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Accessories to Upgrade your Winter Look

The coldness outside has made it so tempting to throw on an old sweater and keep it moving. As tempting as it is to walk outside dressed as a burrito, we are NOT doing that. In fact, we are doing the complete OPPOSITE. I'm talking about warm, comfortable and fashionable clothing WITH chic accessories to make you look and feel warm and stylish.

Take a look at my past post, "Fall Essentials You NEED", and it will guide you through your clothing MUST-HAVES for this fall/winter season.

As for accessories, which are great ways to STYLE and UPGRADE any look.

So sure, keep your snugly sweater, throw it on, BUT before you walk out the door, put on this.

1. Fashion Scarves

MMERE DANE. TheWrap.Life Copenhagen F/W Fashion Week

These accessories are a given for the fall and winter season. Even though they aren't a new concept, they are very much reliable and a classic.

Adorn your headscarf around your tresses. Every time I wear mine, I proudly stunt on them with my Caribbean and African vibes. My goodness, fashion neck scarves are a MUST for this season. Knit scarves can be warm comfortably around your neck and satin or silk scarves makes for a great look around the neck or tied around your head.

2. Statement Earrings

Carmine Soft Knot.

@KatieKugis via Instagram

This is a simple way to make any outfit POP. You can choose casual, fashion or formal earrings depending on your outfit. Take a simple, black cocktail dress and pair it with a bold pair of earrings and your outfit automatically stands out.

3. Trendy Hair Accessories

@JackieAina via Instagram.

“Hair Bows are Back”

@Cataleya via Instagram.

This accessory is my absolute FAVORITE. Barrettes, bows and pearls every girly girl's favorite! Go simple with a velvet ribbon bow to compliment your ponytail or give your outfit some edge by accessorizing your hair with barrettes or trendy hair jewelry! This is definitely a showstopper accessory for any outfit.

4. Stylish Winter Boots

@Ebzus via Instagram.

BOOTS! Need I say more? As discussed in "Fall Essentials you NEED" a good statement boot can instantly UPGRADE a simple outfit. Since its the fall/winter season, right now is the perfect time to spoil yourself with all of the new styles. 5. The Perfect CHIC PURSE

“Cauthon” Novelty Bag

A chic, structured purse is a great way to bring structure and elegance to a sweater dress look. A fun and stylish novelty purses are a great option to brighten up your winter wardrobe. The novelty purse above is a handbag that I'm dying to add to my collection.

Which trend are you hopping on? OR What trend do you already rock? Tell me about it down in the comment section! Let's Chat Doll.


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