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Fall Wardrobe Essentials You NEED.

Its now November and I believe its safe to say, we've comfortably settled into autumn. My fuzzy sweaters and structured coats are slowly making its way out of the attic. I'm definitely enjoying the seasonal coffee drinks like every other festive female out there. This season is my favorite season since I get to catwalk my boot collection.


A CHIC Fall Wardrobe Starter Pack

1. Maxi Dress or Skirt

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If you’re like me and you like to embrace your femininity and you find dresses and skirts 1000x more comfortable than pants, then you should already have one of them in your closet. The “maxi” dress and skirt triumphs any season due to its ability to bring elegance to any outfit. This skirt is a great way to keep warm and still remain feminine and elegant during the cooler season. Trendy styles this season would be satin Maxi skirts, pleated maxi skirts or one with an open slit.

TIP: Short or Long, Pair your skirt with knit leggings, tights or pantyhose to ensure warmth!

2. Beret

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Considering hat styles this year, the beret is making a statement. Perhaps, the Black Panther movie or Beyoncé’s most recent Super Bowl performance over the past year has spiked the beret popularity. Either way, a beret will give you a trendy, classy and fierce look.

3. Thigh High Boots:

Who What Wear. Area F/W 2019.

Speaking of boots, it’s a given that every woman needs a solid, timeless pair of boots for the cooler seasons. Just as we need a basic, go-to pair of boots, we ALSO need a STATEMENT pair.

Go BIG or Go Home.

Go for the thigh-high, over the knee boots for your fall/winter shoe collection. You know what they say, the higher the heels, the closer you are to heaven. Or at least I’m hoping. Heeled thigh high boots are definitely a statement itself. Some popular styles for that boot would be the croc pattern trend or stick to the thigh-hugging sock boot trend, that doesn't seem to disappear. Try a suede style pair of flat thigh high boots.It would be casual yet stylish enough for this season.

4. Chic Coat

Who What Wear. Burberry F/W 2019

Vogue. Street Style_ Milan Spring Fashion Week 2020

This last one is a given. You need a coat to throw on during the chillier days of the autumn season. Luckily I will be launching an Ebony Nikita Winter Coat collection, for the colder temperature. For your light coat selections, look for a classic leather jacket or go bold but classy with a hounds-tooth or plaid pattern.

Thank you dolls for viewing this post. Let's be prosperous and fashionable this season ; )

LETS CHAT! Tell me in the Comment Section:

Whats your FAVORITE 2019 Fall Trend?

What is a Fall Essential you CAN'T go without this season?


Ebony Nikita

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