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Honest Review of Adore Me Lingerie, Sleep & Loungewear

Hello Dolls,

This week's haul includes my favorite sleep and loungewear brands, as well as a review of the brand Adore Me. Watch my first Sleep, Lounge & Lingerie Try-On Haul & Adore Me Review video to see these lovely pieces.

adore me lingerie bra set review

Before we get into their product reviews, I'd like to focus on their customer service & ordering experience first!

Ordering Experience & Customer Service

I purchased from Adore Me last November, then again in December (after my shipment was lost), then again when my order was...lost! When my item arrived a week late, I emailed customer care and received no answer within a week. It wasn't until I called their customer service number that I received a response, and they informed me that my item had been deemed lost. I requested that they reorder the same products and mail them to me again, but they said I had to use vouchers for EACH ITEM and reorder my items myself.

This was frustrating because I ordered roughly ten products and had to replace each one individually because the code only covered one item rather than my complete order. Also, some of the original items I ordered were now out of stock. That was to be expected given that it was now Black Friday week. However, the reordering process was taxing and time-consuming. Weeks past and once again, nothing. Some items from the new order arrived, while others had no update on when they would arrive, regardless of whether I checked Adore Me's website or UPS.

By the second week of December, I had received the majority of my items. I then had to contact Adore Me's customer support again to ask about my other orders. They sent me new voucher codes to reorder the products that had gone missing. Guess what showed up on my porch one January day? My first order! I suppose having to place a second order with different products was a blessing in disguise.

Here's my final thoughts on this experience...

Overall, I was dissatisfied with my email customer support experience. Adore Me has cable TV advertisements, therefore I expected a quick or at least normal time response to their customers. Also, the process of reordering twice is extremely inconvenient. It is inconvenient to manually use a voucher code for each item that was missing from my large order. UPS also holds blame, and the holiday season may have played a role. I should point out that I placed my order a week before Black Friday, therefore we can't blame everything on the holidays. Surprisingly, I still have around three items missing. I'll have to call customer support again to get those lovely little voucher codes. Let's hope those items will arrive on time. I'll be sure to give an update in a future vlog or blog post!


Now... here's what I received from Adore Me!

Do I adore Adore Me?


I'll share what I do recommend and do not recommend.


This is my go-to everyday bra. I highly recommend this one over every other item. Every woman needs a comfortable bra that is sexy, complimentary & extremely comfortable. It's wire-free and works with many blouses & t-shirts.

I have this set in 2 colors, black and pink. I love each one. The panty is comfortable with the soft lace and mesh fabric. I'm definitely happy with both of these sets, but the black is the winner. The black and blush beige color combination satisfies my vintage French boudoir dreams.

I really love the style of this one. It has a sexy corset design and comes in very beautiful colors. I purchased mine in red and pink. The pink has yet to arrive. The red is a showstopper indeed.

This style is more on the sweet side. I enjoy the soft delicate lace detail. The bow details are simply adorable and the red color gives this design a more sultry look.

This color was a pleasant surprise, but the crochet lace isn't as soft and I can tell it will show it's wear overtime. The bra has detachable straps which is nice and the panties are super cute. The mesh sides of the panties are actually softer and has more stretch than the lace. Its acute buy, but not the best quality.

Sleep & LOUNGE

Completely in love with this slip dress. The bust part is see-through which makes for a sexy surprise as an everyday nightgown. I plan on buying another one in black. The lace and fabric are both soft & to my delight the fabric is not easily wrinkled.

I love this color, but the fabric of the robe gets very wrinkly even after steaming or ironing. From tiny wrinkles to big wrinkles, it's almost as if they multiply. It's a shame really. I cannot recommend this robe with its current price tag.

I both this style in 2 different colors, black and red. I was immediately in love with the lace detail on the sleeves. Yet, these robes were the biggest disappointments. The design of these robes are so darling, but the quality is sub-par. They come in a very thin, lightweight cotton that wrinkles as soon as you touch it. The price of these robes are terrible when compared with the quality. I do not recommend.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I enjoyed majority of my bra sets from Adore Me. The key tempting thing about Adore Me is their designs. I love the variety of styles and...the DEALS!

During Black Friday, I was able to get the buy-two-get-one-free deal.

Currently as I'm writing this post in late April, they have a BOGO deal going on.

It's a cost-effective brand and its perfect if you just want something new in your lingerie collection at a good price.

I'll be giving a final review on the bra sets, panties & slip nightgowns once I finally receive them.


What styles are you eyeing Adore Me?

Have you shopped from them before? If so, did you have a similar experience or the complete opposite?

What brand should I review next?

Comment below & Let's Chat Dolls

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