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Valentine’s Day Outfits & Makeup Inspiration: Primp & Pretty!

Hello, Dolls!

The day of roses, chocolates, candle lit dinners and romance.

Valentine’s Day. The one expected day of the year, where us ladies want to live the day as if we’re in a romance novel. Last year, 2.14.2019, marked my first time actually having a valentine date, my husband. I know there are people out there who have had a Valentines Day days streak since middle school. I’m now 22 years old and I know I’m happy I have shared a lot of my firsts with the man I’m spending the rest of my life with.

Any who, one of the most exciting things about getting ready for a date, ESPECIALLY on Valentine’s Day, is...GETTING READY!

But before we can ‘primp’ and ‘pretty’, we have to find the perfect outfit! And that’s why I’m here, Doll. Here are my top picks for your Valentine’s Day outfit!


- Dressing Tips -

The fabric of your dress matters!

If you’d like to feel free, like Maria from the Sound of Music, then go for a flowing chiffon dress.

Keep it classic!

Lace is the epitome of femininity and elegance. It’s a timeless accent to any dress.

Go for Floral!

The perfect floral pattern and color will compliment you well. Its a safe but bold choice for any lady.

A Quick Amazon Buy

I get it, you’re a last minute shopper or you might of gotten last minute dinner plans. This is a great elegant, classy and bold dress.

Feminine Elegance

This dress is whimsical and elegant for your day or evening date.

Missy Dress

I love this dress for a more casual and flirty date!

4. Red, Red Wine

This gown‘s color will set the tone for your romantic night. With this dress, you’re bound to get the bouquet red roses you deserve.

5. Cinderella’s Cousin

This dress is whimsical, dainty and sweet. The soft color story will compliment you and your sweet date.

6. Lace Rose

This dress is a fun twist on a classic lace dress. The silhouette is elegant and modest while the neckline adds some fun.


Makeup Looks for Your Romantic Evening


I hope you dolls have the best of luck preparing for your Valentine’s Day date!

Do you already have your outfit planned out?

Which store are you gravitating to shop at?

Go to the comment section &

Let’s Chat, Doll.

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