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Conquer Your Leftovers: Wife Wednesday

Hello Dolls!

Let’s admit it, there’s been times the leftovers aren’t going fast enough. We never want it to seem like eating leftovers is a chore. We don’t want to waste food and yet after the 3rd plate, leftovers seem a bit uninspired.

Here are ways you can conquer your leftovers and create a new meal!

Leftover Rice?

Seasoning Time!

A great way to revamp plain white rice, is by add seasoning! Go for a New Orleans style Dirty Rice, by primarily adding in creole seasoning. Or you can turn the white rice into fried rice by adding in soy sauce! Want a simple fix of flavoring? Warm the rice on the stove with chicken broth and seasoning of your choice!

Don’t Leave out your Vegetables!

This is the healthier option. Chop up some broccoli or spinach, season then cook! Another good vegetable would be cooked chopped sweet bell peppers. Simply add it into the rice.

Turn it into a Casserole!

Make rice brand new by adding in chicken or beef broth or cream of mushroom. Give a good mix, season to your liking, add chopped veggies or meat, then top shredded cheese! This is one of my favorite quick & easy meals under 30 minutes.

Leftover Pasta?

Add a New Sauce!

Whether it’s red sauce or white sauce you can mix the two! Warm new sauce in a separate pot and reheat pasta on low heat (don’t over cook it!) Adding grated Parmesan adds texture & flavor or you can add shredded cheese! Add a new protein of your choice & a side!

Adding New Side Dishes is a Great Way to Renew a Leftover meal. Look to Salads, Steamed Vegetables, Rolls and Bread to Compliment Your New Dish!

Leftover Protein?

Chicken, Fish, Beef, etc.

Divide & Conquer

Simply cutting up leftover chicken and adding it into a new meal is great way to make use of leftovers.

Reheat It

Be careful of your method of heating up your protein. On low heat, you can reheat your chicken on a grill or in the oven, which adds a new element to the taste!

Switch up the Carbs

Leftover chicken from rice dinner? Keep the chicken, add a pasta. And vice versa!

Add a New Element! Sauce or Vegetables

When it’s time to reheat, choose a method to where you can add new flavors to cook with it. Add in bell peppers, tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms or whatever you have left in your refrigerator.

Reheating meat in a sauce is a great way to reimagine a meal. Add gravy, cook in tomato sauce or glaze it!

Need Inspiration?

If you’re having a recipe road block, use apps to give you new dinner ideas!

I love looking to Pinterest to get recipe ideas from food bloggers. You may find a food blogger you love & stick with!

In the past I’ve used this app called Yummly. Type in what ingredients you have and it generates thousands of recipes for your choosing. You also get to put in your preferences which allows you to avoid certain recipes. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, allergic to nuts or you may need it done in less than 30 minutes, you’ll be able to filter thoroughly.


What’s your favorite way to REVIVE your leftovers? Which tip is your favorite? Let’s Chat, Dolls.

Always with Love,

Ebony Nikita


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