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We’re Achieving Our Goals All 2020!

Hello Dolls

& HELLO 2020,

It is a start of a new year and I’m more than happy to begin this new journey. Last year I kicked off 2019 as a newlywed and ended the year by celebrating my one-year anniversary. Throughout 2019 I went through many trials. It was my first year into true adulthood and marriage. I’m still figuring things out but I’m very hopeful for this new year.

As this year has begun like most I create my resolutions and goals. I’m only concentrating on accomplishing my goals. They vary between financial career and deeply personal goals. I figured it would be so much free motivating to share it with you dolls.

2020 is Officially the Year of Accomplishing Our Goals!

1. Set Your Goals

A perfect first step in accomplishing a goal is writing it down. It’s simple and effective. To take it a step further write down your top goals and post it somewhere in your home. It’s a simple reminder & you will never lose sight of it. I cannot count how many times I’ve set a goal of some sort and then lost it due to the busyness of life. So posting your goal list by your vanity, in the living room bathroom, or by your front door will be a constant reminder of what’s important to you.

TIP: Set a reminder to move the goal list to a different room OR rewrite and update the list for a sense of newness and revival.


Now goals cannot be completed without a plan or strategy of some type. This is a given in any situation. Whether you want to be the best athlete, wife, tone your body, become financially stable, etc. you must have a plan to accomplish it. Even when you create a business you must create a business plan in order to become successful. So this means sit down, get out a pen and paper or your phone and list your goals your objectives and your strategy. What do you want to accomplish? How could you accomplish it? What should you do in order to accomplish it?


Now that we have set our goals and created a plan to accomplish it, we now must stay on track! That my dear, may be the hardest part for Some of us. Like I said it’s easy to lose sight of our goals in life happens and we get caught up in everything else that life services. A great way to make sure you bring the action to the plan, is by having a planner. Planners are also the perfect way to reflect, plan and record your progress! Recording your progress is very motivating and it allows you to reflect and adjust. It will pay off in the end when you get all of your ideas and goals out by setting reminders and monthly objectives.

Whether it is digital or physical, A planner is a great way to stay on track. As for paper planners there are different sizes from a pocket size to a notebooks to a notebook size. If you are creative then you’d enjoy decorating your planner every month or all at once. Some people may feel like a plan or is it a necessity for them or they won’t be able to keep up with a physical planner. That’s perfectly fine. Downloading a planner app is a quick and simple way to input and be reminded of your goals.TIP: A wall calendar is another great and simple way of charting your goals.


Also remember if you get sidetracked, distracted or go rogue, know that it is OK to mess up. No one is perfect and it’s a part of the journey. The important part is starting and continuing again. So keep going!


On that note I’d like to share some of my 2020 goals with you dolls.

Ebony Nikita’s 2020 Goals

1. Grow Stronger: Emotionally & Mentally

I can be an emotional princess and I can get the better of me sometimes. I’d like to have more control and stability within myself. I’ve decided to create a mood/emotion tracker in my planner! This allows me to reflect on how I’m feeling, my actions, the cause & effect, and my personal progress!

2. Make more time to do what I love!

One thing I wish I did more of last year is to stopping to smell the roses. I can get so caught up in life that I forget or miss something I enjoy like a hobby, making time for family, or going out and enjoying an event!

I am going to utilize my planner and plan out a hobby or interest I’d like to pursue every week and month.

Me and my husband decided to plan out a fun weekend and every month so we can explore and enjoy Atlanta! We realize that we have not been the most adventurous and outgoing people in 2019 when Atlanta is thriving with events every day! So every month we will pick out at least three different places or events we would like to partake in for that month.

3. Grow My Fashion Brand!

My brand Ebony Nikita is my baby, my life and well... me! I’m excited for more people to see and enjoy my designs and work.

As of course, I create my business plan!

4. Grow my YouTube and Blog!

Hello hello dolls. Last year, I was blessed with the excitement in support of others for my YouTube channel and blog. I accomplished my goal last year by achieving 100 subscribers by the end of 2019! Thank you, Thank you!! This year I would like to get a bigger following on both my blog and YouTube channel and get even more of you dolls apart of my doll house family!

More than a blog: I’d like to build a community on this blog to where us dolls could connect, share and chat about our opinions and advice and about what we love!

5. Healthier & HOT BODY PLZZZ

The healthy part of my goal is obviously more important. I’ve made sure my heart body goal is based from my personal goal and not influenced by the fake IG models body. I’ve been through the insecurities before and I want to accomplish my heart body and my own practical and beautiful way.

I’ve started off this year as a pescatarian a.k.a. a vegetarian who eats seafood. I’ve done this before in 2018 and I lost a good amount of body fat and I felt and looked better! of coarse I still love my big plate of curry goat, but this is my start of accomplishing my goal. I’ve also began a practical workout schedule that I know I can stick to. I might join a fitness class!

Let’s Dedicate 2020 to Growing & Accomplishing Our Goals!

What are some of your 2020 goals? What was a goal you proudly accomplished last year? What is your top resolution? Let me know in the comment section below! Let’s chat, Dolls.


Ebony Nikita

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Ebony Nikita
Ebony Nikita
Jan 16, 2020

Hello Dolls! My first post of 2020! 1st of many. I’ll be continuing this year with WEEKLY UPLOADS! So be sure to join the dollhouse & create your login so you’ll be notified & we’ll be able to chat ; ) Does anyone already use a planner? I have a frumpy one but I’m upgrading to something cute! Let me know in the comment section. Love ya lots.

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