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Unboxing My Dream Chanel Item: A Luxury Wishlist Must-Have

Chanel unboxing chanel CC crystal pearl drop earrings

Hello Dolls,

I finally checked off one of my luxury wishlist items. In my first Doll Diary Luxury Shopping Vlog, I shared the long-awaited Chanel unboxing. In the vlog, I went to luxury boutiques and shared mentioned some lovely handbags that I'm thinking about adding to my capsule luxury handbag collection.

At the end of the video, I unboxed my long-awaited wishlist item from Chanel. This item was given to me as a gift by the love of my life (gushy, cheesy, romantic, I know xD). This is a timeless Chanel classic and a must-have for any Chanel aficionado.

Item: 1059195 Style # A86506Y09902 Z2953/9999/998 Retail: $650

These Chanel CC pearl drop earrings have a timeless elegance and are very versatile. You can wear these earrings day or night and for most events, including casual outings, work, date nights, and special occasions.

If you plan on purchasing these earrings from the Chanel boutique, I highly recommend capturing a screenshot and bringing the style code with you. The resale price for these earrings, whether new or slightly used, is notoriously higher than the retail price. Fortunately, I discovered other similar lovely styles that are strong noteworthy choices.

Chanel's iconic style has always influenced my style. I don't think I can count how many times I've highlighted the iconic pink Chanel tweed suit worn by our most fashionable First Lady, Jackie O. Chanel's classic style is timeless in general, and it's seamless with my personal style well. As a result, I'm excited to stock my wardrobe with some iconic Chanel pieces.

Chanel CC necklace

This was not originally on my Chanel wishlist, but after receiving the CC earrings, I realized a CC necklace is my next jewelry must-have. Earrings are my favorite jewelry accessory, and necklaces are a close second. I think a small everyday CC necklace would be a great way to get a daily dose of Chanel in every ensemble.

Collecting Vintage Chanel.

I have a strong love affair with 90s Vintage Chanel. Very camp, quintessentially Chanel and iconic to say the least.  My wardrobe has always had strong 90s Chanel influence from tweed sets, flirty skirts with a subtle Malibu barbie influence.

Chanel CC chain belt

This is a classic belt style with a playful and edgy twist. This will never go out of style, in my opinion. I'd wear my chain belt like the spring/summer 1994 look seen below. I'd also wear this belt with a simple form-fitting midi or maxi-length dress for a more sophisticated evening look.

chanel 90s camp 1994 cc belt
via Vogue

Chanel 90s Vanity Case

I am set on acquiring one of these little fun vanity cases. Its darling, feminine & very Barbie.

Kim kardashian chanel vintage vanity pink patent
via Kim Kardashian Instagram

Chanel CC sunglasses

I must confess that I'm not a very big sunglasses girl. Nonetheless, I envision myself owning no more than three different types of sunglasses. I saw this sunglasses style roughly two years ago and I also featured it in my recent shopping diary vlog. I've been in love with these since the first time I tried them on.

via Chanel. Ref.5417 C501/S8, A71342 X02016 S1801


Dolls, what do you think about my Chanel unboxing?

Are you in love with these timeless earrings like me?

What is on your Chanel wishlist?

Comment below!

Let's chat Dolls.

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