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Healthy 30-minute Chicken Fajitas



Healthy 30-minute Chicken Fajitas


How to make


Step 1. 

Mix all of the fajitas seasoning ingredients together into a small mixing bowl.

Step 2.

 Coat the boneless chicken breast with all of the fajita seasoning on both sides. Be generous! Be sure to rub the seasoning into the chicken breast.

If you have time, for a greater depth of flavor, cover and place seasoned chicken into a refrigerator to marinate for at least 30 minutes. The first time I made this recipe I didn’t let it marinate in the refrigerator and it still tasted AMAZING! This is truly an optional step to take.

Step 3. 

Oil your skillet over medium heat or use an indoor grill for that smoky flavor. On each side, grill the chicken breasts for about 8 minutes.

If you like the chargrilled flavor, sear the chicken breast for a bit longer.

4. Cut your bell peppers while the chicken is cooking. (Optional: cut jalepeno peppers)

5. After the chicken is fully cooked, place it into a covered dish to keep warm for a couple of minutes. Do not cut yet! Let the chicken finish cooking internally & it will remain juicy! After a few minutes you’ll notice the chicken produced its own juice!

6. Place the bell peppers in the same skillet over medium heat. Cook fully for about 4-5 minutes. (Optional: Sprinkle lightly with salt)

7. As the bell peppers are almost done cooking, slice the chicken breast into skinny strips.

Remember these are going to be placed in the tortilla wraps, so don’t make them too wide!

8. Add the sliced chicken breast into the skillet with the bell peppers. Stir. Squeeze half of the lime to freshen up the flavor!

9. Finished! Serve immediately with your favorite sides!

Perfectly paired sides: salsa, guacamole. pico de gallo, fresh avocado, sour cream or Greek yogurt, rice, quinoa, lettuce, tomatoes, black beans!

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