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Yeah, Online Shopping is Cool, But Have You Tried a Pop-Up Shop?

The classic swipe of your credit card in your local mall has probably retired thanks to a delightful thing called online shopping. Of course online shopping is great, especially the mind-numbing pleasure of spending countless hours searching for the perfect item on various websites. Oh and we all love the conflicting moment of deciding if the item is worth the extra $7 shipping fee.

The Perfect Bonding Experience Between You, Your Friends and Your Beloved Wallet.

We have to admit shopping in person is a different adventure. The popular and trending shopping experience is going to a POP-UP SHOP event. This temporary store-front for online businesses is a trending way to view your favorite products and discover new ones.

Going to a pop-up shop event can be a breath of fresh air. It’s the much needed getaway from your computer screen and crowded malls. Let’s not forget it’s the perfect bonding experience between you, your friends and your beloved wallet.

And What Exactly is a Pop-Up Shop?

A Pop-Up Shop could be anything from a booth at an event, a sectioned off retail space, a temporary store itself or it can be a constructed building in the middle of a shopping center. At a pop-up shop event you’re able to experience many versions of a store front.




Most pop-up shops provide crazy, good deals that you can’t get online. It’s common for businesses to provide their pop-up shop customers with a special discount on the brand’s services.

For Ebony Nikita SWIM’s pop-up shop I provided my customers with an extra 25% OFF their purchase. As an added bonus, customers may receive 35% OFF any online purchase along with FREE custom swimsuit sizing.

2. The AESTHETIC...Need I say more?

Whether the pop-up shop is a sectioned booth or a separate facility, the aesthetic is to DIE for. The design of the space is typically decorated in a way to compliment the brand’s theme. You get a better visual of the brand versus only viewing their Instagram feed. The person behind the scene, the owner, is usually present and happy to assist you. It’s a great time to get to know the owner, their personality and understand the brand’s story.

3. Experience the joy of NO SHIPPING FEE

SHIPPING. Ugh, the world would be a better place if there was free shipping. In person, you get the luxury of ensuring the quality of your purchase AND you get it right then and there. Isn’t that beautiful?

4. Find UNIQUE Products You’ve Been MISSING OUT on

All work and no play? Sorry, never heard of her.

Connecting and laughing with my customers was a highlight of my day, along with discovering other amazing products.

In particular, I became obsessed with this beauty/skin brand called Sweeties Natural. Never have I ever tried a body butter so amazing.

It was smooth to the touch and melted into my skin as light oil. AH-MAZE-ZING. I never knew what I was missing. At Pop-Up Shops you’re able to discover something new whether you were looking for it or not.


Pop-Up shops are filled with a variety of people, fashions and backgrounds.

You would have to be the highest level of an introvert to NOT make a new friend.

Even then, I’m sure you could meet a fellow introvert. When you stop by a pop-up shop it’s a great time to connect with others in a natural way.

At the end of the night I walked away with EIGHT business cards which means eight potential business opportunities. If you are a business owner or an aspiring business owner, this is the perfect time to network and connect with other businesses for future collaboration or opportunities.


Whether your style is cultural-inspired, punk, prep or minimalist, there's a Pop-Up Shop event that you NEED to go to. Join the fun and try something new. Trust me.

It’s For Your Own Good,

Ebony Nikita



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