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Afternoon Tea at Chateau Elan

Hello Dolls,

A special part of my birthday celebration, me and my husband enjoyed an afternoon tea time at Chateau Elan, located in Braselton, Georgia. This is about an hour away from Atlanta. From pre-gift shopping, to primping and dressing for the occasion, I shared my experience with you in my Birthday Housewife Diary Vlog. Be sure to watch my vlog if you'd like to be apart of my full experience at the Chateau Elan.

chateau elan afternoon tea

I want to share futher details about my tea time at Chateau Elan Winery & Resort.

Reservations required.

Afternoon Tea lasts approximately 1 hour.

2pm-4pm availability

$55 for afternoon tea

$85 for afternoon tea with sparkling wine


- The First Look -

chateau elan afternoon tea

I was in instantly in awe by the vineyards lined and welcoming us as we entered Chateau Elan’s grounds. Every building is an architectural beauty.

There is an overwhelming sense of peacefulness and leisure as you explore.

The venue is spacious and there are signs to direct you to different amenities like the spa, onsite restaurants, villas & the hotel rooms.

The afternoon tea is located in the Versailles restaurant. The waiters and waitresses are polished in their white shirts, dress pants and welcoming smiles.

Our waitress was incredibly accommodating, which made the experience all the more enjoyable.

- In the Restaurant -

chateau elan afternoon tea

The lobby leading into the restaurant has a sense of cozy elegance.

When you enter, you're able to overlook the vast restaurant space and it's a true Cinderella moment.

You're able to cascade from the grand two-sided staircase to the restaurant below.

Once you make it to the end of the staircase you'll meet the beautiful, centered, oval fountain.

chateau elan afternoon tea Versailles

The restaurant has a glass-top atrium and its canopied by dangling chandelier lights.

The tea area is sectioned in smaller areas which is perfect for groups.

I imagine you could fit up to 10 people in one area, quite comfortably.

Its spacious with L-shape sectional couches, four chic chairs and a large center table.

There are multiple little cubicles of exclusive dining areas.

The palm trees borders the area to provide privacy.

- Tea Time -

chateau elan afternoon tea

The Tea

We enjoyed the afternoon tea with sparkling wine. Our waitress greeted us well. She handed us a menu filled with their varieties of tea blends. The gorgeous tea cart containing different tea blends and the tea set was rolled out.

chateau elan afternoon tea

We ordered the black orchid tea and the jasmine silver needle tea, which happens to be popular choices.

Black Orchid Tea:

Black Tea with aromas of vanilla and spice.

Jasmine Silver Needle Tea:

Chinese White Tea with fragrant Jasmine.

chateau elan afternoon tea

Both have a beautiful flavor.

On birthday in October, some of the treats we enjoyed included, chocolate-covered strawberries and mini raspberry mousse cakes.


My husband was very impressed by the Jasmine Silver's aroma.

Our tiered tray of treats was brought out to us along with it's beautiful white and gold- trimmed scalloped white tea cups and teapots. The sparkling wine was a great addition to the array. The three courses of treats were blended together on the tiered tray, differing from a traditional tea setting.

The Treats & Savories

chateau elan afternoon tea

Me and my husband had a lot of fun trying all of the different treats with our tea. We weren't able to finish it all because we were full by all of the delicious food.

I've noticed, depending on the season or month you visit for tea, some of the food options may vary.

On birthday in October, some of the treat we enjoyed included, chocolate-covered strawberries and mini raspberry mousse cakes.

chateau elan afternoon tea

Our food selection also included smoked salmon wrapped cucumber rolls, updated deviled eggs sandwiches, cinnamon cream mini cakes, cucumber & radish on cream cheese pumpernickel bread, cranberry-filled filo bites, mint chocolate truffles and mini crab puffs.

You'll be able to see all of the treats and savories in my Housewife Diary Birthday Vlog.

- Final Thoughts -

Ever so often, our waitress checked on us which allowed us to enjoy our private tea time. Overall, I'd highly recommend the Chateau Elan for your next afternoon tea time.The ambiance is splendid, the choices and quality of tea is exceptional. Perfect for an elegant birthday celebration, couple's afternoon tea time, mother-daughter date or any excuse to enjoy an hour long tea time.

I hope you enjoyed, Dolls!

What are some of your favorite places to enjoy tea?

Do you have a favorite tea blend?

Comment below!

& Lets Chat Dolls.


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