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Quiet Luxury Handbags for Elegant Women

Hello Dolls,

Have you heard of this trend called quiet luxury? Although this trend is not new, it has been gaining popularity for a while and has now completely taken over the luxury niche on social media.

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What is quiet luxury?

We may call it a trend, movement, a style, or a perspective. The best umbrella definition, however, is that quiet luxury is a purchasing style and outlook for viewing and purchasing luxury goods. These are preferred goods that don't have logos or have minimal logos that don't make them the design's primary focal point. This differs from the conventional notion of what luxury looks like.

This is an excellent opportunity for everyone to gain a new perspective on what luxury is and what it may entail.

As a luxury lover, I wanted to showcase the most timeless handbag styles that would compliment a lady's sophisticated wardrobe.

I discuss the top 10 handbags I would suggest in this video, "Quiet Luxury Handbags for Elegant Women." Watch to learn the benefits, drawbacks, and styling advice for each of these purses. For those handbags mentioned, I'll share my recommendations for purchasing these handbags.

1. The Birkin & Kelly

Generally, going for neutrals is the best way to go. Neutrals offer versatility with your wardrobe. Luckily Hermes Kellys & Birkins still retain their value if you decide to choose a fun pop of color. I'd go for an everyday-friendly size. A Kelly 28 or 32 is optimal and a Birkin 30 is the perfect medium.

2. Gucci Horesbit Shoulder Bag

Equestrian roots at it's best. These retail for a reasonable price as they are classic and timeless styles. You may find a slightly lower price from the preloved market, but I think you aren't missing out on saving much if you buy new.

3. The Row Sofia

The Row is completely mainstream so its a bit more difficult (like finding a needle in a haystack) to find the Sofia handbag on the resale market. I'd rather buy this gem new from a trusted retailer.

4. Chanel Reissue 2.55

This handbag is typically in high demand compared to the Chanel classic flap or the mini flaps, so you may be able to acquire this bag a bit more easily in store. The preloved market does have some great deals on these mini 2.55. I'd take a look on preloved market before going to purchase this handbag from the Chanel boutique.

5. Fendi Peekaboo

I would 100% recommend a Doll to purchase the Fendi Peekaboo on the preloved market. These handbags look to age beautifully and there's a good variety of different sizes on the preloved market. You can save thousands by not purchasing this handbag from the Fendi store.

6. Celine 16

This bag hasn't received mainstream popularity and there aren't too many styles on the preloved market. Yet, this handbag is still classic and timeless. I'd look for a good deal on the preloved market prior to purchasing in-store.

7. Saint Laurent Sac de Jour

This bag is a cult classic and for some reason it doesn't retain it's resale value. Which is a good thing for anyone who doesn't want to pay full price. Just like the Fendi Peekaboo, you can find the Sac De Jour in multiple variations and sizes all while saving thousands.

8. Bottega Veneta Cassette

This handbag doesn't typically dip too low when its sold on the secondhand market. Which is a good thing if you'd like to purchase in-store. Yet you may be able to save a good amount by purchasing this handbag on the preloved market. I would recommend especially if you're looking for a seasonal color that Bottega no longer produces.

9. Ferragamo Iconic Top Handle

The savings by purchasing on the preloved market for this handbag style is nearly as tearjerking as with the Sac de Jour. I would urge you to look at the vintage editions that has the same classic styles. I've seen some of them go as low as $500.

10. LV Capucines

I would highly recommend purchasing this handbag on the preloved market. You can save around $2000 by doing! Of course that depends on the size, condition and site you purchase it from, but overall you can save at least $1000 by purchasing secondhand.


Dolls Share your favorite Quiet Luxury handbag!

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