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How to be More Productive Every Day

cup of tea with roses and a book

Hello Dolls,

At the beginning of this year, I told myself that I wanted to add more value in my life by spending my time more wisely. YouTube and Instagram is the new TV. As in, these social media networks can be very informative and helpful.

Yet, it could also be a big time-waster if you don't give use it wisely or give yourself limits. Just like we view watching TV for hours to be unhealthy, that could be the same thing for those who browse social media endlessly throughout the day.

They both supply us with amazing outlets to connect with others, learn something new and more. Yet, there are times when I find myself using it more for entertainment than anything else. Sometimes I spend more time on it, than I'd like to admit. I don't want to look to either of those social media networks as my primary source of relaxation.

I gave myself restrictions just a couple of months ago and I've upheld my limitations well, but not well enough. Again, I want to add more value into my life when I have spare time.

I created a new routine that has really helped me reach my goal. This routine includes limitations for my time spent on social media and a healthy habit.

Instead of filling my spare time with an excess of social media, I'm choosing to read more books.

Read a book 2x a day,

but make it sweet

Usually I find myself reading every other day or ever so often. Now I want to spend more time reading than scrolling through social media. I noticed how relaxing it is to get lost in a book.

Sometimes watching a multitude of entertaining videos can be quite mind-numbing rather than relaxing.

When I read a book I feel relaxed. Informative books can be quite invigorating and it's a great way to learn new words. Even today, I seen the word draconian in a book for the first time. I looked up the definition and proper pronunciation. It has an interesting origin, too! I also challenge you to look it up like I did. Now it is a new term added in my vocabulary.

My recent reads have been an informative business plan book and my vintage 90s romance novel.


The Sweet Routine

cup of tea roses and a book

When its time to read, I've made it a routine to boil a cup of tea to go along with my book. This helps create a cozy and welcoming feel to my book reading time.

In the early morning, I may choose to have a cup of coffee with a book of my choice. Either way, I've trained myself to associate a warm cup of tea with reading a book.

This makes it easier for me to get started on reading. This setting sets up my mind to focus on my book and the warm cup of tea makes my reading time even more enjoyable.

Other ways to become focused on your chosen healthy habit/hobby/routine may be the same as mine. It may involve you brewing a cup of tea or coffee, it may be preparing a seat on your patio, or turning on mood music. It may be all 3 ways!

When the weather is perfect, I love to sit outside on my patio, prepare my cup of tea, play light jazz music and read. It's the perfect setting. The environment I create encourages me to take more time for myself.

My Social Media Rules

1-hour max Leisure Time on Social Media

I can find myself watching a multitude of makeup, lifestyle, fashion and BTS videos on YouTube. <Any BTS fans? ;)> So this portion of my day allows me to spend time on social media for 1 hour with every carefree bone in my body. I'm able to layback during the day and enjoy social media.

Social Media Multi-tasking

I'm choosing to make my every day chores more entertaining by allowing myself to watch videos or tv shows while I do them. While I wash dishes, I indulge in watching YouTube videos from my favorite creators whether they're informative or entertaining. This allows me to stick to my 1-hour max Leisure Time on Social Media. It's another way to 'whistle while you work'. I mentioned this new habit at the end of my 'Day in the Life of a Young Housewife' Diary Vlog.


With this new routine and limits, I was surprised at how much spare time I had. Now I'm able to take on an extra hobby, exercise, clean and whatever else I want to do. I find myself spending my time more wisely. Overall, I feel more productive with my day.


What new routine or habit will implement in your schedule? What's a healthy habit you've formed?

Comment below!

Let's Chat Dolls,

Always with love,

Ebony Nikita Okeke

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