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Ebony Nikita Okeke

Glad, You're Here

A little something about my work...

     Ebony Nikita is a passionate, seasoned fashion designer with 9 years of experience of sketching, designing and creating fashion including swimsuits, coats, outfit sets and even evening and bridal gowns. Ebony Nikita is especially passionate towards creating the custom design ensemble of her customer’s dreams. With Ebony Nikita SWIM, her goal is to provide fashion-lovers with unique, top quality swimwear to celebrate the Caribbean and African culture while empowering women.

A little something about me...

    When you purchase one of my handmade designs, you're not only supporting a black-owned business, you're supporting a young woman's dream. Since I was a young girl, I've always loved designing clothes. Becoming a successful fashion designer was something I dreamed about being everyday. It's a great blessing that I have received so much support from my family since I was that young girl who daydreamed of beautiful gowns, swimsuits and outfits. I truly found joy in clothing and designing and that joy has stuck with me throughout my entire life. You're helping me achieve that dream with every like, follow and purchase. For that, I would like to say Thank You.

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