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Feminine Monthly Spotlights for June!

Hello Dolls!

These days and months seem to just roll by. Nonetheless I do have a couple of goodies that I’ve enjoyed in the month of June!



My purchase of this is long overdue. I’ve been in need of comfortable and cozy house slippers to keep my feet warm against the hardwood floors.

I’m not much of a sock-wearer unless it’s during the autumn or winter season. So I’ve been “planning” on picking up a cute pair of slippers to do me good until those seasons commence. I‘m so indecisive when it comes to shopping sometimes, which leads me to turning down at least 5 different opportunities to buy the item I need until I find “THE ONE”.

While I casually online shopping, I stumbled upon these adorable soft pink satin bow house slippers. Immediately I knew I found the one!



Colourpop x Disney launched their ‘Disney Designer Masquerade’ makeup last autumn. As a Disney Princess lover I was instantly compelled to all 3 of their makeup lines. I do have their first eyeshadow palette from the “Disney Designer” collection, but I didn’t get a chance to purchase ANYTHING from their latest Masquerade makeup line.

As months passed and it came in and out of stock, I finally purchased their blush for Princess Tiana! (She’s my favorite + Cinderella + Ariel)

This blush is a smooth formula, but the best thing about it is the color! It’s my perfect neutral & natural blush.

I seen in their promo video that they created the products that would compliment the Disney Princess and her needs the best. That, THEY DID. I know this blush would compliment Princess Tiana’s skin complexion and EVERY black girl’s complexion. It’s not too bright, not too neutral, its the perfect shade with the perfect undertone.



As some of you may know, my husband and I have nested in a new home. Glory to Yahweh. One thing my husband and I bond over is decorating! There are so many fun and meaningful decorating elements that you can add to your home.

One day, my husband brought back some brewery boxes with the idea that we could put them to use somehow. I decided to use them as storage for our everyday needs! I used one of them as my personal storage for my planner, notepad, sketchbook, etc. It’s easy access for me and it’s tucked away in a proper home so I won’t ever misplace anything.

These brewery boxes definitely add a bit of charm and character to our storage unit! It’s also a great way to repurpose an item!



Due to these terrifying events that us as black people have been dealing with for centuries, it has opened my eyes to be more intentional with my money!

Before I would be happy to support black-owned businesses by purchasing from them by the word of mouth or whenever I was introduced. Yet, I wasn't disciplined enough, nor was I fully invested in truly making an effort to support my people.

Now I have researched, and continuing to, find more black-owned businesses to support. It’s mind-boggling to realize how LITTLE we own in comparison. Yet, they are plenty of black-owned businesses who are needing us as a community to step up and support each other.

Now I’ve committed to ONLY buying from black-owned restaurants. I’m still trying to find a solid and convenient black-owned grocery store or farmers market.

New Motto: If it’s not black-owned, then I might as well eat at home.

I’m also looking to support more black-owned fashion brands and starting to sew more myself. I save money and get EXACTLY what I want when I create my own clothing.


What has been one of your June Monthly Favorites? If you have any black-owned business recommendations then let me know! Comment down below. Let’s Chat, Doll.

Always with Love,

Ebony Nikita

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Is there a link to the sandal? I don’t see any here & they’re so cute!

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