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What is Hypergamy? - Housewife's Thoughts +Pros & Cons

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Hello Dolls,

Hypergamy is a hot topic in the dating world for both males and females. In my latest video, we talk about:

What is Hypergamy?

Why Do Women Want to Date Hypergamously?

The Pros of Hypergamy?

The Cons of Hypergamy?

Housewife's Thoughts on Hypergamy

Watch My Video, "Housewife's Thoughts on Hypergamy"

Let's go deeper into HYPERGAMY. The comment section of my video is filled with interesting opinions on hypergamy.Thoughts and opinions from housewives, single ladies, men and wives. Be sure to share your thoughts too!



The simplest way to describe it, is 'dating up'. When you choose to exclusively date men who are in a higher socioeconomic status than you. Dating hypergamously is intentional and exclusive. A woman who dates in hope for marriage, doesn't look twice at a man who is in the same socioeconomic status as her or lesser.

The Socioeconomic Class Hierarchy

When dating hypergamously,

if you're in the middle class, you date a man in the upper-middle class or upper class.

If you're in the working class, then you date above that class.

Dating hypergamously isn't a new concept. It's been an active practice for many people in different countries and within various cultures. In America, some may call it being a gold-digger, yet there are some who argue that they're securing their lifestyle and future.


The Reality of Hypergamy

Overall, as women we're looking for providers. I don't believe money should be the main factor in finding a husband. We shouldn't underestimate the joy and positive outcome of 'building up' when you marry someone in your same class.

All that glitter is not gold. Although you may 'marry rich', doesn't mean your marriage will last or be successful.

The dating world is already competitive and when you're competing for the top 19% of men in America who is in the upper class, expect even more. fierce competition. There are women who are dedicated to dating hypergamously who fits the upper class men's beauty standards. Just because you marry in your socioeconomic class, doesn't mean you won't amount to wealth and success within the next years to come.

The Bible says "He who finds a wife, finds favor" and that may lead to many blessings in ways you couldn't imagine. Success can happen even if you don't marry rich.

On the other hand, dating hypergamously does have its perks. You can live more than comfortably and perhaps experience luxuries you aren't use to.You may find the man of your dreams, who is able to make your lifestyle dreams come true.

Either way, a successful marriage is built upon trust, love, forgiveness and God within your marriage. I would advise every young lady to focus on that first. More money will come later whether you marry within your socioeconomic status or hypergamously. Be patient. Let God lead you when you're ready to start building a relationship for marriage.


What are your thoughts on hypergamy? Did you marry hypergamously? Are you dating hypergamously?

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Let's Chat, Dolls.

Always with Love,

Ebony Nikita Okeke

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