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A Holiday Housewife Diary: Scrapbook!

To: Dolls

From: Ebony Nikita Okeke

For: Sharing the Holiday Love

Hello Dolls,

This Christmas season was me and my husband's first Christmas by ourselves. It was just me, him and a table filled with Caribbean cuisine.

I wanted to go back to my roots for this holiday and make my Christmas dinner favorites from when I lived back at home. In my Holiday Housewife Diary Vlog, you'll see me prepare all of my essential food for the feast.

On Christmas Eve and Christmas day, I partook in my festive homemaking ways by decorating, cooking, baking & beautifying!


Key Scrapbook Moments

2020 Christmas Day Look

I planned my Christmas dress since I purchased it back in July!

I bought this on sale and fell in love.

I complimented this red puff sleeve midi dress with a red classic lipstick.

I also wore a pearl headband (One of my favorite hair accessories of this year!) and my go-to Ana Luisa Earrings.

A feminine, festive & classic ensemble.

Christmas Tablescape

I wanted an ornate tablescape. I chose detailed elements that cultivates a feeling of warmth.

My first tablecloth choice was out of stock, as you seen in my vlog, but I opted for my crochet lace table runner.

My 'grandmother's' red Royal Staffordshire tea set was ornate, charming and compliment the classic table runner.

The scallop edge gold chargers and gold candlestick holders were the perfect decorative pairs.

Charming & Elegant

Star of the Floral Arrangements

I chose the red and white flower theme for my dining room table.

I'm in love with this perfect red flower.

Flowers truly do liven up any room.

I am planning to begin gardening in 2021.

A Family Recipe

The highlight of my Christmas night was sitting at the dining table with my husband and enjoying a classic slice of red velvet cake.

My mother shared her recipe with me and I am truly in love.

She created her baking business during the holiday season.

Now I understand, more than ever, why her cakes have been selling like hotcakes!


Little moments from my Christmas 2020 that made it sweet. Life is composed of those little moments that lead me to look forward to the holiday season again.

How was your Christmas? Do you have a favorite Christmas dessert? Comment below! Let's Chat, Dolls.

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Hello Doll,

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