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Top 10 Feminine Fall & Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Hello Dolls,

It is time to cross our 't's and dot our 'i's when it comes to having a complete and cohesive feminine wardrobe for the cooler seasons! These are my TOP 10 necessities in my fall & winter closet that every feminine lady should have.

In my latest fashion video, I shared feminine fashion inspiration in my fall lookbook featured in my video, "How to dress Feminine in the Fall & Winter". I shared my best tips on looking feminine & elegant although we're dealing with chilly and cold weather! I also shared the BEST FEMININE TRENDS for Fall & Winter 2021.


The Top 10

- The feminine sweater -

As I mentioned in "How to dress Feminine in the Fall & Winter", it's so easy to achieve that chunky, lego block look in the fall and winter season due to all of the layers. Its best to fill your closet the perfect feminine style sweater to keep your feminine shape accentuated. Look for sweaters in feminine styles like peplum, puff sleeve and the ones with sweetheart necklines.

- The trench coat -

A trench coat is an absolute ESSENTIAL in every lady's closet. Its my go-to coat when I need to hurry out the door. It helps you achieve a polished look without much effort. Always go for a classic color, like khaki tan or black. Yet, it's also fun to include accent colors like dusty rose to add a feminine touch to any of your outfits that you wear with it.

- The sweater dress -

Keep the feminine silhouette while staying warm. You can go for a knee-length sweater dress and you also have the options of a midi or maxi-length sweater dress. Pair with a tights or pantyhose to keep warm on the colder days!

- The blazer -

Elegant and chic in all seasons. The blazer is another go-to that emulates a sartorial elegance. Depending on your needs, you can choose a lightweight blazer to throw over a thick sweater, a blazer in a sweater fabric (basically a structured cardigan, wink wink) or you can go for the classic blazer. Each design delivers the same sophisticated look.

- The fleece tights -

This would be in my Winter Wardrobe SURVIVAL Kit. Fleece tights or leggings is my secret key to staying WARM in the winter season while wearing a cute skirt. You can also go for long johns too. I'd say double/triple your stock of fleece-lined tights! I have fleece-lined socks, leggings and tights for 7-days a week.

- The scarf -

This is a given, but lets make sure we have a fashionable scarf to bring the ensemble together. I have chic and feminine silk scarves for the fall and hefty, stylish scarf for the cold winter.

- The holiday dress -

This is a MUST in every lady's wardrobe. Thanksgiving, Christmas, holiday parties and everything in between, they all somehow require a new holiday dress that you just don't have. Go for a basic and cute holiday dress that you can accessorize for multiple seasonal occasions. By styling and accessorizing each time, you'll be able to get a great cost-per-wear AND you'll be just fine in every picture.

- The dressy boot -

Thigh-high, bootie, knee-high, or mid-calf, all are welcome. Have one pair of COMFORTABLE and STYLISH boot that you can wear with majority of your pre-planned seasonal looks. Slip-ons are great, but you want to be able to rightfully use the sidewalk as a runway in your dressy boots.

- The casual boot -

Yes, yes, we all love a good boot, but lets not get stuck in the 7 dwarves boots for every time you leave your home. You need a dressy boot, but also a STYLISH CASUAL BOOT that is comfortable. Easy-on and easy-off is one of the functional needs. I stick to 1"-3" height in my casual boots.

- The peacoat -

The ultimate winter outerwear CLASSIC. Need I say more? Keep warm and stay chic.


- Feminine Color Stories

for Your Fall & Winter Wardrobe -

Choose a color story to inspiration your wardrobe. Go for pieces that coordinates with your chosen color scheme. This is an easy way to build a cohesive & feminine wardrobe!


Dolls, do you have ALL 10 of these feminine wardrobe essentials?

Which ones are you missing in your wardrobe?

Where are your favorite places to shop?

Comment Below!

Let's Chat, Dolls.

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