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Weekly Feminine Habits to Develop


Bonus Weekly Feminine Habit...

Feminine Hobby

Having a feminine hobby that you dedicate at least one day out of the week to, is such great way to flourish within your femininity. I love making all life's distractions disappear by focusing on my hobby.

Some of my favorite feminine hobbies, which you can see in my Housewife Diary Vlogs, are baking, sewing, creating floral arrangements and shopping...if shopping counts ;-)

Dedicate at least one hour out of your week to focus on your feminine hobby.

Put down your phone, social media has disappeared for a couple of hours and be at peace with your feminine hobby.

Easy Feminine Hobbies to Start

  1. Cooking & Baking

  2. Sewing

  3. Floral Arrangements

  4. Gardening

  5. Painting


Bonus Weekly Feminine Habit...

Beauty Therapy

At least once a week, I dedicate a bit of my time to playing in my makeup. This gives me a sense of relaxation, calmness and creativity. I play a makeup video on my phone, take out my makeup and have fun applying it!

You don't have to have an excuse to put on makeup.

It doesn't mean you have to create a crazy, complex eye look. Simply trying out new methods or sticking to your reliable everyday makeup look can make all the difference. This is a time, where I put on makeup for me, to have fun, to pretty myself up just because.

I admire my natural beautiful, feminine features a woman and choose to compliment them. Admire your beauty as a feminine lady. Choose your signature makeup look. relax.

I also like ending my makeup session by spritzing my favorite perfume and putting on a pair of pearls. It's those little details that allows me to feel all dolled up.


Products I use for

My Weekly Feminine Habits

that I love:



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What are some of your feminine weekly habits?

Comment Below & Let's Chat Dolls!

Always with Love,

Ebony Nikita Okeke

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