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Healing through Hobbies: Recipe Therapy

To: Dolls

From: Ebony Nikita Okeke

For: Housewife Diary Entry

Hello Dolls,

As many of you know, I am currently dealing with an unexpected loss within my family. I appreciate the support you’ve shown me in the comment section of my community tab on YouTube. I’ve been taking things day by day. Blessed by God, I’ve been able to spend time with my family. I had the perfect day with my father and grandmother. Also, my husband comforts me every day which has really helped me.

From my Community Tab on YouTube,

“Hello Dolls, for this week there won’t be another video or Live Tea Time & Chit Chat. Unfortunately, I lost my grandfather. He was an elegant, admirable and smart man. We shared the same birthday and had a special connection. We were very alike. Ive learned so much from him. I was hoping to make more memories with him and to have him meet his future great grandchildren. I’m taking this time for myself & with my family. I’m trying to stay busy but also trying to heal from this loss ✝️💜 Reading all of your sweet comments under my videos causes me to smile during this time. Thank you for always taking the time to share & connect with me. Thank you for understanding Dolls. Perhaps I may upload next week, I’m going to take things day by day”

Healthy Double Chocolate chip muffins.
Double Chocolate chip muffins.

When I’m alone and to myself, I’ve been trying to keep busy. Cooking and baking has been a stress reliever for me. It’s also a chance for me to have fun.

Cooking gives yourself a chance to block out the world and concentrate on your recipe. Baking does the same for me. I’ve channeled into my inner chef these past couple of days. The best part is the finish result. It’s when you’re able to plate your dish, sit down and enjoy. Then you try your first bite of your creation and there’s that moment of peace.

I've been gravitating to healthy recipes to improve my eating lifestyle. When it comes to baking, there’s a give and take for healthy desserts. When the pandemic began, I started baking cookies and other desserts every week. It was a nice, sweet treat to snack on throughout the week. Unfortunately for me, I have a bigger sweet tooth than my husband AND I’m at home more than usual. I learned my lesson and now I’m geared towards baking healthier desserts.

Now some recipes are simply sweet treats and can’t really be made as a healthy version like chocolate croissants. So I am picking and choosing each one every other week.

I've gotten requests for separate cooking and baking videos on my YouTube channel. I would love to share my favorite recipes with you Dolls. I am introducing a recipe section on my blog and I will be sure to share recipes with you on my YouTube channel.

As for dinners, I’ve been excited to simply cook. Whether it’s the usual recipes or new ones, I’ve fallen back in love with it. I’ve always enjoyed cooking, but now it’s more of a cooking therapy session for me.

For any of you who are going through a similar situation like me, I would suggest you to find a hobby at home or out of the house that you could enjoy. Spending time with my loved ones have really helped me a lot too. Every day may invoke a different emotion. Through cooking and baking, I’m able to exercise my creativity which is a stress reliever for me. This has been a mini therapy session for my nerves and mind.


Thank you Dolls once again for the constant support and love you’ve sent my way. When the time is right, I’ll post a new video on YouTube. It may be next week because I miss chatting with you Dolls. I want to make sure I’m giving myself a chance to properly heal from this event. I look forward to sharing recipes with you in the future.

Hope to see you soon,

Ebony Nikita Okeke

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