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How to dress like the MAIN CHARACTER

Hello Dolls,

Confidence is key. Its something that every main character emulates through their style in every episode, movie and scene.

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Being the main character in your life also means dressing the part.

There is an art to being the main character in your life & an expectation to dress like such.

Let’s begin.


Choose to be FEARLESS.

I know the feeling you can get when you walk into a room & it feels like everyone’s head is turning to look at you. You can either choose to love it or hate it. You can choose to activate your runway walk or shrivel in embarrassment & look down as you B-line to your destination.

I will admit, in my past, I’ve put on a darling outfit and thought,

‘Wait, am I overdressed?

Do I look too done up?’

In actuality, I’ve dressed appropriately for my planned outing, but I question my look because I fear capturing too much attention.

If you look stunning, YES you will capture attention. That’s the reality of looking good.

As long as you’re not showing up to a baseball game wearing a silky long dress, then you’re fine.

Always dress for the occasion, but there’s nothing wrong with looking polished & stylish.

For all the Dolls who have done what I’ve done, please dear stop shrinking yourself.

Life is too short to be insecure and worrisome about things that don’t matter.

So what, some people may turn their heads to look at you.

They will either:

A. look at you & pay you a compliment or

B. look at you, then continue with their business.

It’s not as serious as you may overthink it to be.

From what I’ve seen circling on social media, here in America we’re often embarrassed to be overdressed, but certain countries overseas are actually often embarrassed to be underdressed.

This is the month, the season, the year, that we dress like the main character no matter where we are.

2. Dress the part, be the part.

As the main character, everyone’s eyes glance over to you. Your aesthetic is your personal style, how you choose to brand yourself with your clothes. Whether some choose to accept it or not, everyone has a personal brand.

When you go out in public, you’re representing yourself. That occurs whether you’re in the library, going grocery shopping, on a quick coffee run, on a date or going shopping.

So now we get into the fun part, choose your STYLE.

How does the dream you dress?

Create a mood/style board to help you figure out your desired style.

This doesn’t mean you have to go on a major shopping spree immediately.

Choose out of your board and pinpoint which pieces you currently have in your wardrobe.

Then start to create outfits.

Don’t forget to be DARING.

Create a wardrobe that is timeless, but still pleasing to your current taste & interests.

I personally have a feminine style and depending on the day, season, or year it can lean more barbie doll, prep, cottagecore or girly.

So don’t put yourself into a box.

You can always explore different aesthetics but be sure to curate your wardrobe with the necessary basics.

Don’t try too hard to accomplish a certain ‘look’.

Being the main character is always about being authentically you.

I wouldn’t say Kerry Washington had the most stunning style on her TV show, but it fit her character & it was simply elegant.

Don’t overanalyze & put pressure on yourself to meet certain standards.

You don’t have to have the classic flap in order to be ‘that girl’ nor do you have to have a crazy large & colorful closet to be ‘interesting’.

5. Create the main character’s wardrobe on their

off-days & home.

I’ve never seen Blair Waldorf dress in sweatpants and baggy T-shirts during her time at home or when she was waking up.

It’s not an on & off outfit that suddenly makes you into the main character.

Over the past 2 years, I have curated wardrobes that feed into my aesthetic and cater to my everyday life.

I have a collection of elegant and feminine go-to outfits for grocery shopping & errands.

I also have a wardrobe for lounging that still allows me to emulate feminine elegance while being comfortable at home.

I’ve always seen myself as being the housewife who walks around in silk dresses and stunning robes at home.

Therefore, as I shared in my video ‘How to look feminine at home’,

I rid my closet of all scruffy old pajamas and slowly built up my nightgown and robe collection.

6. Set a REASONABLE Budget

The majority of these items, I purchased at a discount or on sale.

As my grandfather told me, just because I have $100, doesn’t mean I want to spend $100. Shop smart, ladies 😉

I try to shop for fall season, in the spring. I shop for Winter items, in the summer.

You can shuffle through the leftovers & look through the sale & clearance items for your wardrobe staples & basics.

Of course buy your new & interesting pieces when it comes to those heartthrob statement pieces, but save when you can.

I often score deals for 70% off retail price!


& KNOW your Seasonal COLOR PALETTE

Knowing what colors favor you, is life changing. Yes of course, have fun and experiment with different colors & patterns. Yet, when you find that perfect shade of red, or your favorite color in the most complimentary tone, you'll feel like you're stepping in a whole new world.

Are you a Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer?

Try taking different quizzes to help you find your color season. I found this color season quiz to be very helpful!

Knowing my body shape & the most complimentary silhouettes saves me time & money

I remember buying pieces that looked perfect on the mannequin or on the rack, but when I try it on it looked frumpy and unflattering.

Pinpointing which silhouettes compliment my shape the best, makes online shopping much easier.

Not to mention, you save time from trying on clothing items that just doesn't work.


Dolls, get my bonus tips in my video, How to Dress Like the MAIN CHARACTER.

Who are your favorite character fashionistas?

Any style icons that you're basing your new wardrobe on?

Comment Below!

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