind 💖


Ebony Nikita
Ebony Nikita
Mar 26, 2020

That’s great ☺️ I agree, planning is VERY important. I bet you’re busy with your business! Many blessings to you!


The first 3 points are things I am definitely working on. I have a lot going on, but i'm realizing how important planning out my day is! I will work on that next.

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