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Homemaking Habits to Start TODAY

To: Homemakers & Aspiring

From: Ebony Nikita Okeke

For: Tips for a Smoother Homemaking Lifestyle


Hello Dolls!

Since I have married, I taken on my journey of being a wonderful housewife to my husband. I have learned so much from being a homemaker and I am still learning. I have been able to recognize what I am good at and what I can improve in. Based on my experiences, I want to bring you Dolls my TOP TIPS regarding the HEALTHY HABITS HOMEMAKERS should have.






1. Make your Homemaking Schedule

Having a homemaking schedule is very important. Whether you plan it out in your head, write it in a planner, or you write it on your wall calendar, create a homemaking schedule that works best for you. Map out what days work for which tasks. If you are a bit more laissez-faire, then at least list the tasks you'd like to complete every week. This may be weekly tasks such as cleaning the bathroom, sweeping the porch, or vacuuming every room.

I have recently created a new homemaking schedule. I noticed how disorganized and overwhelmed I felt when I was not following one. I started a new schedule, my husband started a new schedule and life got busier. When life got busier, I should've took the initiative to adjust my schedule to better suit me and my husband's needs. Now I have learned to adjust and reform my homemaking schedule whenever I need to. It helps me feel better. It helps life goes smoother.

Months ago that schedule worked, but now life has changed and so should my homemaking schedule.

With my little story, the coordinating tip is to adjust or change your homemaking schedule as needed. If you realize you aren't getting to everything you've planned on your schedule, then change it. Schedules are made to work for you, you shouldn't be working for the schedule. Why force a homemaking schedule to work? That's what I tried doing. I tried forcing the schedule to work.

If I'm finding myself trying to work around my homemaking schedule, then the schedule is wrong. It is no longer necessary and it is time for a new one.

I wanted to feel like I was keeping to my housewife schedule which meant I was being a good housewife. Now I know that my homemaking schedule should be working for me. Its made to help me. Its made to make my life easier and organized.

(Soon I will share my new homemaking schedule with you Dolls. I will share it on my blog and on my YouTube schedule.)

2. Be Accommodating to Your Husband

For all of my married ladies, you may understand how important it is serve your husband. God calls us to serve others in his Name. Those others could be strangers, friends and family. So that includes your husband. The reason for my explanation is because sometimes others who aren't married or who may have had bad experiences may think contrary to this.

I believe being a homemaker is a gift. Being a homemaker is hard work and I enjoy it very much. Yet, it is a luxury that many women may not be able to have. In this day and age, being a homemaker is very rare.

If you are a black woman like me, then it is almost unheard of in these times. Years ago, there were a lot of black homemakers but due to the hardships in the past, its nearly rare. Yet, that is a different conversation for another much needed episode and blog post.

Like I was saying before, being a homemaker is a blessing and apart of that blessing is the ability to be there for your family when they need you. I am happy that when my husband comes home I can tend to his needs. I gather his things like his laptop, jacket, shoes, etc. and I am able to put them away for him when he is too tired to. I am able to do tasks and errands for him.

As a homemaker, it is a habit to make it a routine to be accommodating to your husband. Once he is home, check on him. See if he needs something done that you can do or help him with. You will notice how appreciative he will be towards you and how much more at ease he will be throughout his day.

Not only is it a good habit to be accommodating to your husband when he comes home, it is great to do so when he away. Situate certain things in the home to make it more accommodating for him. Simply organizing every day areas that uses would be a great example. My husband loves it when those picky ways of his are met. haha. That means if he likes something one way, I'll do it that way just for him. That is love.

3. Primp & Pamper Yourself Every Single Day

Have you ever had 'one of those days' to where you're a bit more sluggish or its a 'cleaning day' so it's just pajamas and slippers for you ALL DAY. I typically despise those days because I feel equally sluggish the next day. To combat that cycle, its important to put efforts into your appearance every single day.

Now this does not mean you have put on a full face of makeup EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I don't do that either. Yet, I do make sure I am at least primping myself. I may put my hair into a low bun or maybe adorn it with a classic ribbon. I may wear my light makeup routine, as I've shown you Dolls in my 'Quick & Easy Feminine Wife Makeup Tutorial'. If you Dolls have seen any of my Feminine Elegance at Home Lookbooks then you know I have a separate wardrobe comprised of housewife loungewear. This truly saves me from looking and feeling sluggish.

Either way I make sure that I am primping myself for the day. When you do so, you are welcoming the day with productivity. We all know as homemakers, it's very important to be productive. Therefore start off your day by primping and pampering yourself.

Also, every night I have my skincare routine. That is apart of pampering myself. I haven't been able to make it to the spa for a good deep treatment on my skin. I decided to purchase a facial steamer and it has really made me feel like I'm back at the spa! Its my 10 minutes of relaxation before I go to sleep.

4. Pre-Plan Your Meals

I don't think I could say this enough. I have been in the position to where I am cleaning majority of the day then I realize its nearing dinner time and I don't know what to cook. Either I have an idea in my head, but then I'm lacking the ingredients.

Take a day in your Homemaking Schedule to plan a collection of meals for the week. I preferably love to have at least 3 quick and easy meals, in case life becomes too busy. It's important to have options for breakfast and lunch just as much as dinner. You want you and your family to be satisfied throughout the day with good meals.

To me that is a sign of the rich, when everyone has a good meal to eat throughout the day. That includes a good breakfast, a healthy lunch and a filling dinner. As homemakers it's important that we have these prepared and available for our family.

When I was just starting out as homemaker, I was very excited to begin cooking these elaborate meals. Yet, sometimes I felt overwhelmed and I would spend over 10 minutes trying to figure out a new recipe to create. That is where pre-planning comes in. I still do enjoy cooking new meals but now I value having a collection of staple recipes that I can cook effortlessly.

These are quick, no-brainers, I-can-do-this-in-my-sleep type of meals. The best part about the meals is that these meals satisfies effortlessly.

5. Start a Homemaking Hobby

With caring for your home 24/7, there needs to be a time to where you can care for yourself.

You need to be able to relax and have some type of enjoyment purely focusing on you and your interests.

When I first married, I viewed me being a wife as a new journey and role to fulfill. I was very excited and determined to become the best wife to my husband. While doing so, I realized I was not making time for myself. I used to draw, sew and paint more often. Since I was married, at least 5 months in, I hadn't done any of that. My lack of hobbies was not caused by my husband's needs or the business of life. It was caused by my own negligence. I remember feeling homesick, feeling like I really changed and I didn't know how to feel about it. I realized those combinations of emotions were connected to me not making time for myself.

No one else is going to remind you every day to do that hobby that you left months or years ago. It's up to you to find something you enjoy and pursue it for your own enjoyment.

Once you're able to take that break from everyday tasks and enjoy your hobby, you will be surprised on how you feel for the rest of the day and week.

Some of my hobbies would be: baking, sewing, decorating table settings and painting. There are many traditional hobbies that us homemakers would fancy.


What was your favorite homemaking habit I mentioned? What are you looking most forward to once you are a homemaker? Comment below! Let's Chat, Dolls.

Always with love,

Ebony Nikita Okeke


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