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Best Bakeware & Baking Tools for Beginners

Hello Dolls,

As the autumn season is approaching, us bakers are preparing our kitchen and making sure we are fully stocked with vanilla extract.

Plenty of family gatherings equals a lot of baking for the holiday season. I also simply find myself gravitating towards baking during the start of fall.

These are some of my baking tools and essentials that are great for beginners. You've seen me use these items in the baking portions of my Housewife Diary Vlogs.

Many of these items are tried and true, so I highly recommend them to any baker whether you are just starting or experienced.


a time saver, cuts down on dishes, makes life easier.

I use this for baking & making pancakes in the morning

Jumbo muffins reminds me of the bakery & cafe muffins that I love oh so much...

Dress up your cupcakes & muffins in a bakery's seductive ensemble.

Comes in a large quantity so running out won't be an issue. It makes any dessert look very beautiful!

I love it when these come with lids. Whether you leave your bakes to rest for a hour or you season chicken overnight, this is a chic homeware essential.

Banana bread, pumpkin bread, pound cakes, the list goes on & on

As I've been baking for a while now, anytime I bake a cake, I prefer 2-3 layers due to the beauty & extra icing in between each layer.

The key to a perfect multilayer cake, is this tool. I use it every time I make a 2-layer cake during the holiday season

Great price, from a brand that I buy majority of my baking items from.

Comes with a Muffin pan, 2 Cake pans, Large baking sheet, Oblong pan + cover for oblong pan, Silicone spoon, Spatula and Slotted turner.

Perfect as a gift to a new baking enthusiast or a housewarming gift! I'm thinking about picking this set up myself.

Extra Large Cake Carrier - with Server, Holds up to 12 inch 3-layer cakes

This is a must-have for holiday events & Special occasion gatherings.

You don't want to ruin your perfect icing designs while trying to make it to an event.

A Kitchen Aid Mixer is a baking lover's dream.

As gifting season approaches, this mixer goes on sale & it makes for a great gift.


What are some of your holy grail bakeware or baking tools?

Whats Holiday recipes are you going to try for this holiday season?

Comment Below!

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