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Feminine Agendas under $20 & Why Every Lady NEEDS One

Hello Dolls,

Its about three weeks into the new year 2023. And I must ask.

Have you stuck to those little funny things called New Years resolutions?

I say 'funny' because its almost like 90% of America laugh at the annual failure of not completing your New Years Resolutions or goals.

Then months later we start again.

Typically, I'm apart of that 90%. Yet, over time I have pinpointed my misses & fails.

The key factor in not completing your goals is the old saying,

'You don't plan to fail, but you fail to plan'

I see 2023 as a fresh start & an opportunity to have a successful year filled with happiness and growth.

Yet, it's more than just saying & writing it down. Therefore, this year we are going to PLAN to SUCCEED.

Let's start with the big one...


It's important to learn your perfect planning method. I use a physical planner and my phone as my main planning methods. Try out the different methods or combine them. Find your perfect cup of tea.

  1. Physical Planner, (personal favorite)

  2. Planner App

  3. Wall Calendar

  4. Journaling (physical & digital)

My Feminine Planner Picks

Chic & Simple Styles

Also, here is my Downloadable Homemaking Schedule that you can print out & laminate for the fellow housewives!

click the link below!

Set Reminders.

At least once a week, I recommend setting reminders on your phone or writing down your upcoming goals every week at the top of your planner.

Keep your goals on your mind throughout the month so you can stay on track.

Life gets busy & as they say, 'Out of Sight, Out of Mind'. So visually seeing reminders of your goals can help you stay on track.

Adjust as Needed.

It's so easy to jot down lose 20lbs, then not see progress in the 1st month, then get disappointed & give up by summer. Of course, push yourself. Set high standards, give yourself a challenge that will encourage a positive result. Yet in practically speaking, maybe you should adjust your 'goal' to be more attainable.

Never set a high goal if you don't intend to fully work towards it.

That means, if you want to actually lose 20lbs, either invest in a personal trainer, join a gym or fitness class and attend more than 3x a week, and/or add a healthy meal plan. A big goal requires a serious & dedicated plan.


I hope you Dolls enjoyed this chit chat about planning like a lady so we can accomplish our goals this year!

Share your pretty planner with me @Ebony.Nikita!

Let me know what are some of your personal goals for this year.

Comment below!

Let's Chat Dolls.

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